December 03, 2012

MOA,the green balm

I've been in unfortunate series these days,oh well it's even since last month I think.I can't stop my self from being grumpy about this(and that's why I love tard the grumpy cat.Seeing him really lighten up the day!Lol:D).
luv you Tard <3 xx

It's pretty confusing when you want to grumble about your life,while bad luck happens to anyone in this world and hell,seeing what I've been through is nothing compared to what has happened to other people in this world and even is happening!.For example this one,a story that my friend sent me the link:

So sad to see what has been going in that area,isn't it?You read it then you'll be amazed!I mean..a rape capital??-_-    Or this one:

The taliban shot a little girl simply because she for women?I'm a moslem women too,but I can study and learn whatever I want here in Indonesia.And so can millions moslem women in Indonesia(remember,Indonesia has the largest moslem population in the world). So I absolutely don't understand(as the same moslem as those talibans)why they needed to shot a little girl just because she is so stupid so that I hardly understand it in my common sense @_@.. Seeing those above,it feels like my"complain"is nothing compared to them :/..

Ok,so what was one of my unfortunate series last month?It's none other than..I got a tomcat(rove beetle) attack! has nothing to do with the computer program nor air force thingy.It's kind of insect,see below:

The insect name is actually Paederus.People call tomcat, probably because of its shape like a plane passing F-14 Tomcat fighter.Tomcat doesn't bite,but it has a kind of secretion that is poisonous to human skin.After 24-48 hours,our skin will get blisters that look alike pretty much like herpes.The difference is that herpes only spreads on one side of body only(right or left,can't be both).While this tomcat,you can get it on both side.Tomcat used to live in rice fields. By day, these insects usually fly in the rice plant to find prey in the form of rice leafhoppers and other pests.At night, these insects tend to be attracted to light. An entomologist from Bogor Institute of Agriculture (Institute Pertanian Bogor, IPB), Aunu Rauf blamed the infestation that destroyed the habitat of the rove beetle. Because tomcats’ habitat has been destructed, they are forced to seek out other areas with similar characteristics. The original habitat of tomcat is moist area or below the ground surface, especially rice fields. The fear is that as more fields give way to houses, such outbreaks will recur, unless people adapt in the way they deal with tomcats. There was an outbreak this year here in some areas/cities in Indonesia.Similar attacks have taken place in China, Iran, Iraq, Sri Lanka and Malaysia over the past decade.Talking about the area,the house I live in is quite far from rice fields.How could the tomcat came?:S

So,let's see on pic below how it developed in just a week(this was one of the spots that I got):

I got it on both my legs and thighs.After 3 days,those all spots were swollen so that I hardly walk x_x.. I took medical prescription+cream for this,however I only used the cream for 2 days only.No particular reason,it's just the blister started to go so I stopped it.Beside,I limit the amount of synthetic chemicals that I use.Now after a month,this is how it's like:

Still itchy,mainly due to natural skin reaction to renew the skin cell.As for now,I use this balm to help it heals:Moa the green balm.Actually I have had this balm since the beginning of this year,but I rarely use it.Only on special ocassion like:itchy,scrath,cut,burn,etc.Yep,it's pretty much like Gwdihw first aid balm that I reviewed earlier here.But they both have different ingredients.Let's take a closer look to this balm:

The Móa story
This 100% natural, miracle green balm recipe was passed down to Thury Gudmundsdóttir by her grandmother, famous in Iceland for her herbalist expertise. As a child, Thury would watch her grandmother (whose skin was soft and supple well into her nineties) as she boiled up the herbs in an enormous saucepan and eventually she was taught the secret age-old recipe. Móa gets its name after the wise woman, who understands the power of the moors, or in Icelandic, móans.
The remarkable healing properties of this simple green balm have been witnessed for generations, however the balm’s full potential had not been realised until Thury used the balm to treat her eldest son’s third degree burns. His severe burns covered about 40% of his body and although doctors predicted he would be physically handicapped for the rest of his life and would never be able to move normally due to the tightness of his skin, Thury never gave up. She started to apply Móa religiously to the affected areas and, little by little, her son made a remarkable recovery that astounded doctors and dermatologists alike…a miracle formula was born. 
Iceland’s bitterly cold climate creates slow-growing 'super-herbs' which must adapt, in order to survive and in doing so, they develop exceptionally potent essential oils. In addition, the pure unpolluted air, thermal waters and mineral-rich volcanic soils boost these plants further still. This is the secret to Iceland's Moa Green Balm! All herbs used in Móa come from sustainable sources and are certified organic. Thury uses the skills acquired from her grandmother to pick herbs at their prime and most potent Yarrow - renowned for its nourishing and healing properties, is the key organically pure active ingredient in Móa balm. For centuries, this herb has been used to treat wounds, burns and infections. Combined with tea tree oil, nature's powerful antiseptic, yarrow creates an unrivalled healing synergy with endless therapeutic properties. Finally, Icelandic water, beeswax, coconut, sweet almond and soya bean oils help to soften, nourish and protect the skin.

That's the story that draw me to try this balm.I've spotted this balm last year actually when I saw it on a web.Mainly because"Iceland’s bitterly cold climate creates slow-growing 'super-herbs'" statement.I mean,it's iceland = pure air and water.So I was curious what this balm would be like.When the balm came,it had this.."made in england"!. I was like..not iceland?why?:O    So I checked on moa web back then,somehow I found these words"now made in england"(but I don't find it today when I look back on the web),I wonder why not made in iceland. Okay,it's the business stuffs but will this affect its ingredients or not?I mean,different soil different quality of plants.And today I get these 2 old posts(this and this) about moa being made in Iceland. Or did I get it wrong?Anyone here know about this?:/...

So now what we're going to talk about is this made in england one.As you can see,the balm is green.Texture is creamy,not waxy at all.It has slight citrusy smells in it.Packaging is made of plastic,with inner lid in it so you can put it on your daily bag without worries(unlike gwdihw packaging).No there,just open can symbol that is available,which is 12 month.

Ingredients:Cocos nucifera oil,Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis oil,Glycine Soja oil,Cera Alba,Achillea Millefolium extract,Aqua Purificata,Melaleuca Alternifolia oil,Chlorophyll,Aroma,Limonene*
*occurs naturally in teatree oil.

You can use this balm for:
- especially beneficial in very dry or cold weather conditions
- helpful with dry patches, rashes and burns
- helpful with the after-care of burns and scarring
- reduces itching, nourishes and soften
- helps to soothe eczema and mild cases of psoriasis
- protects chapped and cracked skin on elbows, knees hands and feet
- use on cuts and sores for all the family
- softens cuticles
- a baby bag essential - prevents nappy rash and soothes cradle-cap
- warm between the fingertips, to use as a quality massage oil
- athlete's foots
- make up remover
-and....You can even gargle it!mix with a little hot water and gargle to soothe a sore throat.

My experiences:
-I used it for healing new cut wound.It's slowlier in profilirating,compared to gwdihw one since gwdihw one contains comfrey(fastest healer).
-I used it for curing my acnes,didn't work fast either BUT,my skin became sooo smoooth in the morning.
-I used it for athlete's foot,well..gwdihw one worked faster to heal it.
-My mum has rash,this one works to reduce the itchiness according to her.

Now I use it for my post tomcat attack scars,it looks better and smoother.It seems gwdihw one has faster result when it comes to an open wound case.And it has more teatree in it so that you can smell it.However,this moa works best for smoothen the skin while the gwdihw one doesn't.That's why I use this moa to cure my tomcat scars since the skin hasn't been cured 100%.Overall I like this moa balm,but I still want this balm to work faster for profilirating wound.So I'll give this balm 4 points out of 5.

I think that's all for now.As you can see,destroying the nature will absolutely soon or later,has the impact on us.I really wish that people will considerate this before they start destroying nature just for their greediness.We take over animal's habitat,and then on their own way,they'll take over our places too.Because everything in this world needs their own place.We should give place for them,not only for us!For example water,we take over water's place while water needs its own place too.As the result,we get flood!Because water needs place too!.. x_x
Ok,Thank you for reading and have a nice weekend!:) And please,don't be hesitated to support these programs below:



  1. TOMCAT?! O_O
    I heard about that creepy like months ago... and thought it was just a rumor.. well, at least in Indonesia.. because never see one before..

    but anw..
    I hope you're okay now~!
    take care dear~

    1. Apparently it wasn't just rumour!T_T You just don't know when that bug will come to you because they can be anywhere,even if your towel got a bit of tomcat's secretion,your skin will soon get the blisters T_T.. Seriously,after 1st day I found out that my skin was reddened,I looked at my bed cover,pillow,etc and I didn't find any bug there:/ I don't know where I got the secretion from.. Untill today,I haven't seen tomcat's my self but it's been twice I got tomcat's attack,in different city.10 yrs ago I got it on my hand only.This time is the worst.. X(

      Thank you :) I feel better now,just a bit itchy left :)

    2. O_O OMG!! you don't even see the tomcat also?!
      okay.. confirm... tomcat is creepy!
      I will wash everything as regular as I can!

    3. I've never seen tomcat even just once before,but I got their secretion.Tomcat is hard to deal with,because they may crawl when you sleep,leave secretion on your skin,your blanket,your towel,then they just go.In the morning you do your regular activities untill you realize you have blisters.This blog explains us well about it:

      ..and,the blisters look pretty much like herpes,so better check it to the doctor to make sure what you really get.The difference is that herpes only spreads on one side of body only(right or left,can't be both).While this tomcat,you can get it on both side.

      I think it's the time for us to consider not to make rice field into buildings.Give this tomcat place to live so they won't ake over our place where we live -_-. Don't you think so?

  2. aku udah sering ketemu nih serangga jauh sebelum dia terkenal lol tapi ga pernah digigit *syukurlah* gmn skrng bekas lukanya udah ilang?

    visit my blog ^^

    1. Oh,iya ya..tu serangga udah jadi seleb di indo skrg ya?:D Lol..
      Eh,itu ngga gigit loh,tapi ngeluarin cairan yg bikin kulit melepuh^^

      Uda tambah ilang,walo belum 100% sih.Gpplah,jadi mirip tatoan ini,hahaaa XD

      Ok deh,visiting your blog :)

  3. I, too, had tomcat burns from a resort in Jogja. Thanks for your interesting information and blog...its good to hear from Moslems who firmly disagree with what the Taliban are doing (just like I don't agree with what the "Christians" in Germany did to the Jews in the 1900's even though I am a Christian!). Anyway, love that you are turning to natural ingredients that God gave us in nature to help heal your wounds! And for sharing with the rest of us! Semoga Tuhan memberikati Anda!

    1. Hi Dan and Michelle :D Sorry for my late reply,been busy recently.

      Oh yeah,tomcat burns was really awful. Still have some marks/post scars of that burns. I should use vit.c or vit.A to vanish the scars but just too busy to do it these days.

      As for Taliban,if you know me personally,well..I believe that we all couldn't choose where we're born in. And that our beliefs and understanding about God shouldn't be limited by books that were written hundreds years ago. God doesn't belong to a group of people only,He created all of us differently for many reasons. And I'm strongly against violence in the name of anything.

      You're welcome :) I love writing,it's just that I don't have spare time these days. And can speak our Indonesian Language well!! Semoga Tuhan memberkati anda juga! :) Senang berkenalan dengan anda! :)


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