October 13, 2012

Badger Muscles Ache Balms

Getting back to blogging world after couple of unfortunate series that I had past few weeks.I'm not going into detils of it as I love to keep some of my private stuffs away from public.Nah,I'm not a celebrity blogger and I don't do blogging to be a"celebrity"as some other bloggers do on purpose.But we all know,by going public on blogging means you consciously agree at some degrees that you'll share some of your private stuffs to public.Me sure know it,and that's why I only share some degrees of my private life to public on blog.Even if it happens to me that I may become a famous person,that should be to support for good causes as you can clearly see on some programs that I support.And shouldn't be for me personally.

So,one of my unfortunate series was I got stomach error for couple of days thanks to too spicy food that I ate.Not a"good"Indonesian I know.Most of Indonesian foods are spicy.Even one of my friends from Manado ethnicity,she even liked to eat fried banana with raw chillies!! @_@..and so,I heard that people from her ethnicity do it as well,I mean..it's in their food culture.Amazing eh?..
And,this was what I did during my bed rest:
Watching Korean TV drama"protect the boss"

I've been an avid fan of Korean drama,ever posted it here.This drama has been aired on our tv chanel back then but I didn't watch it,and my fellow blogger fren Tikka reccomended it so I bought the dvd.The story is funny,but hell..who cares about the story! What I care about was this guy: Kim Jae Joong(a.k.a Hero from DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki boyband-it's all the same name,diff language spelling FYI).

Damn plastic surgery,how could they make such handsome pretty guy like this???!@!!

At least,I mean..made him handsome,shouldn't they?because he's that pretty.In fact,he looks exactly like a guy that just poped up from japanese manga/korean manhwa that I read.I didn't notice him when he was in DBSK with his "guyaru"hair-guy with gyaru hair colors.Now that he's black again,I think it suits him the most. I'm not a fan of any asian with bleached hair appearance.

Nah,not all surgery has a happy ending like that.You know that.However,plastic surgery in that other parts of the world is really concerning.See this video:

A debate in Japanese language with participants from various countries(see their flags):

It's not a secret that Koreans have high expectation toward physical perfection that they aim it through plastic surgery.I've never seen such society who embraces for perfection so that plastic surgery is taken that casually even on such kids level(just google it,it's everywhere on the net) .And for such perfection ambition,still koreans have high suicidal percentage on their celebrities who are generally considered have"perfect"beauty by the society.See this MV by JYJ( JYJ is Jae Joong new group thanks to"modern day slavery system",see link here),beautiful poignant song:

Looks like a song for a men-women love relationship.But it's actually an attribute for the death of a famous korean actor-singer,Park Yong Ha who commited suicide a day after rang Jae Joong.Read the lyric,then you'll feel his pain(he's the composer+lyricist of this lovely song btw).
Kim Jaejoong wrote it for his friend, Park Yong Ha who committed suicide. It was said that Yong Ha called Jaejoong to ask him to go drinking, but Jaejoong was in LA at the time, recording their English album. Jaejoong told Yong Ha they’d go out next time. The very next day, Jaejoong got the call that Yong Ha committed suicide. Jaejoong took the loss hard, and wrote the song “In Heaven” as to say, “If I get one more chance to be with you, I’d do my best not to leave your side.” It was as if Jaejoong wanted to say that if he had stayed in Korea, he could have been at Yong Ha’s side, or if they talked more, then he may have helped his friend or even prevented his friend’s death.

The reason for the suicide was complicated,and one of them thanks to the"perfection"image that society there wanted to see from others.Now,......what's wrong with embracing our naturally given beauty?Nobody Is Perfect. Yeah,handsome and pretty faces are more attractive I know,however I'd rather meet a good personality person rather than just a pretty faced person. Realize it or not,though most of all of us judge people by how their look at the 1st glance,but in the end we all will stick to those who have good personality ones.Be they physically pretty or not pretty.Don't you think so?...

Back to this beauty blogging topic.Beside getting sick for couple of days,I also feel physically tired.It's been looong time that I became a fan of any muscle pain remedies.Those that I used to use were these:
Hot patch(or what we call it Koyo here).

We have at least 3 brands for koyo here:Cabai koyo,Salonpas,and Hansaplast.As for this salonpas,there're 2 kind of patches:cold(blue one) & hot(red one).They deliver difference feeling on the skin. Anyway,If you don't know what this product is like,it's like a sticker that you just simply stick it on fatigue part of your body.The function is to warm body part that feels ache
I like this kind of patch for muscular pain since it's so convenient,efficient.With this you don't have spill nor oily hands problem from using the ointment.The only problem is that it will make you body hair waxing.Once it isn't warm anymore and you need to peel it,part of your body hair will stick to the patch so..get ready to scream!:D  I like this product much so that this is what my mum said"if only they provide it in yard..".Yep,it's sold in small square per-pieces. Don't you think that they should sell this per yard so that we can use it in size as what we want?Don't you think so?..:D  Anyway,if only salonpas know how much I use their product that frequently,I might be their spokeperson..LOL!


This is a cream based ointment.This one is very effective for muscular pain and fatigue.The only thing that I hate is..its smells!!@_@  There are 2 versions of this Counterpain cream:regular and cold.Actually I don't see major differences since the regular one still feels cold,compared to other ointment on the market here.For example this one:Geliga.Thumbs up for you if you dare to use this in such generous amount!HAHAA..
My father tried this one,ended up he even had to lie down on the floor because he used too much ..
So,back to counterpain.I was introduced this cream by my senior at uni.Since then I also rely on this to relieve my muscular ache and fatigue.I remember one day when my class went to Bali of a project,we went there by bus. Since I'm kind of person who"bring everything on my bag",so I brought 1 suitcase,2 big bags,and 2 other medium bags.Eeek,it's so heavy!Don't ask me what's inside my bags. Go read my fave chicklit"confession of a shopaholic-shopaholic goes abroad",there you can find the answer :D.  And bet what inside my daily bag is-you can even find a small version of scissor,chiro needles'till tape duct there~
So no wonder when I was in Bali,this was what happened in the morning after we 3 girls as a room mates getting shower:
Girl 1-Pouring nivea Body Lotion
Girl 2-Pouring Vaseline Body lotion
Girl 3-..Counterpain.Yep,that's me!

My 2 other frens looked at me scaredly and said"are you sure with that stuff on?".Instead of asking"are you ok?"one.Holly God,if only we were there for Balinese Spa and not for study project thingy,who in this earth will pouring counterpain as body lotion in the morning?Oh well,blame it on my heavy luggage also~ Perfect combo!

So,when I saw these Badger series of muscular pain remedies,I was so thrilled. I wanted to try them all(3 of them since one of them is cool one).I don't fancy cool one since one day when I went outtown,stayed in a hotel,used counterpain after taking a bath. Soon after that I trembled,thanks to the combination of exhaustion,Air Conditioner,and..cool muscular pain cream.So,I prefer the hot one.

And these are my Badger balms muscular pain collection:
1.Sore Muscle Rub

This is the 1st one that I have.It's the mildest one.It smells ginger,and it feels warm on your body.
*Olea Europaea (Extra Virgin Olive) Oil, *Ricinus Communis (Castor) Oil, *Cera Alba (Beeswax), *Capsicum Frutescens (Cayenne) Extract, Essential Oils of *Zingiber Officinale (Ginger), *Elettaria Cardamomum (Cardamom), *Cymbopogon Schoenanthus (Lemongrass), *Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary), Thymus Mastichina (Wild Marjoram), *Salvia Officinalis (Sage), and CO2 Extracts of *Zingiber Officinale (Ginger), & *Rosa Canina (Rosehip).
* = Certified Organic

My mum even loves the ginger smell so that I share this one with her.About this balm,It's OKey if you want warm effect,but since I was conditioned to use counterpain and that Salonpas,so this one doesn't work as what I expected to relieve my muscular ache.It works however when I have flu.Just rub this one arround my nose,it really soothe the sinus tension area.By far I like it.I use this one also when i'm in a condition where the AC where I'm on is too cold. I give this balm 4 points out of 5.

2.Sore Muscle Rub-Extra Strength

*Olea Europaea (Extra Virgin Olive) Oil, *Capsicum Frutescens (Cayenne) Extract, *Cera Alba (Beeswax), *Ricinus Communis (Castor) Oil, CO2 Extracts of *Zingiber Officinale (Ginger), *Capsicum Annuum (Chili), *Calendula Officinalis (Calendula) and Essential Oils of *Elettaria Cardamomum (Cardamom), *Cymbopogon Schoenanthus (Lemongrass), *Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary), *Thymus Mastichina (Wild Marjoram), & *Cinnamomum Cassia (Cinnamon).
* = Certified Organic

I bought this one since this one is stronger version than that one above.However,weird thing is WHY that one above is even warmer than this one????If it's because of the eo is evaporated,but this one have exp.date even longer than that one above. Badger,please tell me whyy?? I'm kinda dissapointed so I'll give this balm 2 points out of 5.

3.Sore Joint Rub
*Olea Europaea (Extra Virgin Olive) Oil, *Capsicum Frutescens (Cayenne) Extract, *Cera Alba (Beeswax), *Ricinus Communis (Castor) Oil, CO2 Extracts of *Piper Nigrum (Black Pepper), *Zingiber Officinale (Ginger), Arnica Montana (Arnica), *Rosa Canina (Rosehip), and Essential Oils of *Elettaria Cardamomum (Cardamom), *Cymbopogon Schoenanthus (Lemongrass), *Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary), *Thymus Mastichina (Wild Marjoram) and *Salvia Officinalis (Sage).
* = Certified Organic

This one targetting to joint instead of muscle.When I use this,I don't feel any major differences with those balms above.The smells is almost similar to sore muscle extra strength balm.If only this one has no cayenne paper in it,I'll use it as my under eye cream to reduce my dark eye circles.Why?thanks to the arnica in it.Arnica works to stimulate blood flow,but you must be cautious of using it since it's toxic when it's eaten in large amount.Anyway,this  balm one isn't that dissapointing nor I don't have any bigger expectation unlike the previous balm(no.2),so I'll give this balm 3 points.At least when the cayenne is evaporated,I can use this as my under eye cream.Hehehe..

All of Badger Balms come in tin packaging,and sealed.They are waxy,but not sticky texture.It has hard texture that doesn't melt even on this hot temperature of Indonesia.It's oily,but not greasy unless you scoop it to take a large amount of it just like what I do :)

Overall,I'm 50-50 about this badger balms.Like-Dislike.I have other badger balms that are my fave,but those one above aren't my that fave ones.I read many good reviews about those balms,the inci is good after all.If you want no methyl salicylate and mineral oil based vanishing cream in your ointment,you must try them!:)

Have a nice weekend,Thanks for reading!and please don't be hesitated to share some of your joy today to those in needs(click pic below to go to their webs):

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  1. bukan cm korea yg surgery, org jpg jg byk yg surgery =D . coba liat kyk gyaru2 mukanya mirip2 yaa. org korea jg muka nya mirip2.
    kim jae jong ganteng nyaaa <3 .
    park yong haa pdhl ganteng begitu, masa bisa bunuh diri siih >_< .

    1. Iya jepang juga banyak(sekarang ini),tapi menurut statistik paling banyak korea.Masyarakatnya parah sih,kalo jelek ngga dapet kerja.Dah gitu di sana intinya kalo jelek mati aja! Tu ada video debat yg pake bhs jepang,jadi berbagai bangsa debat pake bhs jepang.Yg korea parah benerrr.. x_x
      Lagian ni ya,org jepang ma org cina tu walo tanpa oplas pun mukanya masi tirus2,org korea tu engga.Aslinya mereka lebar2 rahangnya,bunder,dan tulang pipinya ngga menonjol dibanding jepang ma cina.Makanya ada yg sampe potong tulang rahang biar tirus(tu si Park Min Young).Dah gitu mereka kan tertutup,ga mau mix alias merit ama bangsa lain(ni pnah ada di arirang loh).Ya jadinya ga ada perbaikan keturunan dong!Ya uda,oplas lah mereka..

      Yah walo sejelek apapun org pikir ttg kita,rata2 bangsa lain ga lantas hobi oplas.Cuma korea aja yg ngga tahan dibilang"jelek".Olala..sutralah..

      Iya,jae joong ganteng hasil oplasan.Cuma kadang2 kalo make upnya dia salah,jadi kek zombie loh.Serius,tu yg kemaren fans gathering di thailand,tampangnya jadi serem gitu T_T..Btw,pnah kepikiran ga,kadang2 org yg oplas mukanya jadi aneh kalo mereka berubah(jadi tua/lbh kurus).Tu si Kim Hee Sun skrg jadi gimana gitu mukanya..

      Park yong ha(uda dioplas juga belum sih dia?keknya uda ya?kan artis sana gitu..)..kesimpulannya:oplas tidak bisa menyelesaikan masalah hidup.Yg bisa menyelesaikan adalah..ga usa peduli imej,imej bukan segalanya.Jelek ato bagus,yg penting kita syukuri aja deh yg dikasih ma Tuhan.Itu yg terbaik buat kita..*pidato.com..

  2. oh ya, aku pikir oplas jpg lbh byk dr korea =O . iya jg ya, org korea aslinya mukanya kotak2, lebar2, tpi skrg mukanya tirus2 & mirip2 terutama artis2nya (-.-;). klo org jpg msh mau nikah campur. ehh, tpi kyk artis gangnam style itu kyknya asli ga oplas dee yaak ^^ .

    aku ga trlalu merhatiin kim hee sun yg uda aneh& jae jong yg kyk zombie xD. mang kyk gmn?

    mmh, mang yong ha bunuh diri gara2 muka? bukan krn masalah hidup ato stres? aneh jg klo gara2 muka doank. aku ga tau dia oplas ato asli.

    1. Uda jelas korea yg paling banyak:

      Lah itu kan sampe masuk oprah,uda beberapa taun lalu gitu pas k-pop belum booming di sini.Yg tirus2 itu kan oplas potong tulang rahang,ni prosedur oplas plg bahaya.Kabarnya dokter2 di barat pd ga mau motong tulang rahang krn plg bahaya,cuma dokter di korea aja yg berani:D
      Maksudmu si Psy ato ceweknya Hyuna apa ya namanya?Kalo psy,wah ga tau ya..lagian dia kan komedi gitu,keknya ga perlu di oplas dee :D Lagian org jepang kan suka aneh2 dan unik2,lha tuh tren ganguro^^ Apanya yg"cantik"dr ganguro coba?Cuma jepang kan yg munculin tren ky gitu.Ada ganguro yg dandan ky panda malah,hahaha :D Jadi,kemungkinan oplas jepang ya ga mungkin setinggi korea.Mrk masi terima ketidak sempurnaan..mereka suka yg unik2..

      Kalo mukanya mirip2,ya iyalah kan pesenannya sama!XD Misal"aku mau hidung si nicole kidman",tar ada deh org 10 hidungnya sama.Paling parah kalo mereka semua blg"aku mau muka ky Song hye kyo",lah jadi deh sama semua krn acuannya sama.Sumpah deh,aku ga apal tu nama2 personel girlbands korea,ga bisa bedainnya.Mukanya sama semua mirip2 gitu,uda gitu gaya dandannya sama pula..Pas aku liat Gee nya snsd,aku pikir song hye kyo ada disitu,ada loh yg mirip bgt ma muka SHK pas jadi iklan etude di video itu!Ternyata bukan SHK..

      Tu si Kim hee sun wah ga tau dioplas apa aja,aku pnah liat filmnya pas dia masih jamdul banget,beda banget loh sama pas dia main di drama"sad love song"-yg disini cantik bener.Nha skrg dia kan maen sama Lee Min Ho di"Faith",jadi kaku gitu tu muka,kaya ketarik apa gitu.Ya dia skrg uda tambah umur sih,tp kaya ga natural aja aging nya.Kalo jae joong,wah tu apa gara2 make up artisnya ngawur ato gimana yg pasti pas fansmeeting di thailand kemaren,asli nakutin tu muka.Coba googling aja tar ketemu:D

      Ternyata yong ha pernah oplas juga -__-.. Dia bunuh diri krn stress,jadi bokapnya sakit trus dia bangkrut gitu.Masalahnya org sana kan drpd malu mending bunuh diri->yg penting imej bagus.Apalagi dia artis besar. Intinya,org sana ga tahan dibilang jelek.Muka dibilang jelek,dioplas.Imej jelek,bunuh diri. Cape deh hidupnya,kasian juga ya mereka!.Liat aja tu di yutub,ada yg ngina org korea,trus org koreanya blg"Kamu ngina kita jelek kek gitu,skrg kamu salahin kalo kita oplas?"..tuh kan,ga kuat dibilang jelek ma org lain?-__- Kataku sih kalo dihina kek gitu,hina balik aja.Beresss..^^

    2. serem jg iih potong tulang rahang >_< . pantes org korea klo uda di oplas, muka nya uda bener2 beda ma jaman dulu, klo di amrik masih ada mirip2 dgn muka dulu. aku jarang nton oprah siih, jd ga tau xD hahaha. ganguro aneeh bgt, gilaa ahh org jpg xD .

      mksd ku si psy yg lagi ngetop xD . emang tuuh artis korea uda identik2, bingung liat nya haduuh, terlalu lebay dee oplas nya.

      di korea, hrg diri & budaya malu nya terlalu tinggi siih yaa, ga bisa menerima kenyataan dgn lapang dada & iklas hati. ga usa dipikirin aja klo dihina2 gitu -__-" .

    3. Lha iya bisa tirus itu kan potong tulang rahang,tadinya kan lebar gitu rahangnya:

      Tu yg nulis org korea yg warga negara amerika.Jadi dia ya laen ma org korea asli yg di korea krn kultur tempat dia dibesarkan kan lain ma korea aslinya.

      Iya,ganguro lucu2 tapinya :D Atau berminat mau nyoba ganguro gal FOTD,naomi?;) Ga usa pake sotosop dijamin sukses deh,hehehe ^^

      Si psy kalo dioplas kok ga ketara jejaknya yah?:/ Keknya si belom,kalo uda mungkin dia uda gabung ma boyband sekarang :D

      Iya,bukan masalah org yg ngina,tapi masalahnya ada di org yg dihina.Org ngina mah sampe kiamat juga akan tetep ada,mau dipikirin sampe abis rambut kita juga percuma -__-.. Cuek aja..

  3. eeh, trnyata ada jg artis korea yg cantik asli ga oplas, aku pikir maa oplas semua xD .

    aku ga bisa dandan2 heboh kyk gitu, yg skrg lagi heboh dandan halowen ja ga ikutan, palagi ganguro =D . aku mekap simple ja dee ^^ .

    mmh, bener jg sii, kyknya si psy asli korea dee, ga oplas ^^ .

    bener sii, harusnya klo kita dihina, maa cuek aja lahh yaa.

    1. Ada yg ga oplas(katanya sih,entah aslinya gimana).Tu si Kim Tae Hee(matanya dia kan jadi rujukan buat para oplas mania disana),yg jadi Geum Jan Di di BBF,Yoon Eun Hye,Han Ga In,Song Hye Kyo,Lee Young Ae,sapa lagi yaa...kayanya itu aja deh.Yg disebutin diatas itu kan kebanyakan angkatan atas,kalo yg lebih junior sih..entah ya.Org sana kan oplas dr SD ato malah TK bukan?biar dikira uda cakep dr kecil ^^"..

      Aahh,naomi..ayo dandan ganguro!Yg pake bunga hibiscus beneran di atas kuping itu juga yaa!^^ Jangan gyaru aja,ganguro kan juga tren di jepang ^^v Hehehe,ini kaya uji nyali yaaa?? :D Aku sdr juga ga bakal berani dandan ala ganguro,meski buat keluar rumah 5 menit aja,hahaa XD..

      Iya,korea kebalik ma Jepang.Kalo jepang tu bunuh diri krn bertanggung jawab atas perbuatan,kalo korea gara2 malu..Tapi kok cina(taiwan,hongkong,ma cina daratan)ga pada hobi kaya gitu yaa?:/ Pdhl tetangganya pd hobi..

  4. ooh lynn byk tau jg ya artis korea ;) .

    =D hihihi aku dandan bukan gyaru looh ;) . klo gyaru itu dandanan nya blush on terang pinky, pke bulu mata palsu atas bwh yg dramatis, eyebrow coklat muda bgt, tarikan eyeliner nya jg beda =) . aku dandanan nya lebih natural aja, ga ikut sapa2, style sendiri ^^ . mybe fashion ku kali lebih gyaru, tpi gyaru ku jg ga gyaru2 amat kok. aku mang suka renda, pita, bunga, tpi gak lebay2, msh dlm tahap yg wajarlahh. ganguro uda lamaa bgt tuu taon 2000 dee kyknya, di jpg uda ga musim lg xD . disuruh makeup ganguro jg aku ga bakalan bisa, alat makeup ku kan ga komplit ;) .

    ada kali cina, hongkong cm ga ketauan & mybe ga sebanyak korea kali yaa.

    1. Hihihi,ngga semuanya naomi!:) Aku kan suka ma film/tv serie,jadi tau ya artisnya,kalo penyanyinya ngga gitu tau..

      Alat make upmu ga komplit?:O :O :O lah,udah sebanyak itu juga :O
      Umm..gyaru ada berapa jenis sih totalnya?tapi kalo pas kamu pake wig pirang itu bener2 mirip gyaru loh^^

      Ya adalah,di indo juga ada.Tp ga sebanyak di korea.Di cina kan ada suami yg ceraikan istri gara2 anaknya jelek,dia kecewa ternyata istrinya oplas :D

  5. ooh, lynn lbh tau byk dr aku, aku sdh lama ga nton drama korea, trakhir nton apa ya lupa judulnya xD .

    itu mksdnya ga ada foundi wrn coklat, & eyeshadow wrn putih yg warna pigmen bgt. bukan mua, males beli macem2 makeup, sayang kan klo kebuang ga dpke. mekap ku ga byk kok, byknya klo diitung ma yg uda exp xD .
    gyaru ada byk, yg aku tau tuu lolita, gothic, dolly, princess, otona. aku wkt pke wig itu maa gyaru gagal xD , aku bahkan ga pke soflen yg circle nya gede. gyaru maa hrs pke =D .

    ooh iya, aku baca tuu beritanya. mang salah sii istrinya ga cerita dia prnah oplas. tpi apapun yg trjadi suami ga boleh gt duunk, itu anak kan ga salah, mksd nya anak sdh pmberian Tuhan, sejelek apapun hrsnya terima dunk. tpi ya sutralah, mungkin suaminya shok kali =D .

    1. Aku sih drama,eh salah..tv series apa aja aku embat^^ Soalnya suka ma movies,jadi ya nonton tv drama korea,amerika,mana aja yg bagus.Kalo yg india rada nehi..ga suka ceritanya itu loh,mana panjang pula!Ya mirip bgt ma tv seri indonesia yg seasonnya banyak itu,isinya cewe2 galak make up ketebelen,penuh adegan melotot2 cakar2an,kalo ngga ya penindasan sampe akhir hayat,dan yg ditindas cuma bisa berdoa sambil nangis di malam hari -___- Oiya ya,mungkin krn produser ato sutradaranya dr sana?hmm...

      Ooo,ic ic...itu kan pasti ngga mungkin stok foundi yg lebih gelap dr warna kulit ya :D

      Eeh..bentar mo kondangan niyy..lanjutin hbs ini yaa ^^

    2. Lanjuutt...hehehe :D
      Kirain koleksi make upmu banyak banget,naomi ;) LOL..aku pikir kamu uda mirip ma gyaru gitu loh,ngga usa pake soflen yg circle gedhe bola matanya uda gede kok!Lagian kamu kan mang kaya boneka gitu mukanya^^v..Jadi,kamu gyaru yg dolly!!

      Ya iyalah,sebagai sesama cewek aku pengen nabok tu cowok sinting yg ceraiin istri gara2 anak jelek -__- Tapi kalo dirunut2 salah siapa,ya dua2nya salah. Yg cowo jadi merit tu cewe gara2 mukanya doang?ato dia mau perbaikan keturunan?Berarti tu cowo juga ga cakep2 amat,kalo dia ndiri ngga cakep ngapain protes dpt yg ngga cakep(aslinya)? Nha yg cewe,mestinya si plg ngga dia ngaku dulu kalo dulu mukanya oplas.Jadi tu cowo ngga serasa ditipu,kaya beli apel segar,pdhl aslinya isinya ngga bagus. Aahh..tp kan ga usa dipikirin org uda merit ini juga,yg penting hatinya baik ajalah!
      Ato..jangan2 dia nuntut ganti rugi ma tu istri soalnya duitnya tar buat oplas anaknya yg dia blg jelek itu?:/

    3. film sinetron dibuat gt, soalnya org indo demen nton film kyk gt, rating tinggi ktnya. mmh, tpi aku uda lama bgt ga nton sinetron. aku lbh suka nonton dorama jpg, seri nya singkat2, tpi skrg pun uda lama ga nton jg (;´∀`) haha.

      =D ehh pdhl ga kyk boneka jg, makasih lynn.

      mang aneeh tuu cowok, trlalu lebay, masa hanya gara2 anaknya jelek, istri dicerai. kyknya tuu suami nya jg ga cakep kyknya, mknya keturunan nya jg ga bagus. itu kan darah daging nya sendiri, heran aja ga bs terima. sejelek2 apapun itu tetep anaknya.
      klo uda merit, shrsnya bs terimalahh kesalahan istri, masa cm gara2 oplas, kan skrg byk jg ce yg oplas. ga bs disalahin jg ce oplas, bis co itu kan makhluk visual, mau nya ce cakep. klo ga cakep, ga ada yg suka. aku rasa tuu co ilfil kyknya, uda ga da perasaan ma istrinya stlh tau dulu tuu ce ga cakep (・へ・). cepet amat cintanya uda pudar. shrsnya pentingin hatinya, bukan tampilan fisik.

    4. Ihhhh...>_< Apanya yg bagus dari sinetron kaya gitu???>_< Aku ngga nonton,nyokap tu yg nonton.Makanya aku ngga ngerti,napa pada suka ya?uda tanya ma nyokap napa suka ma sinet ga mutu kek gitu,eh malah kesel dia :D...
      Yaa..masa'kamu tega bandingin sinet kita ama dorama jepang yg cuma 9-10 episodes doang itu XD?Uda lebih singkat,mutu ceritanya bagus,sinematografinya artistik..lah,sinet kita?liatnya aja bikin ngenes,kapaaann tu sinet selesai.Cerita suka jiplak drama2 yg terkenal->yg srg dijiplak korea,jepang,ma mexico.Ga tau napa ga pnah jiplak Amerika,hmmm..kaya CSI misalnya:D.. Terus sinet kita ngga ada artistiknya sama sekali,1 rumah buat lokasi sinet selusin.Lagunya?masak adegan marah aja mlh dikasi slow motion,muka di close up ampe lubang hidung keliatan,trus dikasi musik ala film horor"jeng jeng jeng jeeeng.." Kacau...-__-

      :D ga usa makasih,naomi^^ Yg blg kamu kaya boneka banyak kok^^ Apalagi yg pake wig itu loh,mirip^^

      Iya,kata org biasanya anak cewek ngikut bokapnya mukanya bukan?Mnrt kepercayaan cina,kalo anak cewe mirip bokap+anak cowo mirip nyokap,hokinya bagus. Yaa..mang yg kita liat pertama pasti kecantikan luar(krn itu yg keliatan),baru dr situ kalo uda kenal bisa tau org tu buruk di dalam ato ngga.Tapi kalo cowo model gitu,mending dibuang ajalah.Masa kita hrs tahan ma org yg nilai kita dr luarnya doang?Tar kalo umur 50th gimana?mesti oplas gitu?Lah dianya sendiri cakep juga ato ngga?Orang si jaejoong tar umur 50th masi kaya gitu ato engga,aku ngga yakin,hehehe..:D
      Pusing deh,masa hidup cuma buat urusin muka mulu..


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