May 31, 2012

Some Awards and Tag

I got 4 awards,and 1 tag from my 3 dearest blogger friends couple of months ago and promised them to do the award rules.I do it today since that time I've just posted a tag so it will be a Zzzz for people
to read"things about me"multiple times in a row!:D..As for those who have given me awards and tag,I really appreciate it.Thank you,and sorry for the delay.
From Citraramya:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and give their blog a shout out on your blog with a link to their blog (done!)
2.Share 7 random facts about yourself        (done,see below!).
3.Send on the award to 15 bloggers whose blog you appreciate and then let them know that they have won the award              (will do this at the end of this post).

Top 10 Award  ,rules:
1. Thank for being tagged        (done!).
2. Put in the link to the blog of a person who tagged you           (done!).
3. Put on your blog the logo Top 10 Blog Award      (done!).
4. Choose 10 bloggers to be tagged by you  (will do this at the end of this post).
5. Put links to their blog            (naturally,along with no.4 rules).
6. Inform them about it              (later).
7. Create the list of your top 10 cosmetics

Woah,this is hard.I'll try,still. So,my top 10 cosmetics are:
1.Badger brand,I like almost all of their products!
2.Mineral powder,as my face make up powder.
3.Virgin Coconut Oil,must have item!
4.Argan oil,I super love this one.
5.Rosehip oil,I love this one too.
6.100% pure cosmetics,some of their products only.
7.Tea tree oil,my must have item too.
8.Cosmetic brushes,my new addiction.
9.Toner/cleansing water,can't live without it..
10.Spot patch,the most"unnatural"product that I have.I use it sometimes when I need to go out.It's used to cover acne that has been..err..pinched:p..

Those are my top 10 cosmetic items.I don't go with brand name(except badger and 100% pure because I like some of their ranges.In badger,I like almost all).The rest,the brand may vary.But what I've tried by far have the same results.So I just mention the items.

1. Thank the person who have you the award with their blog link on your post.
2. Answer the following 4 questions.
3. Award the blogger appreciation award as many readers/commenters/followers as you’d like.
4. Let the blogger know you’ve just awarded them (by leaving a comment/email/tweet/etc).

The questions (with answers, to make it simple and short):
1. How long have you been blogging? you can see on"my beauty journey"there--->I've been blogging for about 3 years.

2. What are 1-2 reasons why you started blogging?
I always looked at product reviews when I wanted to buy something.That's why I started blogging,to share my experiences about products with other bloggers. Also,I like cosmetics much.

3. What types of blog do you like to follow/read?
Those with the same preferences and interests as mine,and some of my fellow Indonesian bloggers.

4. What is 1 thing you would like to improve on as a blogger/on your blog?
Writing more on this blog.

Now is the award from Dana:

The Versatile Blogger Award,Rules of Honour :
1. Thank the person that nominated you with a link back (Naturally, done!)
2. Tell 7 things about you 
3. Pass this on to newly discovered blogs and let them know they received the award
(This could prove difficult! I'll try and keep it to recently new blogs and if they aren't new to you, they are still new to me!)

So here are 7 things(more)about me:
1.I like a calm morning time.No tv,no song,no radio,nothing noisy during my breakfast.I hate it when some people ruin my calm morning time with either their grumbles,loud song,arguing,whatever.Oh please,you can do it some other time later!Why would someone love to ruin their own morning time,a time to start a day?I don't understand that kind of people..

2.I'm a big fan of F1 racer Kimi Raikkonen.I admire him of his genius.Another F1 racer that I like is Jacques Villaneuve.Too bad that he doesn't drive on F1 now.Since both of them are no longer exist,so I seldom watching F1 now(oh wait..but Kimi is back again(?)-he's controversial).

3.I like Chess.Though I don't play it alot as a hobby,but I just love it.Chess is very interesting,you can find alot about your partner when you play it with them.Though I have won many games against several people,I've never won even just 1x when I played it against my mum.Maybe I should find a good time to win it,like when she's dizzy maybe?Lol..

4.About this blog name,lovely cosme.The word"cosme"can be interpreted as a derived of"cosmetic".And/or from the word"cosmos"(which is actually where the word cosmetic is from)means"universe".So lovely cosme means lovely universe.Something that has been my way of thinking.That we all are connected in this world,even universe.So that we need to do a balance in all things that we've done.

5.I like cooking(and baking sometimes).I think cooking should be a basic knowledge for everyone regardless gender,social status,race,age,whatever it is!.I mean,unless you want to eat anything with no flavour so at least you should know some really basic of cooking.Here in Indonesia,there're women who can't cook just because they can't cook(just like me who can't do a good sewing).BUT there're also women who are proudly saying that they can't cook simply because it can boost their social status.It seems like those women associated cooking with something that only"low"social status will do so that they will proudly say that they can't cook(say like,a princess won't cook by her self).Weird I know.If you're an Indonesian and read this then protest it,I'll just say"Please deh,liat aja sekeliling kita yg kaya gitu.Banyak banget..".
And no,I don't do daily cook either since it's my mum authority.But I'll proudly say that I like cooking though the result can be like these:

My first lasagna making,hehehe:D I documented it's first time making!:D Just like Mr.Crab on spongebob of the squarepants whom still keep his 1st dollar that he got;).Actually,I'm good with other kind of pasta like spaghetti,fussili,etc.Never tried to cook lasagna before since it's trickier than other pasta. At that time I said to me mum that I thought it needed more sauce.But she said that the lasagna will sink(while she's even never tried to make lasagna before!).So..yeah..mummy isn't always right!:p

And this is the better version:

It looks better and edible,but somehow I like my 1st one better since it's crunchier(oh please,look at my 1st lasagna dry surface):D..

6.A bear fan and a cook wannabe:
Obviously,it resulted in..a load of my bear kitchen utensils collection!!From frying pan'till mould.Cookies cutter,egg shaper,anything!

Super love it!<3 <3 <3

7.I don't like spicy food,the ones that contain lots of spices.Some,even majority of Indonesian foods are spicy.It's delicious if we eat it sometimes,but not as daily menu.My fave Indonesian foods are those with clear stock/soup,without coconut milk,and not too spicy.Some stir fried foods are my fave also.Because I don't really like those kind of foods,so I don't like to cook it as well.As for other countries cuisine,my fave will be Japanese foods(the fusion ones),Chinese foods,and Italian foods. I don't fancy Indian foods(similar to Indonesian foods-lots of spices),Middle east foods(mostly consist of meats and spices),Thai Foods(not my liking,the fruit in meal combination isn't my fave),and Korean foods(sour dominant taste).

The tags.This one is from Ms.Rossola.I used google translator since she's an italian.So this is the tag:
Here are the rules:
1 - to respond to 11 questions from blogger who tagged us;
2 - to tag 11 other bloggers;
3 - propose 11 new tags;
4 - to know the bloggers that have been tagged.

Here are the questions I have been asked and my answers
1) What is the product of make up that you could never give up?
Lipstick,lipcolor,whatever you name it.Though you may catch me go out without any lipcolor on,but among all make up product,that's something that I can't give up.

2) Always read the INCI?
Sure,though I sometimes do skimming it and unluckily made a mistake,end up I bought something with  ingredients that I hate.

3) The worst purchase you've ever done?
Almay pure blend foundation

4) Do you prefer the big bag where you put the "world" inside the bag or small?
Guess this is about bag.My on the go bag is usually in medium size.It has to fit: umbrella,cosmetic pouch,wallet,eyeglasses,my'lil tool box,mirror,some emergency medicines,stationaries,notes,and tissue.Sounds a lot to carry on,but all of those items are in mini size so that will fit medium size bag.

5) Use a single face cream for day or night, or you have two (or more) specific?
I have one for day cream,but now I prefer to use argan oil both day and night.

6) What do you think of the menstrual cup??
Good idea as a substituion of tampon,but me using menspads so I use cloth menstrual pads instead:).

7) What is the cosmetic error that bothers you the most ever in the other?
Whitening products.Sorry,but that just sounds racist to me!!.Bright and white are 2 different things.One means no dull appearance,another one means that other than white isn't good..

8) Use plate, thermal curling irons and various gadgets for your hair?
The only gadget for my hair is hair dryer:D I don't fancy hair gadget,affraid of electricity shock:D

9) When vai, vai, and if, at the hairdresser you are calm and relaxed or you sit down with terror?
I generally will be calm.Oh come on,you don't want anything bad happens to your hair,do you?:D Calm down is the best option after all;)

10) Have you ever bought a product just because at that time was popular on YouTube, blogs ... etc ...?
Yes,some that I'll review later are perfect examples of this:p

11) In the morning you look in the mirror and say .....?
I get lack of sleep last night..@_@

11 New Tags:
I'll go with the same questions as that top 10 awards rules which is: What are your top 10 cosmetic products?

Now all of these awards and tag I'll give it to 7 bloggers that I've never tagged before,hopefully they haven't got the tag & award and won't mind the long questions:

Feel free to do the tag,it's just for fun:) Hope you enjoy the post,thank you for reading!Have a good day!:)


  1. Hihi, makasih ya udah diterima awardnya. :D
    Btw, aku baca sampe bawah juga...alat masak beruangnya lucu-lucu! Ternyata Lynn doyan masak ya. :D *salut* Aku doyannya kalo lagi lapar dan kalo mood doang. Hahaha! Sama kalo abis nonton Master Chef, jadi semangat. :P
    Ngomong-ngomong, mamanya Lynn kok kayak mamaku sih? Mamaku juga caturnya susah dikalahin! Gak pernah sukses tuh aku atau kakakku... :)

    1. Hahaha...justru aku yg makasih atas awardsnya:D..Oh,harusnya aku juga bilang"terima kasih kepada Allah SWT atas rahmatnya sehingga saya bisa memperoleh awards ini.Orang tua di rumah atas dukungannya,teman2 tercinta yg selalu mendukung tanpa kenal lelah.Kucing2 yg manis yg selalu setia mengeong setiap ketemu saya..I love you guys..!"*mata berkaca-kaca* :D
      Hehehe..sori ye postingannya telat.Habis aku kan nulisnya kadang2 aja,kalo ga di jadiin satu malah tar ga ditulis lagi*ngeles aja krn males*XD

      Thanks:) Itu ada yg ga tak foto,blm aku cari semua pas mo difoto.Ya sutralah yg ada aja^^.Sebenernya seneng masak sih,masalahnya yg aku suka tu mlh ga gitu disuka org2 di rumah,krn yg laen seleranya indonesia banget yg penuh bumbu2 sedapur itu^^".Tapi gpp kok yg penting kamu minat masak.Ada tu temen2ku yg model2 cewe2 khas indo yg kesannya rendahin pekerjaan memasak -__-..

      Ah iya,aku juga sebel.Ga pernah sekalipun menang lawan mama.Oh,adalagi.Belom pnah menang lawan komputer!!Hahaha XD

  2. Thanks for participating! Although I often use google to translate!!


    1. You're welcome!:)
      Hahaa..I also aften use google translator for some non-english sites:D Google translator rocks!!^^

  3. Wow, I find it bizarre that people at your end of the world actually profess to not cooking in case it lowers their status! Whereas over here it's the complete opposite haha!! I don't mind cooking but I think because I do it everyday just to feed the family it becomes a kind of chore, I really enjoy baking though as I see that as more of a treat :) I also like tranquil mornings and F1 racing too! :D oxo

    1. It is weirdly,true.Some don't want to do it for that reason,or for this reason:that"modern"or"career"women don't cook.Some of them have no time to do it,but some others have the mind that cooking is a traditional thing.I think cooking has nothing to do with whatever status that we have.I have couple of friends who are career women,busy moms,or financially very wealthy,but they still cook.At the same time,I also have friends who have that cooking=low status and not modern mind.Maybe because they see that some career women hand out the cooking job to their maid/house keeper so that they think it's a job for"low status".Yeah,weird I know.Welcome to this part of the world!:D

      Oh,you like F1 racing too?:) who is your fave racer?I like Kimi,but he's a bit eccentric.Now that he comes back to F1,would love to know what will happen next.

  4. Dana, omg, you are just like me Lol
    I am not a big fan of cooking (for the same reason: feed the family every day), but I love baking too:)

    Lynn, if I was a successful, rich woman, I would hire a chef - problem solved Hahaha :)

    1. Lol:D right,if only everyone is rich so that each of use will enjoy haute cuisine everyday:D

      I love both cooking and baking,but feed the family every day seems a hard chore.To make it a fun thing to do instead,how about trying new recipe everyday?because it's a fun thingto try new recipe for me:)

  5. Lynn, please tell me what I have to do exactly yo give you this blog award thing! I don't know about these things anything at all Lol

    1. That's ok,I didn't know about tag,award,and stuffs either back then when I started blogging!;) It turned out to be this simple:we post the same kind of post on our blog,as for people who have been tagged/or given awards they have to follow the rules that are written there(the rules vary:by answering the questions that you're asked to,you also choose other bloggers to be given the award+their link also,etc).Basically it's like a fun game:that you're asked by your blogger friend to answer questions that are given to you,and that you have to give questions to other bloggers that you know.That way we can get to know each other well:) As for the questions,it has been written on each award up there^^
      Hope I can explain it to you clearly.Enjoy the awards!;)

    2. Hey Lynn,

      Sorry for the late answer, but I was so busy lately!

      Thank your for explaining it to me:)

      So...I see the questions:) Is it ok if I copy the questions to my blog with my answers? I am such a beginner Lol

    3. 1 more thing: I have to answer for the Top 10 Award Rules' questions, right? All the 7?

    4. That's ok!:)

      Yep,you just copy and paste all of the questions then answer it.Or some of them,anything that you like.It's just like a fun thing to do between bloggers,and..I didn't know about this award thing as well back then when I started blogging,untill I read about it on many blogs then now I get used to it:D..
      Curious to know what's yours;)..

    5. I am done!:) Please feel free to check it out:

  6. waah hebat yaa =o , ternyata lynn jago masaak ^^ .
    aku ga bisa masak, cm masak yg simpel2 aja ^^" . jg ga terlalu suka masak, suka males siapin bahan & nunggu mknan lamaaa bgt mateng nya, suka nya lgsg mkn aja xD .
    tpi klo ud merit, hrs bisa masak sii, biasa masak sendiri =_=" .
    xD hahaha lucu bahasanya -> "I don't fancy hair gadget,affraid of electricity shock". gak electricity shock kok, paling cm ngerusak rambut =D hihihi. tpi klo ke salon pasti pke hair dryer duunk ;) .

    1. Ngga,eh belum jago naomi :D.Tapi suka aja nyoba2 resep baru^^
      Cuma aku ga gitu suka masak masakan indo yg bumbunya ribet itu,krn aku sendiri ngga suka masakan bersantan dan berrempah yg banyak(kaya masakan padang,manado,dst).Kalo masakan indonesia aku sukanya masakan sunda.

      Hehehe,hair dryer sih gpp.Tp curling iron,flat irons dan temen2nya itu yg aku rada2 gimana gitu.Coba kalo ada komponen yg rusak,terus...zzzTTT nyetrum..hiyy >.<
      Itu kan nempel ke rambut->deket otak,apalagi rambut bagusnya masih basah pas make itu biar efeknya lbh gampang diaturnya,tahan lama.Kalo hair dryer ga nempel ke rambut,jadi lbh aman^^.
      Sebenarnya kalo di salon aku rada2 aware juga sama tu yg buat uap rambut.Mengerikaaannn..>.<

  7. Hey, thanks for tagging me. :)

    Actually, these tags are quite fun. There was a time when I event contemplated on creating a blogger blog to accommodate tags. But Alas, I can't even update my own blog regularly yet!

    I love cooking but unfortunately, I'm very impatient as a person. When I cook, I can't wait to do the next steps coz I'm too excited to finish and taste my masterpiece. So by speeding it up, it destroys the recipe and turns into something else. That's also why I can't bake... because baking requires lots of patience.

    But I like eating.... HAHA! So how I wish I had a friend in Singapore who loves to bake and cook but doesn't like to eat.. so she'll end up just giving me the food. >:-D

    1. You're welcome,Vivi:)

      Hahaha..yes,I have the same issue about blog update too!:D That's why I put all awards and tags in 1 post here though that sounds too many to write(and read)about:D

      ROFL*****XD XD XD..If I were you,I will be worried about that kind of person who"loves to bake and cook but doesn't like to eat",I her food edible?:D Oh,that reminds me of my fren who studied in a baking school back then.He(yes he!)always gave me whatever he baked,or cooked and asked for my opinion(the honest one).I of course,was happily being a guinea pig for his foods XD But when it came to my honest opinion,I think... he just didn't want me to be honest:D See,free foods doesn't mean free opinion :D
      Oh,btw do you cook for your err..current(??)diet your self?

  8. Hi Lynn, just wondering if my previous comment on this post got through?

    1. Yes,look up there^^ Sorry for taking longer time to reply,I also did other things while blogging,shifted in between replying comments and read articles,writing,not so crafty I know:D just managing lots of things at the same time,took some time:D..Thanks Vivi:)

  9. Hello Lynn!
    Thanks for the award and remembering me! So lovely from you! And hope you don't mind for being late with my answers :)
    I haven't got yet this awards, so if I understand well, I have to do a similar post on my blog as you did this one?

    1. Hi Dasha!:)
      You're welcome! I thought I forgot to tell you about this since I haven't told some bloggers above that I tagged,hehehe..Been overwhelmed with stuffs here so that I forgot doing things that I was supposed to do:(
      Yes,you have to do a similar post as this one..and..I've read yours!Thank you for doing the tag and awards!*hugs* :)


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