April 22, 2012

Cloth Menstrual Pads,for a better world

Hallo Earth!To commemorate your day so that today I decide to write a post(I'm hybernating these days,hehehe..).  As my mostly posts are product reviews,so here I do a review for some products,as a continue from my prev.post(here).On that post,you can see that now I don't use disposable menstrual pads anymore.Why?because they use uncertain source(can be paper,can be cotton). The worst is paper/pulp,because it can be sourced from paper that has been bleached to make it bright white(yes,bleaching.Imagine our white shirt that has been bleached with chlorine and/or other chemical.A bleached menstrual pad?Eww..).Some claim that they use cotton,oh well.. okay..that could be a good alternative,but you can't be 100% of that(I mean,how to differ that?we usually just using it directly without tearing the layer to prove it authenticity).In fact,those who claim using cotton as material of disposable pads,usually price their products higher,can be 10x than non-cotton one.And,paying 10x higher for something that will end up in our trash can???That sounds ridiculous for me.And bleached paper doesn't sound good either.Oh,I mean at all.
And yes,now I use cloth menstrual pad instead.These are some menspads that I have(click on the brand name to go to their web directly):
A.Made in Indonesia

Side Inner:Bamboo cloth
Easily removing stains no matter bad the stain is.It has pocket inside it where you can add extra layer in it.Easily drying.I love this one much!

Size:Night ( 27,5 x 9,5 cm )
Inner : Suede Cloth
Insert : 2 layer microfiber
Waterproof : PUL
Outer : Cotton/100%Polyester
Somehow this one has a kind of plastic layer in it which makes sound everytime I change my sitting position.Thickness is medium,and the stain is easily removed.
The only thing that I don't like is the plastic layer,noisy and feels humid as well x_x..

Size: Night(22cm x 28cm)
Outer:Polyurethane Laminate (0,8 mil) atau PUL
This is soft,but somehow being the hardest one to remove the stain.Take time to dry.Not my fave one.

Size:All size
Inner:Velour Cotton
Outer:Parachute waterproof
This one has shape that reminds me of..Sumo fighter pants!hehehe..

This one has good concept,but the material is too heavy,take long time to dry completely.Even the longest one since the material felt like kinda velvet or something.

B.Non Indonesian:
Size:Regular(8"L x 7.25"W)
Top-100% Micro FleeceInner 
Layers- 85% Polyester, 15% PolymideBottom(waterproof layer) 100% Polyester Laminated.
This one is very light!!And stain is easily removed aswell(though compared to my fave brands,this one takes more time to remove the stain).The only cons is that this isn't that thick,so less absorp.

Size:Large:W22.5 x H27cm
100% cotton fabric & absorbent layers
PU coated polyester waterproof
Led-free buttons *Double buttons
I love momiji!It has red color and pattern as inner layer so that I don't need to worry about the stain.Light weight too.The only thing that I don't like is that this one has the roughest fabric among all of my cloth menspad.However,it's still tolerable.

By far,my fave ones are:Baby Oz,Cluebebe,and Momiji.They dry easily and stain removable easily.About absorption compared to disposable menspad ones,don't worry!Cloth menspads are much better in absorption than disposable menspad one.They come in various size too,so choose one that fits you the best!:) This kind of cloth menspad is a substitute of disposable menspad.
How about substitution of tampon?There's this diva cup where you can use and wash it after using it.Both are much better alternatives for us,our health,our money,and our earth.  Imagine how many menspad alone that has been wasted in our garbage waste sorting/handling?Let's do the math in Indonesia alone:
Our 2011 population census showed us that we have 127,700,802 female population.Among the number,there're appr.+/- 39,800,000 female in women's fertility peak age. If each of this women using disposable menstrual pad monthly,so there will be:
39,800,000 x 3(we change it at least 3x a day) x 7(days of our periods) = 835,800,000 disposable menspads that have been wasted in our trash per-month. WOW....imagine it!Some of the disposable menspads have plastic layers to prevent it from menstrual leak which only means one:harder to be destroyed by nature.  At that amount,monthly,in Indonesia alone??? And how many exactly the number that has been wasted in this world?We Indonesian isn't the only one who uses it,there're many women across the globe who use it aswell.Just imagine,how many space that we need to waste that material?You count your self.

No wonder that we,in Indonesia alone is beginning to suffer from not other than:garbage!At least there're 3 humiliating cases by garbages that pop up in the media:
One in Bandung,where the city was overwhelmed by its garbage.

Another one is in Leuwigajah,where a hill"made"of garbage suddenly fell down and got into people's houses(garbage's landslide). Some ppl died on this accident

The latest one happened in Ambon,the beautiful island of Maluku.

True,there're other wasted materials that contribute to this garbage problem.Indonesia is the world's no.4 country with biggest population in the world after China,India,and the US.I'm sure that those 3 countries contribute more garbages than us considering their population,but hey...we're on the same page about this!.  In Jakarta(the capital of Indonesia)alone,there're 6 millions ton of garbage that people throw daily.I have no idea how many garbage that we(the whole Indonesia people)throw daily and to count it makes me sick of the reality that we do produce LARGE amount of garbage everyday.And women here contribute more than 835 million of disposable menspads monthly.There should be something that we Indonesian women can do about this instead of turn blind eye on the reality of how many garbage that we produce by our menstrual cycle.Cloth menspad is deffinitely a good alternative,but many women that I know dragging their feet in doing so.
Let's start it with my aunt and her reason:
A:"I don't have time to wash it".
Me:"you can wash it on washing machine".
A:"But it's more expensive".
Me:"You bought disposable cotton pads which is 10x higher in price than disposable pulp/paper pads since you have problem with your reproductive system..Why not swap it with this which is healthier and you can use it as long as you want to?".
Then she said"yeah well..I'll try to sew it my self then.."
...and she never did it untill today.

My friend and her reason:
F:"It's such ashamed to hang it to dry,how about if a men knows it?"..
Me:"You also hang your bra and underwear,and men may watch it when they walk by near your house fence,but why you don't feel ashamed about it?".
She had a moment of silence...
....and said"It's just such a weird thing.."....
..dear friend if you read this,how could a piece of menspad is weird for you while there're even tons of weirder panties shape out there,the thong,the G-..you know it..that even sounds more"normal"to you?Okay friend..hope you'll stop excusing and change your mind now..

Should I continue with what my cousin,niece even said about it?No need to,since I've made a conclusion that basically whatever their reasons are,the main point is one:they're lazy to change their current lifestyle.Yes,a lifestyle to dispose anything with something in mind as an excuse such:"that the government will taking care of it for us",if not"it will be rooten by nature down there on the ground",the least"something will bring it to the sea and will be buried down there under the sea(in the depth of where Jules Verne novel's character lives maybe..)",etc.I'm sure if we all can travel to Mars or Pluto by now,even they'll have"maybe we can export it to Pluto.."excuse..

Apparently,the reason no.1 is failed.Our government is overwhelmed by the number of trashes that we've made everyday.If not,there won't be those"died by garbage's landslide"accident.Please bear in our mind,government only consists of some people while the garbage that they taking care of is just too large,in daily scale too!.Sure machine will help,but by adding more and more garbage,that will be useless.And don't wait'till  nature dissect it its self.Some materials can't be dissected easily,and to burn or vanish them will be poisoning the air.Some materials even will still there even when you're already buried(which means they exist that long on the ground).And the sea..this is the nastiest thing about garbage.Though garbage seems to be our local problem and someone who lives in pacific island,or Africa,or wherever whom read this post and think"Oh well,we don't have that problem.We're even lack of population.We live happily,lay down on the beach,soak up the sun,and catch fish whenever we're hungry just like what you see on SIMS castaway..".
Are you sure?Check this:
There're these Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Basically it's a gyre of marine litter that is characterized by exceptionally high concentrations of pelagic plastics, chemical sludge, and other debris that have been trapped by the currents of the North Pacific Gyre.The size of the patch is unknown, as large items readily visible from a boat deck are uncommon. Most debris consists of small plastic particles suspended at or just below the surface, making it impossible to detect by aircraft or satellite. Instead, the size of the patch is determined by sampling. Estimates of size range from 700,000 square kilometres (270,000 sq mi) to more than 15,000,000 square kilometres (5,800,000 sq mi) (0.41% to 8.1% of the size of the Pacific Ocean), or, in some media reports, up to "twice the size of the continental United States". See this map:

That's how the trash is spreaded.That plastic trashes in the ocean not only poluting the water,but also trap animals:
Poor dolphin(or sea lion?):
courtesy of NOAA


courtesy piperbesanji.blogspot


just means.com


Even plastic debris was found inside the body of a dead birds:

Some of our handsome buddies even got trapped too:

he got trapped in a hook!!can you believe that?

this is a horror!

See,those are our trashes!Even if you have no garbage problem,your country never imported any,you can get this garbage right to your seashore and your fish probably eating it too which means,you also eat the plastic indirectly,my friend!:)
Not so happy fact eh? That's why,this garbage problem is a global problem,crossborder whoever we are and whenever we live. So whoever you're an Indonesian,an American,an Australian,a fan of Osama,biggest supporter of Obama,a Moslem,a Christian,a Druze,an Agnostic,A geek,A Psycho,a superstar, please..taking care of your garbage wisely.Separate garbage by its category will help much(I see that our government has provided trash cans based on that(organic-non organic,but seem people don't care to separate it correctly).Use your product wisely,excessive buying will only lead us into a product junkie(and the products become junks its self,literally). And,if you're a women..think about how many disposable menspad/pantyliner that you've throwed during your lifetime.Where will it go?will you be willing to go to the place where it goes and breathe the air of the place there? You know the answer your self and that equals the answer of the existency of the disposable pads that you use itself.

And no,this isn't a speech from me as I always sleep everytime I hear a speech,so boring.This post is something that you have to read to remind you all!Unless you want,years from now to live with hills of garbage near your house where you brush your face with the latest blush on,expensive lipstick on the market,wearing  designer shoes,and spraying french perfum worth million a bottle just to...cover the smell of garbage hills near your house?? Ewwwwww..!If you want it,so you can simply ignore this post,and do nothing! :).

So,please think about what you're using now.When will we wake up about this garbage problem?Waiting untill it's all too late for us?Please..we can do much better things than that now!..

Happy Earth day!Thanks for reading..Have a nice weekend!:)

pic dedicated to my gb^^


  1. aduh.. nice post sis >___<
    itu beli cloth menstrual pads nya dmn?
    aku jg kepikiran pgn beli sih.. meski kayaknya bakal repot banget.. tp utk better world, i think i should change my lifestyle..

    1. Thanks Xiao Vee:)
      Ga segitu repotnya sih,krn aku cuci pakaian dalamku sendiri,jadi ini kan cuma extra cucian aja,apalagi mereka kecil2.
      Yg merk2 mana ya?Aku beli onlen semua.Kalo yg buatan indo,klik aja di nama brandnya sbelah angka itu,uda aku kasi link ke webnya.Kalo yg momiji kayanya di toko ini:

      Yg fuzzi buns aku rada2 lupa dimana.Dia ringan banget,tp lbh susah bersihinnya.Tapi kalo buat yg cepet ilang nodanya,cepet kering pula,percaya deh tu 3 merk:babyoz,cluebebe,sama momiji yg paling enak dan gampang banget bersihnya.Toko ini juga sediain macem2 menspad:



      Merk2 yg dari luar ada banyak sih.Tapi buatan indo malah lebih cpet kering dan gampang dibersihkan walo lebih tebel.Lucu2 kok motif2 kainnya:) Met nyoba menspad.Jangan lupa beli wetbag(bag kedap air buat simpen menspad).Aku uda beli juga merk:planet wise sama momiji.Tar deh aku review^^..

  2. Excellent post! What a shame for those poor mammals :( I feel so sorry for them and what humans do to them, what chance do they have? Humans (that throw away garbage like this) should be ashamed of their behaviour and realise the effect their 'lazy' decisions has on our wildlife. With reference to the menstural pads, I use them too :) Much better for the enviroment and yes ok, it migh be expensive to invest in but you reuse them so actually they are cheaper in the long term :) oxo

    Here's a UK link for anyone interested:


    1. Thanks!:)Very little that we care about this problem while it is actually the most important.Simply because none wants to deal with nasty stuffs called "garbage".Toxic cosmetics may poison us,but garbage problem will deffinitely poison us,animals,earth,and it even will still there'till the next generations of ours.
      Menstrual pads is the least we can do for our selves in the future(I don't wanna say environment since it's such a snore for some people).But really,changing that will impact to our health,finance,and less garbage!835 millions monthly isn't just a'lil number,you know.So sad to see that poor animals:'(..

  3. First of all, Happy Earth Day, Lynn! :) And Selamat Hari Kartini, and Selamat Hari Buku Internasional (tanggal 23)! :D

    Well, I won't talk too much. You've talked a lot about the garbage dillema directly to the point in this guhh-rreeaaatt post! (Y) (and we've discussed about this in a long long comment roll in my blog too)

    I'm so sorry, I haven't use the cloth pads yet! This month's been weird. My period hasn't come yet! Where is she?! -_- I still have a disposable pads stock for a month. Anyway, I'll check Indonesian products first. :D Thanks for all the links, Lynn!

    Hmm...maybe all of this has one point: lazy. People are lazy. Too lazy to bring their own bottle, too lazy to wash cloth pads, too lazy to read ingredients, too lazy to classified trash bins, too lazy to listen Mother Earth's wishes...

    Let's do our best! :)

    1. Oiya ya,aku lupa hari kartini kemaren!:D hehehe..Wah,hari buku juga?asiikk..ada diskonan buku2 ngga ya?*ngarep.com*

      Oiya juga ya,pnah nulis gini di comment mu yg bisa digulung itu(roll maksudnya^^).Umm..periods mang tergantung byk hal,bisa stress,kecapean juga jadi telat/kecepeten.Yg patut diwaspadai tu kalo dia ga dateng2 ampe lama krn takutnya ada masalah di sesuatu di dalam tubuh.Dan,patut diakui kalo disposable pulp/paper pads yg di bleaching ada efeknya ke sistem reproduksi.Bayangin sendiri aja deh,mau ngga ovarium ato uterus kita dibleaching pake bahan kimia?pasti ngga ada yg mau.Tapi kalo make produk2 yg dibleaching,trus produknya basah kena mens kita+lembab pula,itu bubur kertas bleachingan berisi darah,bleachnya bakal stay di kertasnya doang gitu?XD Ihh..aku si jijay aja bayanginnya,mending pake ini ajalah.Tu bayi2 skrg kan para mamanya udah aware dan ga makein disposable diapers lagi ya krn efek negatif ke depannya.

      Don't worry,aku uda make 3 produk luar(1nya ga aku review,males nulisnya,hehe).Intinya faveku malah merk Indonesia,tu si babyoz ama cluebebe.Ya produk luar mang tipis sih,tapi lbh sulit dicuci drpd produk indo.Noda tetep ilang,tapi lebih lama drpd produk indo.Lagian harga bisa 2x lipat lebih.Produk amrik rata2 1 buah 80rb-120rb,produk indo 30rb.Kalo mau berexperimen ya beli aja semuanya:D Menurutku sih aku uda cukup tu beli produk luarnya,lagian hasilnya bagusan indo punya.

      Right,Let's do our best!Go away laziness..semangat!^^v

    2. Hehehehe. Diskonan buku-buku mah udah sering banget, saking banyaknya orang nulis buku! :P

      Iya, kita ngomongin sampah sampe sepanjang sungai! Hahaha. Ini sih kayaknya aku kecapean. Emang lagi beradaptasi sama jadwal baru dan banyak acara-acara baru dan kebanyakan sore-malem, makanya...tepar. Untung sehat-sehat aja, gak pake masuk angin. Wuhu!

      Mungkin merek Indonesia emang lebih ngerti kebutuhan perempuan Indonesia ya. Oh iya, si clothpad gini, kira-kira sehari butuh berapa biji ya? Aku tuh heavy flow hari-hari pertama tipenya. Lynn kalo beli berapa biji tuh? Beli 3-4 biji gitu cukup gak ya? Atau udah sepaket?

      Dipikir-pikir, mama kita, nenek kita, dan semua wanita zaman sebelum ada pembalut kertas, tabah dan mentalnya jauh lebih kuat ya. Kalo lagi dapet pake kain dilipet-lipet... Mudah-mudahan kita masih bisa nerusin tradisi bermental bagus itu!
      ^u^ *ngasih jempol ke Mama

    3. Kalo sehari ganti min.2x,plg ga buat 3 hari perlu 6 biji.Biasanya kan deresnya 3 hari pertama.Dan kalo pake 4 biji,punya pengering pakaian sih 4 biji berani lah buat 3 hari.Kalo ga punya mesin cuci,plg ga 6 biji,terutama di musim hujan.Aku punya 8 biji,tu cukup buat seminggu kok.Walo misal males nyuci juga(misal 3 biji sekali cuci,hehehe-not reccomended action..)XD
      hmm..ada si yg sediain sepaket.Biasanya merk2 luar,kalo merk indo beli bijian boleh kok.Kalo mo beli byk,nego aja ma sellernya bisa free ongkir ato dapet diskon ngga.Aku belom pnah beli yg sepaket,soalnya mang mau nyoba berbagai merk jd beli bijian.

      Oh,yg kaen dilipet2 ky wanita zaman dulu itu?.Aku pnah nyoba,geser2 mulu tu kaennya.Tembus pula.Beda banget ya sama cloth menspad,jgn disamakan:D..Jenis kainnya,modelnya juga beda.Cloth menspad ada kancingnya biar ga geser.Kaennya juga macem2.Uda lebih canggihlah..

      Oh ya,banyakin istirahat aja drpd tepar^^v

  4. I've heard of the Diva Cup, but I've never seen cloth pads before O.o you're pictures made me really sad :/

    1. Oh,maybe because in US tampon is more popular than disposable menstrual pads,so as a substitute of tampon there's diva cup(and anyother brand maybe?We don't use tampon,I mean most of women here don't use tampon so as a substitute for disposable menstrual pads there's cloth menspad:).Both are better than disposable tampon/menspad.

      Yeah right..that is the reality Susan.The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is still there,and will always be there.I think whoever and whenever we're,we should care about this because this is the fact.If each of us care about this,the garbage problem will be solved.This garbage problem has sacrificed many lives,including human itself:( And the animals..they're simply our victims of our selfishness..:( Let's have some mercy on them!..
      Btw,I see your another comment which is similar to this,so this one that I publish:)

  5. Great post ^^ .
    Waah susah yaa klo uda di zona nyaman, pindah ke zona yg baru. Tpi boleh, aku mau nyoba cloth pad. Rekomen dunk, yg paling mudah dibersihin, daya tampung byk, paling cepet kering, daya serap tinggi, nyaman dipake, bahan yg cocok utk kulit sensi yg mana ya? Emang cloth pad bs pke seumur hdp?

    1. Thanks Naomi chan!:)
      Kalo mnrt pengalamanku sih Baby OZ sama Cluebebe.GG sama annandapads juga lembut,tapi lebih lama keringnya.Kalo yg bikinan luar,aku pegang momiji.Tapi momiji bahannya lebih kasar dr babyoz sama cluebebe loh.Buatan US ada byk:FuzziBuns,Happy Heiniz,Charlie Banana,Sweedlebees.Bahan2 bikinan US rata2 lebih ringan dr buatan indo,tapi nodanya lebih susah ilang drpd produk indo.Harganya juga lebih mahal(80-120rb perbiji).Kalo buatan indo rata2 30rb perbiji.Harga tergantung model,sama ky pembalut biasa.Ada yg regular,maxi,night,ada pantyliner juga:) Tehnisnya clothpad bisa dipake seumur hidup asal masi bagus daya serapnya,dan ngga sobek2.Lah,baju kita aja kalo dipake terus juga bisa sobek,mungkin 10-25th kan uda semakin tipis kain XD.Yah kaya baju lah:D..Tergantung kita makenya juga,itu sarung nenekku masi ada di rumah,walo nenekku uda ngga ada lagi.Ya walo tipis2 gitu sarungnya sih,hehehe..

    2. Ooh brarti buatan lokal lbh bagus dunk ^^ . Lgsg cek dee.
      cloth pad, sebaiknya sehari pke brp kali ya? Aku pke pembalut, sehari bisa 4-5x. Apa sama ya musti ganti2 jg? xD hahaha aduuh msh nubi niih.
      Cucinya lbh bersih pke tgn ato mesin cuci?
      Iya ya kyk baju aja ya, klo uda robek, baru ganti.

    3. Tergantung yg kamu pilih yg reguler ato maxi,Naomi!^^ Kan tebelnya juga beda2.Pertama make dulu aku was2 juga,ni tembus ato ngga,ternyata sampe tengah hari masi gpp tu,pdhl yg aku pake yg reguler.Dan aku tipe yg heavy flow,duduk aja bisa njeplak sampe2 mesti pake alas:D..Kalo kamu masi kurang tebel,kalo baby OZ ada lapisan extra yg bisa dibeli terpisah dan bongkar pasang sesukamu(kalo ga perlu ya ga dipasang).Kalo cluebebe yg reguler uda cukup tebel sih,belom nyoba yg maxi.
      Aku si nyuci ini pake tangan di baskom kecil,pake sabun cuci piring yg buat bayi(aku make yg merk My Baby),kalo baby oz ma cluebebe cepet banget ilangnya kok.Misal sampe parah kamu baru nyuci besoknya(artinya noda jadi kering & susah ilangnya),cukup di rendem bentar kasi baking soda aja uda ilang nodanya^^ Kalo mo nyuci di mesin cuci juga bisa,mending berapa biji jadikan satu gitu,kalo cuma sebiji..listriknya itu loh XD

  6. Hey Lynn! Thank you for raising your voice about this issue! It's so interesting to hear about those cloth pads. I remember that my grandmother told me that when she was young, women used to sew their own pads from cotton, since there were no plastic at that time. I think that these days materialism-above-everything and consumerism mentality have just issued the bill to us and to those problems about which you have written and shown us with pictures. We have to become more aware and change old habits, if we want to save our planet=ourselves. And once more we are proving that our mentality is killing us. You mentioned great examples about how our limited beliefs stop us to step out of the box, for the price of other's opinion. It's also a story about courage and not being afraid to stand out with its own thinking. You are really a green ambassador!
    I have switched in the past to cotton pads(I'm sure its cotton because I feel the difference on the skin, since the plastic has caused me problems), because they are more comfortable and also biodegradable, but I will definitely take in consideration and look for this new option that you have proposed. Thank you for enlightening us all!

    1. Thank you,Dasha!:)
      Yes,in the past even my mother used cloth as her menspads when she was teens.This is all the matter of mentality,and sure it has big impact not just to where we live now,animals,and sure..for ourselves!Do people think that disposable pads is without nothing?At least they're bleached to make it bright white(i'm not sure that bright white color naturally occurs),and pulp/paper pad isn't a good idea either.
      Eh,green ambassador is far away from me!:D I'm even still trying to remind my self not to left my reusable shopping bags at home,and not forget to use it either everytime I buy something.Merchants here ARE very generous when it comes to plastic bags.They won't charge us for that,even giving plastic bag is kind of their generousity.Even when you buy a pencil,the merchant will give you plastic bag for free!:D there're times when it's hectic enough on the store,lots ppl in queue,then I forgot to give my reusable bags.We south east asia have green assets with our forests,but tragically it's hard to be green in south east asia!More to industry and mentality..
      We should start it from ourselves,and I'm here writing to ask the willingness of anyone here(sure to my Indonesian fellows too) who reads this post to change their"dispose anything"mentality.What's the benefit of adding more garbages and spending more money for something that will end up in hours on a trash can?I'm 100% SURE those people who use disposable menspads don't want to burry those disposable menspads that they've used in any area of their house either!Then why would they want it to be buried somewhere else either?..

      The(dispossable menstrual)cotton pads is better than pulp pads,but some cotton pads here have plastic as their outer layer to prevent from leak which is weird and humid as well,not to mention that it's hard to be dissected naturally.You're welcome,hope the post will change your mind about it!:)

  7. this is by far the greatest most moving post i've ever read in a beauty blog.

    i always thinking about how much money i've spent just to buy hygienic pads. why don't people made a reusable ones, like a clodi for babies. even my mom said that at her teen age she never use disposable pads (since it haven't been invented yet) and always use thin cloth that she fold (just like the shape of traditional baby diaper in indonesia). it's really great that i run across ur blog and read this post.

    but one thing thats really been nagging me, will the cloth pad be comfortable to wear. i mean, would they be really thick ?

    1. Hi nindy,thank you for your lovely words:)

      Ok,I've used many2 disposable pads and what I bought back then was those which have high price on the market(Which means they should be comfy regarding their price.I didn't use those with"abal2"brand for comfort reason and I kinda believed that price=quality).And most of those disposable pads(both pulp/paper pads that you can find easily on minimarket,groceries near your house,hypermarket.Or cloth disposable pads that you can only buy on MLM,more exclusive stores),they use plastic as outer layer.Why?to prevent leakage.And no leak=comfort for us.For me,that plastic felt humid and irritated the skin. And,even those pads come in different thickness,name it"regular,maxi,regular with wings,maxi with wings,ultra thin"etc.If you get something that is very2 thin,then the producer will add a kind of material to change your blood into..GEL!Why?to prevent leakage! This kind of menspad is something that I hate either.1st:I've heard that those pads that turn blood into gel was bad.Some said it might cause cancer.Ok,we all dunno for sure what exactly the material is.But for me if it's questionable = leave it!
      2nd:Most of Indo women that I know(incl.me)always wash their disposable menspad from blood before dumping it into trashcan.Ethical reason,I guess.But with those gels on,the gels just spreadin' allover bathroom floor,or having possiblity of clogging our toilet(if we dump the gel to toilet).This is so nasty.I don't want to deal with gel disposable pads anymore..

      So,these cloth pads have various size(thickness),various materials that suit your needs.I have tried(though not all brands on our market),and you can see on my review to make your search easier.However,if my fave become not any of your fave,I'd say that we have different needs.I have heavy flow so what I want is something which dry easily,comfy(medium thickness),and sure stain removable easily.Indo brands have very affordable prices,and by far they're my fave ones.If you're not satisfied with one brand,you can try other brands in very affordable prices.Very affordable,since..it's our future investment!:)Good Luck in trying!Have fun in choosing those cute cloth pads fabrics!and..hope this review will help!:)

  8. Hi sista .. nice post ! btw ini daya tampungnya gmn ? soalnya mensku deres bgt harian aja aku pake yang night kalo pake yg biasa pasti tembus ..

    1. Hi vicky!
      Thanks:) daya tampungnya masing2 merk berbeda,dan modelnya sama kaya disposable menspads.Ada yg pantyliner,regular,maxi,sampe night.Utk fave ku 3 merk ini:Baby OZ,cluebebe,sama momiji.Baby oz bisa ditambahin liner sendiri(ada kaya kantung dibelakang)jadi kamu mau tambah berapa lapis pun bisa(liner dijual terpisah).Cluebebe yg regular udah tebel,aku juga deres kok,tapi pake cluebebe regular dr pagi sampe sore ok2 aja tuh.Kalo momiji,dia ga gitu tebel,tapi kelebihannya ya di warna inner layer yg merah jadi kamu ga usa khawator soal noda.Yg pasti supaya cloth menspad awet,dicucinya pake sabun cuci piring aja krn ga ada residu bubuk yg tertinggal.Rata2 menspad buatan indo absorbernya pake microfibre,kain yg daya serapnya tinggi banget.Jadi,coba saja.Ga usah khawatir tembus:)

      Itu 3 merk faveku.Kamu bisa coba berbagai merk yg ada di indo.Utk yg offline di jogja kata tanteku ada yg jual,tp lupa dimana.Toko onlinenya coba ini:




      Toko2 yg lain byk,biasanya yg jual cloth diapers buat bayi,jual ini juga.Atau klik link di tiap merk diatas(yg tulisannya merah itu,ada linknya).Met nyoba:)

  9. I've seen some of those pictures before and they are so depressing they made me teary. I've been an animal lover since young.. I can't even take it watching my own pets die of natural death and that can't even compare to the terrible plight of those animals shown on those pics (and the many more others that haven't been photographed but suffered the same fate). :(

    Regarding the cotton pads, I'm wondering what kind of detergent do you use to wash them? And regarding the "comfort" level, how do they compare to normal cotton disposable cotton pads? How many times do you need to change per day during a heavy flow day? Sorry for so many questions. I've long been interested to try the non-disposable ones but didn't know how to start. I tried using folded muslin cloth (or something similar) but I leaked badly. My grandparents said they used to do it that way.

    1. We're exactly the same,Vivi..I can't stand to hear/see any animal suffers,or death.Oftenly,it's us human who hurt them by destroying their habitat.That's the fact:(

      Oh,that's ok.You can ask me as many questions as you want:)
      About the detergent,on its packaging washing instruction it said that we should use liquid detergent with non chlorine(which means those without withening agent),and non softening(since softening agent will make a layer on fabric that prevent from blood absorption). Liquid detergent is better since leave no powder residue(some people iritated by that residue,also..it's not a good idea to have detergent powder residue on our feminine area:/).I have laundry liquid detergent,however what I use is baby dishwasher liquid soap.It works:D..If you have hard stain,you can use baking soda,soak it for a while then wash it with liquid detergent.Don't use hot water since hot water can coagulate blood.

      Comfort level vary,depends on the brand and the size that we choose.Though it's the same labeled as"regular"size,each brand have different materials and layers.Some brands are thicker than cotton disposable cotton pads,some brands are just equal as disposable cotton pads.The thinnest one that I've tried will be momiji.The key is we use a fitted pant so that the pads will be positioned comfortably and not leaked.If we use loosey pants,so no matter good our pad is,it will still leak(even if we use disposable one).

      Hmm..on my heavy flow I usually change it between 2-3 times/day(incl.night).From morning'till noon usually need 1-2.This menspad hold many liquid so I don't need to change it frequently.
      Oh,I know what you mean by that"old"menspad.My mum,granma used it when they were teens,thats why I say it's old menspad^^.This one is different,it has button to lock the position on our pants.The material is also different,indo brands use microfibre which will absorp liquid much and fast,while some US brands using microfleece.The design also mimic disposable cotton pads,so we will feel like we use our disposable cotton pads.All in all,it's much better than folded fabric menspads(I've ever tried it before,using folded small towel,hehehe..):) I suggest you to try several brands so that you'll know the difference.And,I 100% support you for swaping into this cloth menspads ^^v..

      Hope that helps you with your question,feel free to ask me any question.I'll answer you the best I can,vivi!:)

    2. THANK YOU for answering each of my questions in details :D

      Okay! I will try this soon. I will probably start by searching for a brand first-sounds tough but your post is highly motivating. You've tried so many brands! I'm not even sure whether they have any non-disposable pads made here in Singapore. :S

      Btw, how long does it take before you throw the pad? I'm sure it'll come to a point wherein the pad will get too old and doesn't absorb mens well anymore.

    3. Woah..i've replied a long reply but it's just dissapeared when I published it T_T..will be back later with the answer Vivi,it's already midnite here..Need to Zzzz now...@_@ cya

    4. Dear Vivi,sorry for the late reply.I've been working on my new post,and my new post is also dedicated for you:)

      And you can check this link for a s'pore online shop that I found(you're right,it's hard to find even the online seller of it in s'pore:/):
      Maybe you can ask some of indonesian producers/online sellers here to send it to s'pore?It's pretty easy to find it here,so that's why I've tried so many brands:)

      I've been using this menspads for almost 1 year now.It's fine.So when will I throw the pads,I'll say,vary.Depends on the material of cloth menspads that you buy and how you treat it.Majority of indonesian brands using microfibre as absorber,and as we know microfibre has the super ability to absorb liquid fastest.The downside is that it needs extra treatment than other regular fabrics.For products with microfibreas absorber,on the packaging it said it will work well under normal usage for about 3-5 years.Read my prev.comment above about how to wash it.However,other brands using different absorbers.Some brands use cotton or hemp as absorbers.As for that,I'll say that it can work well as long as the fabric is still good,not ripped.Just like our cotton clothes!Then will come the question,what makes it different than using foldable cotton cloth like what women in the past used it?It's different,1st cloth menspads has layers which are made of different materials(some use polyester waterproof as outer layer material),2nd it's designed to mimic disposable menspads(with wings on it) which fits to our body contour.So..I think when it comes to cotton,I can use it as long as I want,sure as long as it's not ripped or something:)

      Hope that helps and my new post will help also^^

  10. Sangkain aku doang yang 'hobi' nyobain menspad :D

    1. Ahaha..ada temennya kok!:D dan akan lebih byk lagi temennya^^

      Btw uda nyoba merk apa aja?di review2 dunk;)

    2. Eh,barusan cek blogmu..walah...uda nyoba banyak juga ya!Wahahaaa..aseek...ada fans menspad juga disini:D

  11. Halo...
    udah mulai sering ngomongin menspad ama temen2; satu diantaranya malah udah sukseus buat sndiri. Tapi belum dipake jadi aku belum bisa cerita.
    Etapiii...pertama...terima kasih banyak ya untuk semua jerih payah review menspad plus wetbagnya. Sungguh, walau udah mulai sering ngomongin, yang ngedorong aku untuk akhirnya beli setelah baca blog ini. Aku bahkan kirim ke temen2ku. Cuma rada gak sukses dibaca karena review menspad kemarin dlm b. Inggris. Aku ijin nerjemahin ya...aku selalu cantumin kok aku nyatut darimana :) Aku search serius menspad ini sejak salah satu sahabatku kena infeksi saluran kencing. Dia nyaris tiap hari pake disposed sanitary napkins (DSN). Anaknya rapi en bersih jadi jijik kalau CDnya kena noda. Tapi krn tiap hari pake DSN, bakteri jadinya muncul. Mana dia hamil lagi. Aku langsung search serba/i menspad. Aku juga baru tahu ada yang khusus untuk masa nifas. Aku udah info dia dan dia masih ragu mau pakai. Dia minta reviewku setelah aku pakai. Pokoknya aku bakal bujuk temen2ku pakai menspad. For better world. For health. Salah satu penyebab kanker serviks adalah DSN katanya. Ngeri kan! Pokoknya terima kasih untuk semua posting menspad yang lengkap beserta menspadnya dan semua susah payahnya nulis + poto di blog.
    Atas rekomendasimu, aku beli cluebebe dan sudah pesan baby-oz. Cluebebe sudah datang yang polos. Pesan di clodimurah. Untuk baby oz rada sulit nyari ols nya ya ternyata. Susah as in dicuekin yang jualan, hahaha. Sukses dapet penjual yang ternyata tinggal deket kantorku. Akhirnya janjian aja nanti ambil di rumah dia liat yang ready stock. Jadinya bebas ongkir, yippiee.
    Nanti setelah saya pakai akan saya review ya. Cluebebe yang saya terima juga berkancing satu spt salah satu comment yang di post review wetbag. Will inform you further about its performance :D

    1. Sama2 :)
      Semoga semua temannya beralih pake menspad ya!^^ Aminn :) Karena percuma ngeluh soal sampah kalo kita malah rajin nambah sampah ^^v

      Ada yg pake bahasa Indo kok,ini:

      Kalo yg posting diatas ini sih pake bhs inggris,supaya orang2 dari negara lain juga tau dan serius mempertimbangkan isu ini.Karena ini masalah global bersama,bukan cuma Indonesia aja.Aku tau,seharusnya aku terjemahin juga di bhs indonya,ngga cuma isi post ini tapi banyak juga postingan yg lain,krn itu semua berguna bagi kita pada umumnya.Cuma..yah..cape ngetiknya euy.So kalo mau diterjemahin silahkan,ngga aku protected copyscape kok^^ Asal kasi referensi,silahkan :)

      Oh ya..baby oz skrg ganti bahan luarnya.Ga sebagus dulu sih krn yg skrg ngga pake katun lagi,tapi lapisan dalemnya sih tetep sama.

      Ok,ditunggu kabar selanjutnya yaa^^

  12. Hi, thanks for sharing. Infonya bagus dan bikin saya makin tercerahkan. :)
    Saya lagi browsing tentang menspad, eh nyasar ke sini. Jadi makin mantap pakai menspad. :D

    1. Hi Asree...sama2 :) Semoga terus semangat pake cloth menspad ya demi bumi kita :) Makasih sudah mampir ke blog ini :)

  13. hi kak, aku new reader blog ini^^ seneng deh ada blog yang ngebahas tentang produk wanita, yang gak cuma ngomongin bagus, murah tapi juga kesehatannya.
    aku mau nanya kak, menspad ini gampang lembab gak?
    soalnya kulit aku rada rewel gitu, gampang banget gatel trus iritasi kalo pake pembalut. biasanya sih make merk nat*sh yg ada mentolnya gitu deh. gatelnya jadi minim tapi mahal dan agak ragu dengan efeknya buat kesehatan.
    tapi takut kalo menspad ini lembab. dijawab ya kaak^^

  14. Hi Orange Bright :D

    Ini aku klik reply kok ga keluar2 kotak reply komentarnya,jd jawab dsini aja yaa..
    Oke..soal lembab ya.Bahan tiap menspad kan lain2,jd ada yg lembab kalo dipake.Itu biasanya merk2 yg murmer.Kalo yg aku punya kaya green nappy,baby oz,cluebebe itu ngga lembab kok.Tapi yg merk2 harganya dibawah itu ada yg lembab.Itupun klo uda kepenuhan darahnya dan ga diganti2.Tapi scr keseluruhan yaaa..mending ini banget2 lah ya drpd pembalut sekali pake krn ga kerasa kaya make kertas semi plastik gtu(rasanya klo make pembalut sekali pake). Cobain aja deh,tar kan tau bedanya :D

    Makasih juga sudah mampir :)

  15. Wah saya pikir ga ada blogger yg nulis ulasan menspad produk lokal indo, ternyata ada juga.. hehehe :)
    Sayangnya saya baru nemu blog ini setelah saya mesen menspad perdana saya... Kira2 ada saran ga buat pemakai baru menspad? :)

    1. Hi ^^ maaf baru bales juga krn aku sibuk banget jd lama ga ngeblog.

      Umm..beli ecospot kalo misal noda hilang. Atau pake baking soda direndam lebih lama.

      Semoga tetep make menspad selalu ^^ makasih uda mampir di blog ini :)

  16. mba mau tanya, kalo kita ngantor atau mobile ada cara membersihkan yang higienis gak ya? soalnya kan posisinya bukan di rumah yang mudah mencuci dan menjemur. berpikiran untuk beralih tapi concern utaamnya masalah mobilitas ini.

    1. Hi ^^ maaf baru bales juga krn aku sibuk banget jd lama ga ngeblog.

      Aku sering traveling sih. Kalo misal di hotel ga lama yg cuma sehari gtu ya aku masukin wetbag tar dicuci pas sampe rumah. Klo di hotel lbh dr 2 hari,aku cuci di hotel aja. Bisa cuci pake douche toilet/bidet. Atau di mana kek yg ada saluran air keluarnya. Trus jemur aja di jemuran kamar mandi atau misal ada heater gtu taruh bwhnya juga bisa. Gitu sih selama ini :) Kalo misal telat nyuci sampe darahnya kering,aku rendam aja lbh lama dan aku kasi ecospot uda beres tu noda :D

      Semoga berhasil :) semangat terus makenya yaa


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