April 04, 2012

Balm Balm Muslin Cloths(and the oil that I love..)

I was searching for a cleansing oil(the true natural one)since I really need it to remove my physical sunscreen completely. My prev.cleansing oil was apparently a mix of mineral oil and plant oil(see my post here).I know that some girls out there are happily raving about mineral oil and will be gladly explain about how safe,unclog pores,cheap,and other blah of mineral oil which I won't pay any attention to it anymore.I have noticed the differences on my skin when I use mineral oil and plant oil.And I gained lots of acnes when I used mineral oil on my face.It's not without a cause that now I'm turning into true natural product. Trust me,I know the differences..Anyway,do you know that there's an article on British Medical Journal about Cancer from Mineral Oil?..Petroleum is also banned by EU to be used in cosmetic products. No matter how much I'll be writing here about mineral oil and petroleum products,there will always be people out there who will deny.I don't care what they'll say,but this plant based oil is what I'll choose from now on.

So,here is the cleansing oil method that usually what conventional product offer: pour the cleansing oil onto your hand,then massage your face with it and add a little amount of water to emulsify it,then just wash your face with water.Voila..you get your face free of oil like you've never put it onto!No film or any greasy feeling left though you don't wash your face with cleansing foam afterward(err..well..depends on the brand that you choose.Some brands leave oil residue,some just don't).That is the definition of cleansing oil(oil that cleansing
without leaving oil residue by just washing it with regular water).This cleansing oil products are usually of either Japanese,Korean,or Chinese brands. Not many western brands make this kind of product.Since I want to use plant based oil,so I'm trying to find a good plant based oil to remove my make up.I've tried several oils and methods which I don't want to write it one by one(it's just too long to write them all,and i'm pretty lazy to write anything long these days).One of the methods about how to use plant based cleansing oil is by wiping it with cloth/towel that has been soaked in warm water(I remind,warm and not hot water).So I tried it with towel,flanel,it worked. But then I got this eyecatching cloth,muslin cloth.This cloth is used by many brands as part of their cleansing part.I was wondering what the cloth was like,so I bought one.I chose the one from Balm Balm,a UK brand.This one is a set of 3 muslin clothes,32cm x 32 cm each.

What is muslin cloth?Muslin (English pronunciation: /ˈmʌslɨn/, or less frequently: (/ˈmjuːslɨn/) is a loosely-woven cotton fabric originated in Bangladesh, which was introduced to Europe from the Middle East in the 17th century. It became very popular at the end of the 18th century in France. Muslin is most typically an unbleached or white cloth, produced from carded cotton yarn. It is often used to make sewing patterns, such as for clothing, curtains, or upholstery. Because air moves easily through muslin, muslin clothing is suitable for hot, dry climates.I don't know whether I've seen anything similar to it here,I'm not an expert of fabric.So if you ask me whether this one is available in Indonesia or not,I'd say maybe yes maybe no. I haven't visited my nearest textile shop to compare,so pls don't ask me that. My 1st impression of this fabric was:this fabric felt SO rough and stiff first time you touched it.I was at my doubt,I was worried this one could hurt my skin.But I was wrong,soon as this cloth got into water,it will turn into a soft cloth.This balm balm muslin cloth is 100% organic.This one can be used as scrubber,and/or if you want to get a deep cleansing. It's reccomended that you wash your muslin cloth thoroughly between uses.This is the muslin cloth before:

And after using it several times now:D :

I use this muslin cloth everytime I think I need a deep cleansing(which is very frequently since I use physical sunscreen).What I like about this muslin cloth is that it dries up very quickly so I don't need to wait too long for it to dry between uses.This one feels pretty smooth on my face but tough enough to wipe and exfoliate.Really2 reccomend it to anyone who wants a good cleansing oil method.Just pour your fave plant based oil on your palm,massage it on your face,wipe it with cotton ball(optional),or just directly wipe your face with this muslin cloth after damp it in warm water.That's all.But please bear in your mind that this cloth is super light so don't forget to use a pin when you hang it to dry,or else it will be easily blowed by the wind.Overall I like this cloth,so I deffy give it 5 points(perfect).

Yes,that's my review about my current cleansing oil method.If you ask me what is my fave plant based oil for removing my make up,it'll be this:(virgin)coconut oil.  It's SUPER!Not only it's light weighted,it doesn't clog pores,removing make up easily,and it will make your skin better after application.It has anti microbial too.Read here. Even when I'm too lazy to wipe my face with cloth+warm water and just clean my make up with coconut oil then go to bed,in the morning I'll find my skin become smooth and supple,no greasy nor oily.I've even ever found my zit dried when one day I slept with coconut oil on(without removing it with warm water).This is the best plant based oil for cleansing for me!Not only me,some other green beauty bloggers also think the same way too.For example:Dasha from Green Make Up.She is a make up artist on Paris Fashion Show and now has changed her make up preferences into green one.She likes coconut oil as a make up remover. As for me,this one is the BEST I can reccomend to everyone.And more,it's very affordable compared to those Japanese and Korean brands,especially if you live in Indonesia since we have so many coconut oil here. So if you're an Indonesian and you've never tried coconut oil as your make up remover,you really have MISSED something in your life!For the same amount of weight,the Korean and Japanese brand will charge you almost 10x,even more.Not to mention that what inside the product isn't fully natural,some even contain dangerous ingredients.For Indonesian,you can grab coconut oil on any drugstore near your house.This is the coconut oil that I use:

I only grab any coconut oil that's available near my house,no specific brand.There're hundreds brands of coconut oil here,so I really can't reccomend any since I haven't tried all of them.Just try it,as long as the smell isn't rancid,texture is light,so it's ok I think.Unless you prefer to have a refined version of your gasoline and car lubricants(aka mineral oil),so I think you won't mind to try coconut oil as your make up remover.Beside,why need to use petroleum on our cosmetic products while world is facing the decrease of petroleum production(and the fact that some countries have been fighting for oils).Let it be used for our vehicles,not for our body!It takes millions years to make petroleum while it only take less than 5 years to grow a plant.I think with this petroleum oil crisis,it's time for us as earth citizen to think about our consumption.And cosmetic is not an exception.Thank you for reading,Have a Good Day!:) And please,feel free to share some of the joy you have today for those in needs below(click the pic for the link):


  1. Great post! Very complete! I'm not a very make up girl so I might not try this, but it's clearly a great natural alternative for mineral oil.
    I'm curious though about testing this on my skin, as it's very oily. I did once the coconut oil scalp treatment, and I can't say it was effective, plus it made my hair so oily. But I love this oil anyway :)

    1. Hi NaturaliiZ:) Miss having a chat again with you,girl!;)
      Oh,this coconut oil one is very light weight(compared to olive,sunflower,rice bran,even grapeseed oil one!)for make up remover application.Even if you're not a make up girl,if you use physical sunscreen like me,you'll need a good make up remover since the sunscreen is very thick,adding it with dust and polution that we get when we go outside the house,it will clog pores if we don't remove it correctly.I live in tropical country where dust is something usual here considering the hot weather that we have,so yes I need a good make up remover.Coconut oil is also good for hair,but just like any oil,it'll make hair oily:D.The case is different if we use it for skin.Hair is difficult when we're dealing with oil,I know it-that not flattering appearance at all like you've just been swimming from the ocean:D..If you find the coconut oil is oily,maybe it does the brand that matter.I haven't tried many brands though.Anyway,why there's no publish button on your blog comment?Last time I checked it,I couldn't give comment there.No publish button..

    2. I'm online almost everyday, I'm not busy these days unfortunately. Yeah it's light and has a fantastic scent, so I'll keep using it, maybe not pure but on the products I make definitely!
      Oh god I have to change template because the actual is rainsing questions and problems, the thing is I can't find one that I really like. GRRR
      Hope everything is ok with you!

    3. Thanks,my PC had a problem yesterday so I wasn't online much!:) Oh,so your problem is because of the template.Weird thing though:D I mean the template stuffs.Why not trying to use your own design?It's easy and makes you free to translate many ideas on your blog:)
      It's better to use the virgin coconut oil one since it's not heated when it's produced,so it's healthier.
      Hope you can cope with your problem soon;)

  2. I love coconut oil! Fantastic stuff, I also agree with you on mineral usage, and I'm pretty sure you realise I'll definitely agree with you on petroleum usage! Muslin Cloths are excellent, I got some when my little girl was born and they were super handy. I gave some away but still have a couple, they are fantastic! Fab review :)

    1. Thanks!:) Oh,do you like coconut oil too(err..have you ever posted it before?I often find out that lots of beauty bloggers are raving about coconut oil so I hardly remember them one by one)?Glad to find another fan of coconut oil here!:) Yes,it's fantastic since I've tried several oils before and coconut oil seems to be the lightest one in consistency!Along with the muslin,they're a good duo!:) Though we can substitute the muslin with towel and any soft fabric if it's not available(I don't know about muslin cloth availability here,not a fabric expert):D..

    2. No I haven't posted about it. I decided just to review things as I used them from when I started my blog. I have decided to do some 'past products' posts though, but so far this just includes the Balm Balm post. I've tried coconut oil, olive oil, rosehip oil, argan oil and jojoba oil. I find coconut to be the most cost effective and seems to do the job! I'm not sure about the muslin cloth availability over here either, received them as presents!:) x

    3. Oh,so maybe it's just other bloggers that I saw:D I've just seen many:) Yes,coconut oil is good(the virgin coconut oil one,I meant).Argan is just pricey.I've tried the rosehip oil,it's fabulous!But just like Argan,it costs higher too than coconut oil(especially here since we have to import it).
      I thought your access to muslin cloth is better than me..what a surprise!:D

  3. Very nice post miss! I just had a chat with balm balm yesterday as i went to the nstural and organic product show in london, uk. Very nice company, and great products too. I was not really aware that you could not really find muslin cloth in Indonesia...hum.
    I have read that " layering" is quite a common practise in Japan to remove make up and Co. Is is the case in your country?
    Have a great day! X

    1. Thank you!:) Yes,balm balm also has other good products:)
      I have no idea either whether this muslin cloth is available here in Indonesia(with its local name)or not.We have a lot of traditional clothes here that are handmade by local people,along with those machine made so it's pretty confusing to trace which one is similar to muslin cloth.Since I'm not an expert on this fabric matter,so I'll leave this question to my Indonesian fellows who knows it for sure:D..
      Umm..is the cleansing oil method in Japanese cosmetics that you meant by"layering"above?Or the cleansing+toner+moisturizer(CTM)method that you mean by"layering"in removing make up process?I just want to make sure that we're talking about the same subject.Some lotion in japanese cosmetic act as toner as far as I can remember,while in western cosmetic lotion act as a moisturizer:)
      Have a lovely day!

  4. Yipi! Postingan baru! :)

    Si kain yang mirip muslin itu aku pernah liat deh, di sini. Rasanya di toko kain atau di rumahku sendiri ada...aku lupa, tapi aku pernah liat. :) Agak mirip kain belacu ya, tapi lebih berserat. :)

    Aku pake VCO enak lho! :D Ditinggal semaleman, cuma bilas pake air biasa dan itu pun nggak digosok-gosok lagi, pas tidur masih ada rasa minyak sedikit, besok paginya nggak berminyak sama sekali! Enak malah. :3 All I can say is, thank you for your suggestion to use VCO! *peluk peluk*

    Your comments about mineral oils, good! (Y)

    1. Heheh,iya ni di tekadin malem2 mosting,hahaa..Thanks,mineral oil seharusnya buat BBM kita ajalah~

      Weh,ada di indo ni muslin??di toko mana???namanya apa?nitip doongg...!!Dia lebih ringan dari belacu euy,tipiiisss bangettt!!Mirip belacu gitu tp lbh tipis dan lebih lembut.

      Oh,sukurlah bagus pake vco!^^v harusnya si bagus ya krn byk penggemarnya si vco ini.Tapi kalopun sampe ada yg breakout,diliat lagi brandnya krn disini kita kan ada banyak sekali brand vco.Benar2 amazing deh ni vco,ga perlu lagi buang duit buat cleansing oil yg harganya sepuluh kali lipat dari VCO,HAHAHA!

    2. Hihi, rajinnya malem-malem posting. Aku tiap malem udah tepar aja terkapar...aktifnya siang-siang. :)) Setujuu! XD

      Aku gak tau pasti, tapi rasanya pernah liat yang mirip, walau lupa di mana...entar aku mesti tengok-tengok. Hahaha. Dia bener-bener tipis ya? Coba tar aku cari yang identik. :)

      Betuul, cleansing oil udah harganya mahal, pake ditambahin bahan-bahan tak jelas lainnya. Mending VCO jauuh. :3

    3. Oh,makanya itu aku bilang aku tekad2in krn dr kmr ga bisa posting,terkapar,hahahaa...

      Ini kaen warnanya mirip belacu,pas dipegang pertama kasar kaya belacu,tapi kalo udah dicuci jadi lembut banget en hampir setipis kain kasa.Apa yg mirip kaya ini disini ya?..

      Iya loh,cleansing oil cuman dapet botolnya doang!Beli aja di daiso tu botol lucu2,masukin vco disitu.Jadi deh.Si DHC aja berapa tu harganya,300rb an(lebih kayanya).Yg seri popularnya dia loh ya.Dapet berapa botol vco tuh?berapa yg bisa kita hemat dari situ coba?..Buat aku cleansing oil tu vital krn buat ilangin physical sunscreen sama make up,jadi kalo nemu yg hemat dan sehat gini,aku bahagiaaaa~~~
      Aku pnah coba tu bersihin make up pake baby oil di indo yg isinya mineral oil tu rata2!!Apaan yg bilang ga clog pores?Orang minyaknya ga ilang2 walo uda pake cleansing foam,dan sialnya didiemin dimuka semaleman,pagi nongol jerawat!Aku juga pnah sauna pake olive oil doang sama pake mineral oil doang,hasilnya beda.Coba aja rasakan sendiri bedanya kalo mau experiment,heheh..

    4. Iya ya, Lynn baru masuk angin++. Hahaha. :D Syukur deh udah sembuh :)

      Hmmm, coba ah entar cari-cari. Aku juga demen soalnya sama kain-kain yang beginian, belacu di rumah banyakk. Hahaha. Tapi yang kayak muslin ini belum pernah betul-betul ngeh ada atau tiada atau aku liat belacu yang mirip muslin. :D

      Hihihi, VCOku juga kupindahin ke botol unyu yang ada gambar beruang lagi niup kue ulang taun. XD *lucu gilaaa* Iya, kalo ada pilihan yang lebih sehat + murah + dapetnya gampang + mujarab pula, kenapa nggak? ;) Hoh, baby oil segitu gawatnya? Aku gak tau, dulu pas kecil cuma suka dipake buat bantu bersihin kuping gitu, itu pun udah gak pernah. Gak pernah buat badan atau muka. Woow, sauna? :D

    5. Hahaa..iya,Thanks:)
      Pekimana jelasin ni muslin ya?ya mirip belacu gitu tapi setipis dan selembut kain kasa yg buat luka itu loh.Kalo ada nemu di jalan,kasi tau ya tar!^^

      VCOku aku pindahin ke botol bekas pelembab innisfreeku dulu(krn dia dr gelas,tampilannya juga vintage,hehehe),setelah aku cuci berkali2 dan aku rendam dulu.Akhirnya berguna juga tu innisfree(botolnya maksudnya,hahaa :D). Hiiy,baby oil disini rata2 dr mineral oil setauku.Mang ada yg ngga toh?merk apa?:S
      Itu sauna pas dulu rajin pitness ma aerobic,hehee.Kan kalo di sauna mesti pake pelembab yg moisturize bgt,kalo ngga kering lah kulit kita.Plg bagus pake oil2 gitu krn ga ada airnya.Tapi kalo mineral oil,dia tetep nempel dikulit meski udah keringetan segede jagung di sauna,di ilangin pake cleansing foam juga ga ilang. Wah,parahlah..

    6. Sip, entar kalo lagi mendekati area kain-kain, kutelaah demi mencari muslin. :))

      Wah, asik ya, botolnya vintage, isinya oke... mantap! XD
      Gak tau, sih, setauku semua baby oil kan mineral oil yah? Dulu aku pikir mineral oil tuh baik-baik aja, karena belum ngerti.

      Wooooow, kamu pernah fitness & aerobic? Rajinnya kayak kakakku! XD Aku boro-boro deh. Olahraganya cuma jalan kaki dari rumah ke luar kompleks, terus naek angkot. :P Kalo gak ya jalan-jalan di mal. Tapi kadang-kadang suka kegiatan alam luar juga sih, bareng temen-temen. Saking jarang olahraganya, kalo abis jalan2 alam kayak daki gunung gitu, besoknya jompo, pegel-pegel kaki! Hahahahaha!
      Gila ya, berarti mineral oil tuh bener-bener minyyyak *pake logat tukang jual minyak*, berat gitu. :S

    7. Oke,kabarin lagi yaa soal huntingnya^^

      Hooh,coba aja bersihin satu muka pake baby oil yg pure mineral,ga usa dibersihin lagi,langsung tinggal tidur.Coba bandingin ma ni vco beratan mana di kulit:p.Heran deh kalo ada yg ga berani nyoba vco tapi malah berani nyoba mineral oil.Aku salut deh sama org yg mau uji nyali buat bahan2 ga jelas kaya gitu XD..

      Oh,itu dulu pas rajin pitness:D skrg engga.Mesti digiatin lagi nih!..

    8. Okee! (Y)

      Wahahaha! Atut ah nyoba pake si baby oil. Entar break out lagi. :P Yah, sudah ada VCO, aku tak ingin berpaling. Hehehehe. XD Untung pengalaman pertama pake cleansing oilku langsung VCO ya, nggak kesasar-sasar ke brand-brand lain yang penuh bahan-bahan aneh.

      Hehehehe. Aku betul-betul ga pernah rajin olahraga nih.

    9. Oya,aku pengen nyoba merk vco laennya*ketagihan*,heheh..
      Kamu bisa coba pake olive oil dan teman2nya itu,tp dia ga seringan vco dan harganya juga ngga ringan XD

      Ah ya..I miss swimming..humm..

  5. Aku suka nii ma vco, tpi aku buat minum, sayang klo buat muka =D . Klo buat minum bs buang racun dan lbh sehat. Dulu pernah urtikaria, minum ini doank, sembuh ^^ .
    Aku blum pernah pke busa/kain buat bersihin muka. Biasa lgsg jebar jebur pke aer xD .

    1. Iya,vco mang bisa diminum^^ Tapi yg diminum blm pnah aku coba.Byk yg cocok aku denger2 sih.Aku pake buat kulit krn jelas lbh murah en sehat ini drpd cleansing oil yg ada di pasaran tu.Malah cleansing oilnya etude mengandung coconut oil,harganya 10x lipat lebih dr vco,isinya ditambah bahan2"lainnya",miris aja liatnya hahaa..XD Mending beli ini aja uda jelas ditelen aja gapapa,apalagi buat kulit:) Aku ga sekurang kerjaan itu buat buang2 duit demi dapet botol cleansing oil yg fancy ^^"..

      Oh,jebar jebur pake aer mang lebi praktis^^ Tapi kalo pake kaen yg direndem aer anget dulu buat di seka di muka,habis itu ditempelin di muka,rasanya enaakk...anget dan peredaran darah jadi lancar.Habis itu dipijit2 dikit,heavenly home made facial deh:).. Weh,inget ini jadi bikin ngantuk,musim hujan gini..

    2. mang ini hrg nya brp? kyk nya vco byk versi nya yaa, di century jg ada minuman vco. cm aku biasa nya minum vco fatigon -> suka yg praktis2 xD hahahaha , pdhl uda tau sii tambahan nya bejibun, cm rasa nya lbh enak.
      dulu aku pernah beli langsung kelapa muda xD hahahaha, ga ada rasa nya, tetep enakan fatigon.
      dulu aku jg pngen beli cleansing oil etude yg coconut oil, cm ingredients nya ga kliatan, ga jd dee. iya siih cleansing oil hrg nya mang mahal, mybe mahal ditambah bahan2 laen, plus pke botol, ma box nya.

      ooh gitu yaa. iya, yaa jadi kayak lagi steam muka ^^ . jadi ngantuk jg ZZZzzzz...

    3. Yg ini kalo ga salah 18.500 gitu.Aku beli di K-24.Ada yg lebih mahal lagi setauku.Tergantung kemasan juga sih.Yg kemasan mewah lebih mahal. Eh,fatigon ada vco nya?bukannya dia aer kelapa yg dikemas gitu?:S setauku gitu sih.Kalo vco itu minyak,bukan aer sih.Tapi beda sama minyak kelapa yg diproduksi jaman dulu itu(biasanya di desa2 banyak yg bikin ginian).VCO bikinnya ga pake dipanasin,jadi beda sama minyak kelapa yg kuning itu.Dia juga beda sama minyak kelapa sawit.Dia texturenya mirip air,baunya seger2 gimana gitu,enak kok.Warna putih jernih,mirip air.Bener2 ringan dibanding minyak2 lainnya:).Oh,aku si lebih seneng kelapa asli airnya dr fatigon.Segerrr^^.dagingnya juga enaakk!!

      Yaa,itu yg td kubilang.Uda isi sintetisnya banyak,coconut oilnya dikit,lah yg kita beli cuma dapet botol,box,ma ongkos kirim aja kalo gitu mah.Apa yg didapet coba?Rugi amat,mending beli coconut oil yg aslinya terus taruh di botol2 lucu beli di daiso ato mana gitu.Kalo mau di DIY tambahin sticker2 lucu di botolnya juga bisa;)..

      Iya,itu kan alat steam muka yg plg gampang^^ Skrg aku juga mau Zzzzz ..

    4. ohh iya yaa, beda yaa aer kelapa ma vco, aku pikir sama, krn sama2 kelapa juga xD hahahaha. jadi penasaran ma vco =D . mang bersihin makeup nya bagus ya pke vco ini, benar2 bersihkah? klo buat eye makeup remover bagus jg ga, kyk makeup waterproof?
      jd cara bersihin makeup nya, taro di kapas dulu kali ya, soalnya vco ini kan kyk air, jadi kyk cleansing water ya?

    5. Taruh di muka langsung aja naomi(kalo buat muka),dia itu kan oil,jadi ya dia cleansing oil,bukan cleansing water.Tapi texturenya ngga kaya minyak yg kentel gitu(inget,vco bukan minyak kelapa yg biasa loh ya.Lain!),texturenya kaya air,cuma berminyak. Dah coba aja dulu deh!^^
      Kalo buat mata,mending taruh kapas dulu.Aku buat muka,tu bersihin physical sunscreen kan waterproof en tebel pulak!Kalo masi ketinggalan sunscreennya,bisa jerawatan.Dan kalo cleansing oilnya ga bener(nyumbat pori),jerawatan juga.Si vco ini ga nyumbat pori,laen ama cleansing oil bikinan perush kosmetik yg campurannya dah ga jelas itu(ditambahin macem2 sintetis yg kita ngeja bahan2nya,lidah aja bisa terkilir kali:p).Ningrum tu uda nyoba,dia malah kulitnya oily(aku kan kulit kering).Blogger2 laen juga byk yg suka kok.Aku si pengen nyoba vco merk laen hbs ini habis,hehehe...

  6. I'm wondering if those old school fabric diapers for babies will work like muslin cloth for the face.. 'cause they look so similar! Not sure if you've seen one of those before. XD

    1. Oh,I know what you meant!XD that one is pretty soft also I guess.Good idea,thanks!:) When I was kid I saw women used it for their babies,now it's rare and they prefer the disposable diapers which I think it's not healthy for the babies:( Glad to know that there're cloth diapers which mimic disposable pant diapers available now.Ah..but where to find those old school fabric diapers now?that's the question:D..

    2. Haha, I'll look for some... I don't know where to start looking but I'll see whether I can still find them. :)

    3. Wishing you the very best of luck!I'm sure you'll need it;) considering how rare it is now:D..

    4. Hope you don't mind me butting in here! I confess that I cut up one of my Daughters cloth diapers (we call them nappies) and used it for a face cloth. It's really really soft! Much better than a standard store bought face cloth :) I got them from a website called beaming baby (I think - it was a while ago!) Good luck! oxo

    5. Sure I don't mind:D I published ur comment couple of days ago but forgot to reply it'till today since my new post got me distracted..So sorry:(
      Oh really?even softer than this muslin one?wow..I should get my self one then.I lost 1 of my 3 muslin cloths(it's so light,I'm sure I have used pin when I dried it,but where is it now?:S so I only have 2 left now :( ).Will deffy looking for it next time I visit baby store(currently I'm not in marital status(yet),so sure rarely go to baby store,hehehe..).Thanks for the info:)

  7. Wow.. I see you have many cute stuffs and your blog is cute also.. :D

    Btw, kindly visit my blog for a while because there's a big beauty brand holding a contest to win their products worth millions of rupiah.

    Thank you ;)

    More info on my blog: http://glitzbyokinice.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks!:) Hope you'll enjoy visiting my blog here!
      Will check yours as well;)..

  8. whoa, i just wondering how if i try this produc
    whats happen with my combination normal-oily skin? O.o
    you have a great blog my dear xD
    following youu
    i hope you can come and see my blog if you have time <3


    1. The virgin coconut oil that you meant?I think you'll be fine as long as the product isn't rancid.There're many people using cleansing oil,whatever their skin type is.You'll need cleansing oil to completely remove your make up which is oil-wax based,and VCO is the healthiest cleansing oil that we can get in our country,not to mention that it's"cheap"also.Don't miss such great product,dear!;)

      Oh,thanks!:) and for following me though I don't see you on my gfc friends list(?).Still it is the thought that count:) Sure,I'll check you blog^^

  9. Oh iya, Lynn, ini ada award nih:

    Diterima yaa. ;)

    1. Ngga mauu! Hahaa..:D becandaXD..Ok,thanx yaa..tar aku ceki2..

  10. Hi Lynn! Thank you for the mention in your post! You did a great post! I especially like how you described the muslin cloth:) It's so cool that you have all that coconut oil around:) I'm a fan of coconut :) I also think that it's great to use first the products that nature has provided us locally.


    1. Hi Dasha!:) What a struggle that you've been through to give a comment here!;) I appreciate it a LOT!Thank you!*big hugs*

      Yes we have a lot of coconut oil and virgin coconut oil here:)Tropical islands,that's what we are :)
      True,I agree about using what our nature has provided us locally.I'll write more about this:)
      Waiting for your next post,Dasha!^^


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