October 27, 2012

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lipglaze in Rose Petal

I wanted a good rosey color lipstick,so I bought this lipstick from 100% pure in rosepetal. Rose petal..sounds romantic and so does the colour. See the swatch here:

Actually the color isn't that red as you can see above,it's less pale.My camera white balance makes it darker than what actually it is and honestly I have no idea how to fix it since I'm not techie in photography thingy.And no photoshop in this blog pls,unless for watermarking. So basically the color is a nice red rose with a slight hint of pink in it.

A really nice color...on my hand!But not on my lips!! Somehow all of 100% pure lip colors products have the same hue which is: pink when it's applied on your lips. No matter color that you choose,pink,red,dark red,orange,even brown.....they all will look exactly the same color as it is IF ONLY you apply it on your anywhere part of your skin but lips area!By far I have 3 different colors for lips products from 100% pure collection: peach(it's orange),pink grapefruit(it's pink),and rose petal(it's rose color). But when applied on lips,they all come in one same shade:pink! I found this very weird,I thought it's only me and my lips chemical reaction so that those products turn pink on me. But it's not only me,I reckon at least 3 bloggers have experienced the same: Testedonhuman, Scremata,and EcoBelleElle. They're all from various skin color and nations,so it's about the product and not about who wears it.

So if you want red,brown,or purple color as your lipstick colors..you'll be dissapointed.They're all pink,what differs them is only whether it's soft pink,bright pink,or weird pink like this rose petal that I have.It's such a weird pink on my lips,I can't describe how weird it is.It's a bright,and bit pale pink at the same time. 

Organic Avocado Butter1, Organic Cocoa Butter1, Contains all or some of the following Fruit Pigments: Organic Cherry2, Organic Plum2, Cabernet Grape, Organic Raspberry2, Organic Blueberry2, Organic Blackberry2, Organic Peach2, Organic Apricot2, Organic Tomato3, Organic Pomegranate2, Organic Cacao (chocolate)2, Organic Rose Petals1, Organic Lavender Flower1 and Organic Cinnamon3, Organic Shea Butter4, Organic Rosehip Oil5, Organic Mango Butter1, Vitamin E (a-tocopherol), Vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate), May contain Mica (natural shimmery mineral)

1 certified organic by Oregon Tilth Cerfitied Organic
2 certified organic by Organic Certifiers
3 certified organic by QAI
4 certified organic by Soil Association Certification Limited
5 certified organic by Baystate Organic Certifiers

Just like my previous lipglaze from 100% pure(see here),texture of this lipstick is creamy,it smells fruity also.This one is sheer also(1 sweep),and this one also has no exp.date on its packaging.If you ask me why I still stand for a product with an unknown exp.date like that, my main and only reason is that their products are fruit pigmented. Periods.  Before buying this I asked the seller 1st whether this product is fresh on their selves or what,and the seller said it came 2 weeks before my purchases. 
Arrgh,seriously 100% pure..this no exp.date thingy makes me look like a fool as your customer for buying the product"blindly"!When will you put it on your products?and more..why not putting it??@_@

On my stand to still buying their products"blindly",true that the only reason was and will always be because of its source of colorants which is plant based.On my 2nd line of source of colorants is minerals,then on the 3rd is synthetic colorants. I avoid as much as possible to use animals as colorants.It's just not ethical and feels yuck for me,so no animals based colorants for me.

However,each colorants has its own goodness and badness.Plant based colorants are generally not highly pigmented compared to minerals and synthetic colorants. As for this 100% pure case,somehow the result is pink when it's applied on lips skin.Not all plant based colorants resulted in pink color like 100% pure does,however in general they aren't highly pigmented so that the lipstick result is generally sheer.

Minerals and synthetic colorants are more pigmented than plant based colorants.However,it brings the consequences of such amount of lead in lipstick(see this USFDA link)Yes,mineral colorants also possibly contain of lead since in their natural state lead does exists. The process of removing lead and refining the minerals reduces the natural state to a naturally derived state. If there's trace of lead that still can be found in some minerals based colorant products,so the biggest chance it has is that the lead hasn't been totally removed and refined.Or,that the color of the lipstick could be opaque.Opaque color has bigger leads level than sheer color one.Why?because to have such opaque color,you'll need to have stronger pigments(lots of amount number of colorants)on your product.Small amount number of colorants will only create sheer product,not opaque.Let's see this pic below:

sheer red-courtesy
opaque red-courtesy

opaque purple-courtesy
sheer purple-courtesy

I compare the same lipstick(not lipstick vs lipgloss) products in the same shade.Opaque lipstick fully cover your lip natural color.By seeing the result you can tell how many colorants that each of them need to create the product? That's why,more opaque = more lead.  Opaque lipstick can also be resulted from Titanium Dioxide as opacifying agent. True that Titanium Dioxide as the opacifying agent can be generally considered safe according to USFDA to be used in cosmetic product, however when an opaque lipstick contains high level amount of lead trace,it could be the combination of many factors in it(amount of colorants,lead removing process of Titanium Dioxide,synthetic colorants,etc).

Now,which one is better:mineral or synthetic/artificial colorants since they both may contain lead? The answer is minerals.Synthetic colorants have more toxins and health effect than minerals one plus they still have the same chance amount of lead trace.However,the synthetic colorant is the most pigmented one among all source of colorants.That's why it's still widely used simply because it's the cheapest and the most pigmented one.That's all.

So,seeing how complicated it is to create one good safe product with high pigmentation without high level of lead,this is why some of clean cosmetic producers still use carmine-CI 75470/E120(animal based colorant,from bug)as carmine can give wide array of red hue,something that plant based colorant hard to do. Or else they have to deal with synthetic colorants,or large number of minerals just to create good red pigmentation product.Both means lead. I personally don't take carmine as that it is a cruel product though it's "natural".
So in all if you want to have less lead in your lipstick,these are what you should do:
1.Buy plant based colorants product,this one generally has sheer result.
2.Buy mineral based colorants product,the sheer one since it has less lead than opaque one.

In all,the lead in lipstick can be basically a combination factors: amount of colorants,the less refined and removed lead in minerals color(remember,Titanium Dioxide is also a mineral colorant),and the using of synthetic/artificial colorants.As for this reason,I love 100% pure lip color products!.It's just they need some major improvement,especially the exp.date one. And...to bear in my mind to have 1 of their lip product only since they all have the same shade : pink.  Anywho,I'm a bit dissapointed with this rose petal purchase since I wished to have rosey color,red hue but instead I got pink hue.So I'll give this lipstick 3 points out of 5,I prefer my previous peach one.

That's all for now,thanks for reading!:) Have a nice weekend !And..please don't be hesitated to support some programs below:


  1. Looks like a pretty colour, but it's disappointing that they all end up pink on your lips!

    1. Yeah,this is the biggest problem when we buy their lip products.No matter color that you buy,when you put it on your lips,they all turn to be pink! So it's kinda money wasted to collect all colors on the collection imo:(.. But they're good as bronzer,blush on,eyeshadow,etc :) Hard to choose plant based one..not many brands available out there..

  2. Aku sih paling kaget sama pink grapefruit-nya si Lip & Cheek Tint. Pink sekalii. :D Kalo yang Rosepetal ini, di bibirku jatuhnya agak pink menuju merah, nggak jelas. Tapi lebih mendingan deh. :)) Setelah dibanding-bandingin emang mungkin yang Peach oke ya. Takutnya kalo beli yang emang merah banget, ternyata tetep pink. *mikir-mikir*
    Tapi aku lipstik nggak dipake tiap hari, jadi awet-awet deh. Hahaha. XD

    1. Yang peach mana?lip glaze punyaku? itu pink terang,tp masi mending itu krn ga ada unsur ngga jelasnya.Yg jelas walo kamu beli lip & cheek tint yg warna coklat itu,kalo taruh di bibir dia jatuhnya tetep ngga coklat.Entah ya kalo org laen,apa mereka uda beli berbagai varian warna(dr orange sampe merah) shg bisa ambil kesimpulan kaya aku sama 3 blogger itu?Yg jelas sih pengalamanku,itu jatuhnya semua tetep pink walo warna produknya ngga pink.Laen sama yg pake mineral colorants,ga beda jauh ma warna produk pas swatch di tangan.
      Kalo buat aku sih,setelah tau gini aku ngga berhasrat nyoba varian warna yg laen,lagian iya sama...jarang dipake jadi awet^^ Hehehe..

  3. Very nice products.100% pure is located at the top of my preferences:)

    1. Given circumstances that they're fruit pigmented & plant based colorants,yes they're on top of my preferences also!:) It's just I hope that they'll read this post and please...give each of their product exp.date note.This is my biggest concern.. :/

  4. nice review as always! :)
    but yeah... now I think their color will pretty much be the same~ is it? hehehe
    I still wanna try to buy the "MOST RED" one :) hehehe
    but maybe later.. after I finish my tint first.. ^^

    1. Oh,Thank you Kumi Chan!^^
      This one is red as you can see on"all colors swatch"pic above->took it from 100% pure site.But when it's applied on lips,the color fell into pink category.So did my peach one,it's orange but when it's applied it fell into pink category.They both are just different pink.So if you want for true red one,mineral based colorants will be the best option. Unless 100%pure change their formula :/

  5. nice review ^^ .
    lipstiknya merah yaa, tpi jatoh nya gak merah2 amat. tpi bagus kok warnanya ^^ .
    brarti semua lipstik yg pigmen nya tinggi, lead nya byk dunk yaa.

    1. Thanks naomi^^
      Iya sebenernya itu bagus,di swatch yg punya 100%pure(gambar tangan ada byk swatch semua warna lipglaze 100% pure)itu merah mawar.Kalo aslinya kurang lebih begitu walo ga merah2 amat.Aslinya sih ini perfect ya,kalo saja tidak...pink pas dipake!Aneh bgt deh,masa dia bisa beda banget ma di tangan.Laen ma mineral,ga gitu beda pas swatch tangan(kalo merah ya tetep merah).Aku tanya bloger laen juga sama. Pokoknya dia di kulit sama di bibir lain hasilnya,jadi pink..

      Iya,krn butuh pewarna yg byk buat hasil kaya gitu.Bisa juga krn dia pake pewarna sintetis yg notabene lbh jelek dr pewarna mineral.Atau,titanium dioxide nya kandungan leadnya masih banyak di lipstick itu.Plg parah lagi,kalo ke 3 hal itu digabung.Warnanya jelas mantab,leadnya juga mantab,hehehe :D

  6. Sounds like a great company with all those natural ingredients! Maybe that's why the colour goes slightly off? Shame otherwise it seems really nice x


    1. Yes,some of their products are good and deffy worth to try:) As for the colour goes slightly off,I think this is the difficulty of plant based colorants products.The colour last less than mineral and synthetic ones.However,it's the best alternative when we want less lead in our lipstick.

      Thank you for visiting my blog :)

  7. Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I left you a reply but I know there's no way to get notified of those so I thought I'd stop by your blog. It sounds like you need fuller coverage foundation, and I recommend the Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques creme foundation (there's a little note about it on the bottom of the real purity post). I also tried that one and really loved it but picked the Real Purity because I didn't need that much coverage. But the LBC one covers really nicely, is more opaque and also has some really fantastic ingredients. Let me know if you try that one out!

    1. Hi mary,thank you for dropping me a note here.I'll check your blog right away:) Yes I read that LBC part,but what I want is a lotion one instead of cream one:) Since we have hot weather here,so lotion is very much preferable btw:)..

  8. aw too bad it didn't turn out the way you would have liked ><
    I have always wanted to try their lip glazes, but yah... like
    you said, they're all kind of pink and none of the colours
    really appeal to me, except for Raspberry and Cabarnet :p

    and yay for green beauty bloggers! Thank you for following!

    1. Umm..I doubt that the cabernet one will give the exact color as what it is on the tube or hand swatch:/ Though i'm still super curious about it,I mean..I bought 3 different colors from their lipglaze collection(orange,pink,and red rose).Turned out they have same pink hue :(

      You're welcome!!I love your blog too!!!Glad to find another green beauty blogger!!*big hugs* :)

  9. Oh wow, I am Indonesian too! It feels great to know that there's also another fellow Indonesian who is interested in going 'green' in terms of skin care and make up. I have been wanting to try out products by 100% pure but it's hard to find a retailer that ships to Australia. Where did you buy it from??

    And that's such an amazing pigmentation.

    1. Hi Asti,nice to meet you!:)I've been arround here for years,guess we just haven't had the chance to know each other back then.

      I usually bought it either at suite7beauty or ebay.And talking about pigmentation,by far..yeah..just don't hope too much from their lipstick products.It's just that they fall into pink category:/

    2. I have just started :)

      Ah I see! Suit7Beauty also stocks obessive compulsory cosmetics which I have been dying to try! Just hope that the shipping wont be crazy expensive. What products would you recommend from 100% pure then? I heard their foundation, mascaras and eyeshadows are quite good, have you tried?

    3. Oh,yeah..welcome to the blogging world ;)

      Umm..maybe their powdery product though I haven't tried it yet.I've tried their tinted moisturizer,it didn't even deliver any color!I heard the concealer was also pretty much the same.As for mascara,I think it's worth to try.I'd like to try their mascara also:)

      I've heard about obsessive compulsive cosmetics,I thought they're not that green?:/


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