June 09, 2012

100% Pure Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 in Golden Peach

Welcome to my"journey to find a good green liquid foundation"!.Oh,what a mouthful.So,if you have read or happened to read my previous post about my journey to find a good green liquid foundation before(read here),yes..this is my 2nd attempt of finding my good green liquid foundation.If you're like me who don't want to have nasty ingredients on your beauty products,you'll know that it's pretty difficult to do so.I was a sucker for BB creams for its good light,non heavy feeling,yet un cakey finish at the same time.So,having my self converted into green product ones,I also tried to find green BB cream for me as well.But by far I find nothing!!BB creams and silicone are good friends.And some other things that I don't want to have it listed on my beauty products inci.Since there's no green bb creams yet,so I source for tinted moisturizer,or even foundation,or...... anything please that has good ingredients and good finish result!!*Says me desperately*
I prefer liquid one since cream foundation is heavier and I don't like any heavy make up look,especially if you live in Indonesia here where you're like melting all the time with those sweats allover your face.

My 1st attempt with Almay foundation,results zero. So this time I go with pricier product from..my almost fave brand"100%pure". I bought this 100%pure tinted moisturizer in golden peach.This one retail price is 5x than my previous Almay pure blend foundation.Hoping for the best with that price?Sure,absolutely.Who wants to dump a 32USD product?certainly not me.

So,this product has 7 shades,previously it has 5 shades.The latest shade is cocoa.If you look at their official web to find the perfect shade for you,you'll be confused.Especially if you're an Asian like me with"a complicated skin tone(not that yellow and not that tan)".Previously it was like this:

Then now it's like this:

I think my skin tone is between golden peach and toffee.Since I was confused so I tried to google the product in its actual color,I found this:

l-r:creme-golden peach-toffee-peach bisque

Didn't want to risk of having a foundation that is darker than my skintone,so I chose golden peach one.It's for those with yellow skin tone.


I'm having trouble in choosing make up colors,both online and offline shopping.Often that I did in the past,I went to cosmetic counter,picked products that I thought it'll be good and suits me best.End up when I wear the product on day light,it's either brighter,or darker in its actual color.Some stores have lighting that is deceiving.Back then I've ever bought L'oreal lipstick in a wine color(on the store),when I wear it on daylight,turned out to be it's a bright fuchsia!!Thanks to the store's light,which was yellow light.So,for me going online or offline shopping are just pretty much the same = I have to bear misleading color purchase.As for this time purchase,I'm glad it matches to my skin tone.And yes,buying something lighter than your skintone is better I think.I don't know you,but I don't want to look grey or ashy like I have pouring dust/sand on my skin.So I better bet my purchase on the lighter one.

Pigments of Peach, Apricot, Carrot, Pomegranate, Cocoa Bean, Goji Berry and Tomato, White Tea, Cucumber Juice, Aloe Juice, Acai Oil and Pomegranate Oil, Vitamin E (a-tocopherol), Vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate), Rice Starch, Candelilla Wax, Extracts of Rosemary, Oregano, Thyme, Grapefruit Seed, Japanese Honeysuckle, Goldenseal and Cinnamon

SUNSCREEN ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 15% Titanium Dioxide and 10% Zinc Oxide

The result of this tinted moisturizer is:very sheer!!It doesn't cover anything,it's just like you using a moisturizer with color on it,but the color did nothing to cover your imperfection.
See my pic below:

It covers nothing!Yes it has the color,but doesn't color your skin at all. I remember that my dear blogger friend,Vivi has ever told me that 100%pure concealer that she's tried did nothing to cover.She's right!:/
What good things about this product is that it has dewy finish look,and has skin healing properties.Your face will feel smoootthhh after couple of application.Not clogging pore either.It has peachy smell,a bit sour.Part that I don't like the most about this product is that this has japanese honey suckle(lonicera japonica) in it.Japanese honey suckle is a natural paraben,something that I'd like to avoid.If you asked me why bought this back then,1st of all though I've managed my self to be pickier when I want to buy something,sometimes I can be sloppy by skimming ingredients list when I do the reading.2nd,I read somewhere that 100% pure made a denial about that japanese honey suckle=parabens issue.So between those 2 reasons,I made this purchase back then.And..yes,apparently japanesse honey suckle is a natural parabens.That said, I'm not happy with this ingredient at all. 

About the packaging,it's an airpump cosmetic botle packaging.It was sealed also(but I didn't take a pic of it,I just couldn't hardly wait to try it back then).On my previous posts about other 100%pure products that I've tried,there were no expiry date or something there.But then I checked on 100%pure official web,it said that"On each product, there is an open jar symbol with a number on it. That number indicates how long you can use the product once it is opened".Or as what you can see on the pic here:

So it'd be good to be used up to 12 Months since the 1st time opened.But then I saw that this product has an expiry date on it,right there on the down side of the back of the bottle(see my pink circle below):

Pretty confusing eh?Why do they put the exp.date on this product and not on other products that they have(as my previous review here and here)?They should treat all products equally because exp.date is a part of consumers right.Is it because the latest batch of 100%pure product?I don't think so,even the latest product that I bought after buying this one,they didn't put exp.date there either.Such a weird thing..

If any of you wondering what are the differences between"expiry date/expiration date(both are fine,according to my British fellow blogger,Dana;) )and that "open jar symbol",here is the difference meaning according to Jentri Provenzano,Badger balm marketing manager(Badger has such a very good PR!!you can ask them anything!):

"The expiration date is how long the product is good for before it is opened.  The 12m “open can” symbol is a guide to how long it will stay good after you open it.  As soon as you open a tin of any product and use it, the life span varies.Since Badger does not use and chemical stabilizers, factors such as storage temperature and humidity, as well as how clean the fingers are that scoop out the product impact an open tin’s life span. Essential oils will slowly but surely evaporate from an open tin; that’s the pleasant fragrance you smell when you open one. You can expect your opened balm to stay good for 12 months, however if it looks good and smells good, it is still good!"

That's for Badger products,but it applies to other cosmetic products as well,mostly those who use non synthetical ingredients ones.Thank you Jentri for the explanation btw!:)
As for me,exp.date is important to know the shelf life of my products.I mean,how could I know whether the product that I purchase is made on 20 yrs ago or 1 year ago if they don't put any date there and only put an open can symbol?I have the right to know about it.

All in all,I'm not satisfied with 2 crucial things of this product : no coverage,and the parabens.So this product is a 3 points out of 5. Yeah,at least it's all natural wannabe and organic as well.Oh,I forget to ask this earlier:Is there any of you experiencing difficulties with the new blogspot system?Couple of days ago I hardly see any followers of my blog and on other blogs as well.I thought it's because of my browser,so I tried using several different browsers,still the same result.My blogger fren,Dasha from green make up also couldn't comment on my blog,that happened last month and now it's been fixed.Dana from earth,mind,and body also couldn't sign in to her g+ account.What's wrong with google?I really hope that they can solve the problem soon :/..

Guess that's all for now.Have a good day,thanks for reading and..please don't be hesitated to help those in needs,click this link below:


  1. Have you tried Gabriel Color's foundation? I prefer mineral (powder) foundation most times, but for liquid foundation, it's the best I've found :)

    1. No,I haven't.But I've heard lots of good reviews about it.Even that brand is one of Alicia Silverstone's fave brands.Now that you say this,it seems to be the best option out there:D.I've bought another liquid foundation after this 100%pure one,still not satisfied with the result.I really should check that Gabriel one,hope they have inci that I like(since I avoid grain alcohol).Thanks for the advice,Caitie:)

  2. Try tarte cosmetics product.. It's natural and paraben free..
    Anyway, tinted moisturizer always have no coverage.. If you want coverage, go with foundation dear.. :)

    1. Thanks for the suggestion;)
      Sorry to say but last time I checked on tarte,it's not that natural,I mean..I still don't like some ingredients in their products.You're right about some tinted moisturizer having no couverage,but not all tinted moisturizer have no coverage.Physicians formula organic wear tinted moisturizer does have coverage from many reviews that I read,I wanted to try it but not sure if it's"allowed"to bring them here(read my Almay pure blend foundation review about this issue).Guess I got to try more:)

  3. Ahhh!!! I think I mentioned before that I tried the 100% Pure concealer and it did NOTHING. No coverage. In fact, it made my dark circles look gray. And it triggered my eczema.. so much disappointment over one tube of concealer. -_-

    1. Yes,I remember you've ever mentioned that about 100% pure concealer.Guess I should put it on my post above too,I'll edit it^^..
      What??eczema???:O :O :O WOW,that's too much!!I agree that it has no coverage at all,but eczema is just unexpectable :O..Are you sure it has nothing to do with the exp.date?since they sometimes don't put it on the packaging and sometimes do put it.. :S I mean,could be your product has been expired or something..

    2. No, it has got nothing to do with the expiry date 'cause when I bought it, it was really new. But I guess some of the ingredients just didn't agree with my eczema. I read a few reviews that said the concealer provided a sheer but "okay" coverage. but I guess for panda eyes like mine, what I need is a good pair of Rayban. :D

    3. Hahahahahahahaaa...XD Oh,you're so funny!XD But yeah,that's the best solution for panda.I'm a panda eyes too,I know how annoying it is with those dark eyecircles and haven't found any good concealer yet to cover it:(

      Btw,I think for dark eyecircles..sheer but"okay"coverage seems not a good match.Hardly to believe that it can cover heavy dark eye circles. So,do you know what ingredients in it that makes you gained eczema?

  4. Ahey, ahey, akhirnya bisa komentar, dari kemaren mau baca sampe selesai aja nggak keburuu dan nggak kuaat. :D
    Yah, sedih juga ya, udah mah ada Japanese Honeysuckle, nggak cover...
    Ngomong-ngomong, di produk 100% Pureku yang beli dari Jakarta itu juga nggak ada tanggal kadaluwarsa. Cuma simbol jar doang. Nah, kalo dari yang Singapur, di bungkus plastiknya ada tanggal, walau aku kelupaan tanggalnya... *gubrak* :P
    Kadang-kadang Google emang suka rewel kok, Lynn, kayak kalo aku buka blog-blog yang pake blogspot misalnya, kalo lagi loading halaman suka mendadak teleport gitu (apa ya istilahnya? Aku pun nggak ngerti) dan halamannya nggak jadi loading. Malah kosong lagi dan tulisan di tab berubah, jadi http:/blabliblu. Padahal biasanya judul blog. Aneh banget! Dan itu ada masa-masanya sendiri. :/ Lagian, kemaren ini juga si Google baru nyabut GFC dari blog non-Blogspot. Kayaknya jadi banyak perubahan...

    1. Lol,7 icons banget tu,ngga ngga ngga kuat..:D
      Lha iya,makanya kan aku bilang 100%pure tu my almost fave brand.Terlepas dari dia ngga cover dan ada jap.honeysuckle,dia halus en lembut banget lho dikulit hasilnya(nyobain beberapa hari).Serius,cuma 3-4 harian kulit udah kerasa bagus gitu.Kalo ngga ada jap.honeysuckle,uda aku jadiin moisturizer tu!

      Oh,yg punyamu juga beragam gitu ya soal pencantuman kadaluarsanya?Kok rusuh gitu ya sistemnya :S pdhl punyamu kan cair,aturan ada kadaluarsanya tuh sama kek ini.Jadi,kesimpulannya yg mereka pakein tgl kadaluarsa produk yg begimana dong?:S

      Teleport itu bukannya org yg bisa pindah tempat kaya kekuatan supernatural begitu?:D Kaya yg di Xmen kalo ga salah ato mana gitu;) Kalo diliat dari yg kamu bilang,mungkin kamu klik spam ato kena trojan?Google mang aneh sih akhir2 ini,keluhannya bermacam2,tapi yg model2 suka ngarahin ke suatu site tertentu biasanya model2 spam ato trojan sih:/ Coba di scan dulu aja^^

    2. Genaplah sudah saya membalas ini sesudah setengah bulan. Hahahaha! :D
      He, betulan efeknya segitu bagus? Yah, andai si Jap.Honey bisa diapus ya. :(
      Si Lavender Seafoam itu juga enak banget, lho. Kerasa ada manfaatnya. Bisa dijadiin masker pula. Nanti aku repiu deh. :)
      Iya, aneh deh, nyantumin tanggal basi bisa nggak konsisten gitu. Apa tergantung distributor atau gimana yo?

      Hehehe, bukan teleport juga sih. Begitu aku buka blog Lovely Cosme, misalnya, kayak udah setengah loading, tiba-tiba berubah dan nggak keload sampe berabad-abad. Udah direload, masih gitu. Kadang kambuh, kadang normal. :P

    3. Oh,iya ya sdh setengah bulan :D Iya,itu bikin kulit jadi smooth dan kenyal gitu.Andai ga ada jap.honeysuckle disana,uda TOP deh tu.
      Hah,lavender seafoam bisa jadi masker??keknya buat yg kulitnya ada oily2nya kali yee..Aku kan kulit kering,lewat aja deh model2 foam gitu..
      Loh,yg berhak nyantumin tgl gituan kan produsen.Ga ada urusan ma dstributor kali..:p

      Ooohh..itu masalahmu ada di ISP kaliii,lelet maksutku,hehehe...

    4. Iya, soalnya si Lavender Seafoam itu ada claynya, jadi kalo ditaruh di muka,didiemin, ya, kering aja gitu kayak masker, tinggal bilas. Hahaha.
      Ini foamnya nggak 'foam' juga sih. Lebih kayak...buih? Kan biasanya kalo sabun-sabun gitu dibusain, busanya putih. Tinggal busa doang. Nah kalo si Seafoam ini warnanya tetep ijo kayak aslinya, cuma gelembung-gelembung aja. Haa, susah dijelasin. *mumet

      Hahaha. :D Tapi ini lagi baik hati nih, makanya bisa komen.

  5. pake yg powder foundi nya aja lynn, kyk nya lebih cover -> baca dr review2.
    mang di semua bb cream ada silicon ya? bukan nya innisfree grean tea itu termasuk green ya?
    beli di mana ini lynn di indo ato impor?

    1. Iya naomi,andalannya BBcream biar keliatan bagus,flawless,licin,smooth,dst itu kan silicon.Trakhir aku liat di innsifree green tea ada siliconnya deh.Dia green tea,iya green,green tea maksudnya:D
      Ni ga beli di indo,keknya ga ada ya yg diindo itu?Blm lengkap kan dia? Kamu yakin powder foundi lebih cover dari liquid foundi?:O Bukannya lbh nampol yg ada bindernya gitu kek liquid ato cream foundi?

    2. mang klo pke silicon efek minus nya bisa apa?
      innisfree green tea skrg uda di update looh, ga tau ada silicon nya pa gak.
      eeh iya, di indo msh blum lengkap.
      trgantung powder foundi nya dee, tulis nya sii sheer-medium cover. klo ga pke nya tinted+powder foundi ^^ .
      aku liat ada jg foundi liquid yg full coverage.
      tpi klo aku liat tekstur yg km swatch si ga encer, kyknya masih bisa lagi dee buildable ke medium coverage. pke nya bykan aja. seharus nya siih bisa yaa, soal nya tulis di web nya sheer-medium coverage.
      aku punya bb cream ada yg gitu jg lynn soal nya, dia sheer klo pke dikit, tpi pke bykan jd medium cover. mudah2an mang bisa ke medium dee =D .

    3. Paling sering sih jerawatan,krn dia nyumbat pori2.Yg terburuk,tumor.Kayanya sih innisfree masi pake silicone,Naomi.Soalnya dia mang bikin kulit jadi kerasa alus dan licin gitu.Jadi byk yg pake ini..

      Oh,aku ngerti maksudmu.Pakenya di dobel gitu kan?Tapi beneran ni sheer gitu kalo uda dipake,soalnya tepungnya dikiit.Biasanya yg tepung/bubuknya rada banyakan yg bisa didobel.Ato kalo ngga krn dia produk lotion yg pake pewarna tumbuhan,jadi ga gitu pigmented.Beda sama kalo powder foundinya,kynya lbh pigmented itu.Soalnya pewarna tumbuhan ga larut di minyak/wax sih.Jadi kalopun bisa,hasilnya ga semaksimal pewarna yg lain ky mineral/sintetis.
      Iya,ada byk liquid foundi yg full coverage.Jadi penasaran ma coveragenya 100%pure yg powder foundi.Ayo beli itu naomi,trus direview2 buat perbandingan^^

    4. silicon itu bhs ingredients nya apa ya ^^" ?
      ooh, serem jg dunk pke bb cream =o baru tau ttg ada silicon di bb cream. tp googling, nemu jg bb cream yg free silicon.

      ooh gitu yaa.
      aku gak tertarik beli 100% pure, takut jerawat, soalnya ada cocoa, takut alergi ^^" . baca di wikipedia, cocoa bs memicu alergi. klo alergi di muka, muka ku bisa jerawat kyk bisul.
      aku pke bodyshop punya aja dee, dia mau kluar extra virgin mineral nti ktnya bulan juli ^^ , aku mau beli yg versi bubuk nya.

    5. Dimethicone ato yg pake siloxane dibelakangnya.Liat aja,pasti nemu deh dgn segera^^

      O gitu,kamu pnah jerawatan habis pake skincare yg ada cocoanya?Kalo dimakan sih iya kdg bikin jerawat,tp kalo di kulit pengalamanku sih dia lbh bagus dari beeswax kemana2.
      Beeswax suka ga nyerap di kulit,kalo cocoa masih nyerap di kulit.Biasanya yg ga nyerap di kulit itu yg bikin jerawat.

      :O loh,bukannya body shop ada yg mineralnya?aku pikir yg di indo yg versi extra virgin mineral..

  6. oohh, br tau bhs ingredients nya silicon, tengkyu2 uda ksi tau ^^ .

    aku klo dimakan ga bikin jerawat, malah dipke justru yg bikin jerawatan. coklat kan enak =D hehehe.
    iya siih beeswax gak nyerap.

    iya versi yg uda lama ada mineral nya, skrg dia kluar yg baru nama nya extra virgin mineral. baru keluar di indo nti, lama yaa >_< . di luar uda kluar dr kpn tau.

    1. Sama2^^ Btw bb cream yg free silicone merk apa ya?Aku ga ngubek2 bb cream hari2 ini krn byk yg pake silicone.

      Eh,kok mlh kebalik ya?:D rata2 org jerawatan kalo makan,bukan kalo make soalnya:D Ato jgn2 bahan2 lain yg ada diproduk cocoanya yg bikin jerawatan?

      Wah,mineral make up yg kupake blm pernah beli yg punya TBS,aku pikir uda keluar tu yg extra virgin mineral disini.Kan di luar uda keluar lama bukan?uda srg liat soalnya..

  7. cocoa emang bahan comodogenic lynn, jg bahan yg bs bikin alergi, coba cek di sini http://www.nutritional-herbal-supplements.com/herbal-supplements/cocoa.html
    makanya, aku menghindari bahan itu, aku jg masukin di blog ku list comodogenic. cocoa trmsk high comodogenic. bahan lain sii bs jadi jg, blum cek sii =D hehe.

    iya, di luar uda lama, tinggal nunggu sini aja, lg bersabaar, bln dpn tinggal selangkah lg =D .

    waah, susah klo nyari bb cream free silicone msh dikit, ga tau jg belinya di mana. cek di sini http://hope-inablog.com/bb-cream/list-of-bb-creams-without-silicones/

    1. Kayanya yg dimaksud di site itu cocoa butternya yg notabene lebih ke lemaknya/butter yg langsung diaplikasikan ke kulit.Kalo produk keseluruhan kaya cocoa powder,malah itu kan bisa buat masker ilangin jerawat,dia juga antioxidant shg byk kosmetik yg make itu di produk mereka(baik yg natural maupun engga).Sedangkan walopun itu cocoa butter,tapi kalo sudah diolah ditambahi macem2,misal jadi sabun,kan lemaknya udah ngga dlm bentuk purenya krn begitu sudah diolah sudah jadi balance sama bahan2 lain yg ada di sabun.Jadi beda perlakuan antara bahan baku satu sama yg lain(walo sama2 1 pohon) dan juga apa hasil akhir produk mereka,naomi^^
      Kalo yg 100%pure ini,dia yg dipake cocoa bean utk base pewarnanya,utk base lotionnya dia pake juice2 yg di bahan2 tsb diatas.Kalo yg versi powdernya,dia cocoanya(cocoa bean)sbg pewarnanya,base powdernya rice powder.Sisanya sbg binder dan ada beauty+health propertiesnya.
      Pada garis besarnya sih yg plant based scr kesehatan lbh aman drpd yg sintetis lah.Taruh deh itu silikon,dia comedogenic juga krn ga bisa masuk ke pori2 kita.Kalo dibandingin cocoa butter sama silikon yg sama2 comedogenic,aku lbh milih cocoa butter lah kemana2.Plg ga yg satu bisa ditelen,satunya ngga.

      Oh,hope in a blog itu ya..kayanya aku pnah komen disitu duluuuuu banget.Tar aku cek2 lagi,hehehe ..Oya,tar repiu2 TBS ya..Kalo kulitmu sensi,mending pake mineral make up aja..

    2. Lynn & Naomi, maaf mendadak nimbrung. :D Hahaha. Aku udah pake powder foundienya 100% Pure, di aku sih baik-baik aja, nggak bikin jerawat, dan ngontrol minyak mukanya jempol. Thanks to rice powder. (Y)
      Coveragenya, emang waktu pertama aku masih bego aja makenya, jadi nggak tau deh itu termasuk bagus atau nggak. Tapi setelah sekarang jadi lebih teliti, sebenernya lumayan juga kok. Kalo ada jerawat sebiji yang lagi merah-merahnya, ditutupin si bedak ini jadi gak terlalu mentereng. :D

      *sekian nimbrungnya, terima kasih* Haha.

    3. Hahaha..kaya nyelonong kemana aja pake ijin^^
      O gtu ya?brarti bagus juga tu powder.Cuma harganya itu yg ngga bagus T_T..Heartbreaking bener liatnya*lebay*

      Kalo naomi memang kulitnya sensi,dan dia takut sama cocoa butter.Masuk akal sih kalo itu emang pure cocoa butter.Tapi kalo udah diolah dan ditambah produk lain,kaya misal sabun.Uda berubah bentuk lah tu si butter. Nha kalo di 100%pure,cocoa yg dipake disini biji cocoa,tapi buat sumber pigment pewarnanya(kan dia pake pigment tumbuhan,bukan mineral).Begitu^^

  8. Well, if a product contains only 1 harmful ingredient, I am not satisfied... 1 is also bad for your health. So bad that they ruin it with the parabens:(

    1. Well,me too.I have my priority when it comes to ingredients(like which one that I'll still keep though it's bad),but certainly not with parabens.
      It's hard to find good green liquid foundation:(..

    2. LOL..you got me there!:D
      Ok,sure I don't need one:D but when seems none good product's available,I'll make my priority scale about ingredients-which one that I can at force still using.I know that there're contras about hyaluronic acid,for example.Or glycerine,but I'm still ok with them as I have dry skin.As long as they don't have other bad ingredients listed there(formaldehyde,parabens,etc).Basically it's about priority scale:)

  9. Hello, I'm very interested in trying 100% Pure products.. but how do I get the product in Indonesia? I live in Jakarta. and how to get it also if I'm in Singapore? I hope you could help me. Thank you! and it's a very nice blog btw, I enjoyed it a lot! so informative!!! :)

    1. Dear Kumiko..
      Thank you for your compliment:) As far as I know,100% pure doesn't have any counter yet in Indonesia,but you can get it online:
      I haven't bought from that online store though(not sure if they already operate),mostly I got all of 100% products that I have,I bought it from US webstores(it's all over the net).
      As for how to get it in singapore,my dear blogger friend has written a post about it here:

      You're welcome.Glad you like my blog;) Thank you..

    2. Thank you so much for the information :) and yes, from now on I'll keep an eye to your blog! stay awesome! :D

    3. oh yes.. do you mind to tell me about the payment & shipment method as well? Because I never do overseas online shopping before.. If it doesn't cause you so much trouble, please do inform me more about the payment & shipping method either from US and SG if you know. Thanks a lot before!! :)

    4. Lol,not that awesome!:D But thanks anyway;)

      Payment & shipment method really vary,depend on the store policy.Some offer credit cards only,some other offer paypal,payza,moneybookers,etc.Shipment also vary,some offer USPS which is the cheapest one,some other offer shipment via DHL,UPS,Fed Ex which are pricier.You can find the info about it on their web,or if they don't put the info on the web,just do the shop then when you're about to checkout to finish your shopping,there will be shipment option available as the next step(you can choose from options that they provide,choose one that will benefit you the most),then after that the next step will be payment.There're some options available on the payment section too that you can choose.Choose it,and it's done!.Just that simple:)
      If you want easier process,you can buy on ebay.However,please keep in your mind not to forget to ask the seller 1st about cosmetics that you'll buy.Ask about expiry/expiration date of the products since lots of cosmetics products on ebay are sold while they're almost expired.
      As for SG online store,I dunno which one that sells 100% pure products.However,if you shop on SG online store it'll be cheaper in shipment compared to US I'm sure:D

      You're welcome:) Hope that will help:)

    5. once again, thanks for your help! :) Hope I will be able to switching all my products soon.. because I just learned and found out the danger of chemicals last week.. shocking..! and yeah.. I hope we can be friends :)

    6. Never mind!:) If you have any question,just write it here or by e-mail.My response maybe slow,but soon as I have time I'll reply it:)
      Sure,we can be friends:D..It'll be great if you write a blog also so that I'll also be able to visit yours as well;)

      Ah..yeah,that dangerous chemicals is really an issue.That is one of what I've been writing here,but mainly what I'm into talking about is about how the products work for you,their basic principles.It is important so that we won't be fooled easily by claims that the producers make.For example source of our cosmetics colorants(see my 100% pure lipglaze review).I think all women should know it,it's basic knowledge.
      As for 100%pure,I like some of their products but to be honest there're lots of products out there that have almost similar benefit in more affordable prices.The key is only:read the ingredients.That's all.

      Enjoy my blog,tomodachi;)..

    7. I KNOW! as soon as I knew about those chemicals.. I start searching (oh well.. googling) for better products.. and I found 100% Pure.. :) do you have any suggestion for some brands who have a good ingredients just like 100% Pure?? affordable price would be a bonus~! :D

      yes.. I do thinking about starting a blog here..
      but I still confuse on how to set up.. XD

    8. Actually what I'd like to suggest is that you need to have extra patience to read ingredients on each product that you'll buy since we can't depend on what particular brand said about their products. This way we can avoid over priced products.
      A brand that I like for its affordable price will be Aubrey Organics(US brand),I use their face scrub and it's the best face scrub I've ever tried!I have dry-acne prone-sensitive skin,so face scrub is a hard thing to find for me.That's why I can reccomend Aubrey Organics for you.
      UK also has lots of affordable brands,like green people,faith in nature,and many more.I haven't tried many UK brands as I still have to finish my cosmetic stock before it gets expired.You know they have less shelf life compared to fully dangerous chemicals ones.

      Eh?why confused?You just need to go to your blog post section,write,take some pics(optional),then it's done :D

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    10. Ah,I've seen your ameblo..cute layout and pink!I like it!:)
      Is Kumiko your real name or your bloging name?

      Yep yep,blogspot is easier and lots of fun here^^v

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    12. Your reply went to my spam,dunno why!Sorry for the late reply,and I just published it without reading it 1st,so yes..I'll delete your comment after this.

      Oh,I see,I want to keep my privacy as well.Lots of scammers out there,thats why I don't put any pic of me here.Sure,i'll keep your fb,see ya there!;)

    13. Thank you for your understanding! :)
      Sure, no worries!
      I can understand.. because I'm keeping my privacy as well.. ^^
      keep blogging sweetie!

    14. Never mind;) True,there's no privacy on the net unless you keep it.Sigh.. @_@
      Sure,I love blogging and meet wonderfull people,like you for example:) Thank you for reading my blog btw :)


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