July 20, 2011

Everyday Minerals Eyepalette in La Vie En Rose and some summer fun..:)

Summer is all arround,and this is my favourite season!Here in Indonesia,we only have 2 seasons:rainy and summer.And people here usually call summer as dry season.For me,it feels really dry on my skin(though it's summer but the wind is cold and dry)and on my throat too.So,don't forget to drink much!:)
I went to some cities frequently last month.I visited Jakarta too,but didn't go to many malls there.It's mainly family trip and to visit some colleagues,so not many stuffs that I hauled.I only went to Daiso(this is my fave store in jakarta),and went to 3 malls.That's all.It's just a short visit to Jakarta,so I couldn't go to many places.In jakarta alone,there're more than 90 malls(some even said it's 170 malls in jakarta area alone).Check this link and this link to see the list(though the list isn't completed I think,Tanah Abang has been built into big shopping area-as big as malls).
And compare it to these pics:
map of jakarta

map of java island-courtessy of superpriyo.wordpres

As you can see,jakarta is only a small part of java island but it has so many malls in it!So I think the malls number in jakarta is overloaded.They keep on building malls there,even on cities surround it like:Bogor,Depok,Tangerang,and Bekasi(FYI,some people on these cities usually work in Jakarta).And now they build mall in a package of a condominium/appartment(your condominium location is near mall). The result is they get lack of public park,less trees,and..annual flood.I think they should stop build more malls and change it into public park instead.I hope there will be more public park like this one:
courtesy of bettylovesblogging.com-good blog if you want to get info about indonesia

courtesy of vhrmedia

It's a park in jakarta"taman surapati",and some people there having a "mini orchestra". Basically everyone who can play music instrument can join,to play or just learning how to play.From kid to adult,a beginner to a pro.Anyone,with or without musical background!I'd like to see them(told ya on my prev.post,I like orchestra),next time when I visit Jakarta I'll try to go to this park:).About the park,you can read it on this web:

Anyway these are some of what I bought there in jakarta:

I LOVE ipanema sandals!!!They're just perfect,couldn't ask for more!I like plastic sandals rather than leather one for casual ocassion.Crocs is good,but ipanema is soo me!I just love anything on their design,the bow,the graffiti,the carve,Luv it all!They also come in other models like these one:

Sorry for the blurry pic,I took it with my mob.I wasn't sure whther the store permit to take pic or not,but I didn't see any forbidden sign so I took it.When I took it I saw the SA came to me,so I run away,hehehe:D.. Well,if the store reading this post,I'd like to say:forgive me,but I just couldn't help loving all of your ipanema sandals.I just want to share it here with people,who knows..they may love it too!;) ).Anyway,for other ipanema collections,you can check it on their web here.I fancied Giselle Bundchen ex-bf,Leonardo di Caprio,but now I fancy Gisele even more!:)

And say hello to this lovely earth friendly bag!This bag can be used as substitution to plastic bag when we buy groceries.No need to use plastic for our groceries anymore,just put our groceries in it.So we can have less plastic usage for carrying our groceries.This bag can be folded(before:40x4x65cm,after:7x1x9cm) and just put it in small pouch with plastic hook on it.You can hang it on your bag,bag organizer,or make it as key chain,up to you!:) This bag is pretty cheap,just 2 USD.This is a good bag,and much cheaper option rather than envirosax or roo tote bag!I bought 3 bags,2 for me and 1 for my mum in various colors:)
Love this pattern,soo summer!And more,it's soo me!:) 

Another must have for this summer that I found is this:My Baby Cajuput Oil plus Citronella and Chamomile in it:

First time I bought it,I thought it had no citronella in it.I was looking for Cajuput oil(well,we have lots of brands of Cajuput Oil and I just like to try new brand each time I run outta the oil).When I came home,I just realized that it had citronella and chamomile in it.Ingredients are:
Oleum Cajuputi(96.5%),Oleum Citronellae(2.5%),Oleum Chamomilae(1%).
I was glad that I found this product!I was looking for natural mosquito repellent product,and my prev.mosquito repellent product had DEET in it.What is DEET?It's abreviation of diethy-meta-toluamide,or some peoplejust write it as Diethyl Toluamide(check this).DEET was developed by the United States Army, following its experience of jungle warfare during World War II. It was originally tested as a pesticide on farm fields, and entered military use in 1946 and civilian use in 1957.Some say that DEET is fine,but I prefer to use more natural product like this one that I found.Before using this one,I used another baby product for mosquito repellent which contains citronella too,but I wasn't happy at all with the ingredients. They use formaldehyde preservative agents like BHT,DMDM Hydantoin,and also Triethanolamine at the same time.So i'm glad I found this product,and it's as the same effective in combatting mosquito as the one with DEET and unfriendly preservative agents:).

So how about my EM eyeshadow palette in La Vie En Rose?I bought it like 3-4 months ago,but didn't wear it 'till my trip to Jakarta .Some make up devoted may think me crazy,but like I told you on my previous post,I rarely wear eyeshadow on my daily life.I keep it on simple make up only.I bought this eyeshadow after I cleaned up my vanity room,literally.  I found that my eyeshadows collection,all of them were expired already:D so I throwed it on dustbin.The rests were cosmetics that I wasn't happy with the ingredients,I was going to throwed it as well,but my family and friends asked it for them.Ok,it's their choice!. Others were cosmetics with nice ingredients but didn't match to my skin type,so i'm trying to sell it on my garage sale now.So yes,I had no eyeshadow at all that time,so I bought this EM eyeshadow palette.What I wanted was this honey eye palette.

But they're out of stock when I ordered it,so i changed it into almost similar color(though not similar I guess).
I was looking for a"neutral"or"natural"color so I can use it on daylight also.Anyway,Everyday Minerals makes different eyeshadow palette each time they launch new collection.So once you lost the palette that you want(out of stock),you won't get the same palette next time they launch eyeshadow palette again.Like that honey eye palette,they just didn't make the same one again.And this is a quite bugging for me since sometime we can't get substitute for the eyepalette that we want:(..Also,I like the old version of EM eye palette,they gave mini bamboo brush in it,instead of sponge aplicator unlike this one that I got.
"old version"

Their packaging is nice,and that's what I like from everyday minerals eye palette,they came in 1 eye palette instead of small jars unlike other mineral cosmetic brands.You just need to pull the small lid on small compartment inside to apply it,there's a mirror attached inside the casing so you don't need to bring mirror anymore;).

And this is the ingredients:
Mica(CI 77019),Lauroyl Lysine.May contain:Titanium dioxide(CI 77891),Iron Oxides(CI 77491,CI 77492,CI 77499),Ultramarines(CI 77007),Manganese Violet(CI 77742),Ferric Ferrocyanide(CI 77510)

When 1st time I opened it,it smelt a bit of citrus scent.But now after months,doesn't smell anything.The colors as you can see:
see,how dry the season now!

From right to left:creme,light purple,rose,and something between light brown and grey.For light purple,rose,and the latest one are shimmery and sparkly.But the creme one is matte.The eyeshadow isn't highly pigmented,but it's not a big deal for me since it's not chalky and doesn't fall into my eyes(I mean the eyeshadow powder).I had one of red earth eyeshadow palette back then when I was in college,it's chalky and got into my eyes and made me itchy.I was going to buy etudehouse eyeshadow palette,but then I read at the ingredients,it contain carmine.Some carmine colors are extracted from insects(check this link),and i think it's a cruel thing to kill animals just for me to be"pretty",so I canceled to buy it and bought this one.

Some of you may hear the issue in mineral cosmetic about the using of silica dust(and that it affects to health),well..some minerals cosmetic companies including Everyday Minerals,they don't use silica powder so you don't need to worry. However to give you a better understanding about this issue,you can check this link about it(thanks to Aireen for giving me the link;) ).Some other also said that silica that we should avoid is nano silica powder(it's deathly to human lung).Just the same case as talc,unless you have allergic reaction to talc or silica,I think we can still use it in compact/pressed powder form(less dusty).But if you doubt of using it,there're a lot of mineral cosmetic producers out there who have non silica and non talc product like this Everyday Minerals company that you can choose:).

All in all,I like this eye shadow palette.If I have to mention 1 thing that I don't like,it'll be:on their web pic,the color no.2 from the left(light purple),I thought it was a bit pink color while in actual it's trully purple.EM website color swatch can be confusing sometime,I wanted to buy their lip color,when I checked on the web..all lip colors there looked like the same!(well,at last in my eyes.FYI,I'm not color blind nor having eye difficulties,not even wearing glasses).I read on their facebook page that there's a women gave a comment about the lipcolor.That"she thought it was A color,while in real it was B color".However,I like this eyeshadow so I'll give this eyeshadow 4.5 points.Have a lovely summer!!^_^


  1. What a soft colored palette. I especially love the colors in the middle.. ^^

  2. Hi phanie:) you meant the light purple or rose one?I like the rose one,though purple isn't bad either.The bad thing is i'm not sure if they'll make the same eye palette.EM constantly changes their products -__-..

  3. i nevet tried their palette, i just stick with their base and blush, lol but EDM is pretty good!

  4. Cominica-ai:
    Yes,EDM is pretty good!Especially if you try to have more health & earth friendly choice on your cosmetics:) I've tried their face powder base before,which made me sneeze.I hope that they'll make it into compact/pressed powder one again,like they had it before.But blush,I prefer cream/liquid blush instead of powder.It stays longer^^..

    Thanks for visiting my blog btw:)

  5. Hi, I've been missing your post ^^

    btw, can I invite you to join my ETUDE HOUSE giveaway? pretty please yaa~
    open for indonesian bloggers only =) thank you~

    here's the link:

  6. Hi hye rin!
    I've been missing posting here too,I got flu T_T

    Oh,I've checked your giveaways.Your Luview one is more attracting anyway;) However i'm kinda lazy to join giveaway(i've done it before and rarely win T_T),so..yeah dunno whther i wanna join or not.

    But thanx for inviting me!Good luck for the hunters!^^

  7. As you linked to me, I read this post. :D

    Yeah, that Taman Suropati mini orchestra, they're awesome! <3

  8. Ningrum:
    Haha,you've missed this one out then;) But it's ok!;) I really want to see the orchestra my self^^..


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