April 15, 2013

Nadine Salembier Products,my review

Nadine Salembier Asia's representative contacted me couple of months ago,and asked me whether I'd be willing to try some of their products and review it on this blog.As you can clearly see on my"PR/Enquiries"page above,so sure I had no problem in reviewing products.A brief story about this company: Nadine Salembier is a Belgian-based company.They have branches allover the world(see their web here),most of them are aesthician clinics where you can get all in one package-therapies+products there. They also sell their products online,and ship it worldwide too.If you're moslems,worry not since their products hold halal license from EUROHALAL in 2011. Ok,so that's a brief story about this company.

Before moving into the review and since I recently also got a question about it also,let me explain you a bit about what us,bloggers are usually offered:
1.Sponsored review:
this means,a company send their products for bloggers to try and to review it.We get the products,then we give our opinion about it.

2.Paid review:
this means,a company pay bloggers to review their products.We get the products and the money to review it.Which means,this kind of review usually isn't honest since it's paid!

Other than that,some companies also offer bloggers to:
1.Be the sponsor
This means the company will provide products/money for blogger on regular basis since the company put their private add on the blog.And please..google adsense isn't a sponsor!It's a basic tool that blogspot provides for bloggers to monetize their blog(and the blogger got money from each click of the ad that google ad sense provide).

2.To be their affiliates
This means,the company will provide money from each transaction that the blogger got from their readers whom click/use their affiliate links.For example:sigma brush.If you click on the banner on blog,then buying the items,so automatically the blog owner will get some amount of fee as comission.To identify an affiliate link,it's easy.Usually affiliate link will have some ID on it(exp:www.xyz.com/clickID:12345).

Other than that,some web stores usually give the blog readers discount coupon with/without affiliation.I think it's important for people to understand this since some ppl often missunderstanding and think a sponsored review as a paid review,an affiliate as a sponsor,and worse,that we sell products that the company provide us.Please,they're all different meaning!

So,this post is a sponsored review.I was offered to try some of their products,and here are what I've tried by far:
*notes:all products that I review,all of them have passed"non irritating"phase on my skin.I WON'T continue using whatsoever products-be it purchased by my own money nor sponsored,that give me bad-irritating result in just 3 days.

1.Essential oil neck firming treatment

I chose this oil as I've never had any product that is specialized for neck before.My neck treatment was from my facial moisturizing cream/serum.So I was very interested in this product,also because this was my 1st all eo blend product.

Caprylic-capric triglyceride,Helianthus Annuus,Triticum Vulgare,Rosmarinus oficinalis,Salvia Officinalis,Rosa Moschata,Daucus carota HV,Borrago officinalis.

As you can see,the packaging was made of amber glass with sprayer on it.On the paper instruction,it said that we only need to use a small amount of the oil on application.I tried it,and surprisingly this oil worked.In fact,I also have been using it on my face for its firming effect.It's just I need to use it at night only since it has carrot oil in it,or else I'd get more tan color than what I currently have now.I don't aim to be that bright colored skin,but deffy I don't like to be tanner than what I actually am now.Anyway,I love the bottle packaging concept,it's just the prints on the bottles got flaked and the flakes transfered on my skin since I used them frequently.I think it's better if they print it on sticker instead of directly on the bottle:

2.Essential oil no.4 for oily skin-blurred complexion

Actually,what I wanted to try was the essential oil for dry skin one(that was what I told them).Then one day and since now I'm obsessed interested in to my own skin condition,thanks to Shinhwa Hye Sung(see my post here),so one day I paid attention more to my skin on the mirror and just realized that...I had succesfully bred some comedoes and black heads on my nose.There're even large pores on beside my nose!The large pores were even obviously swollen that even I was surprised to see that!I had never had large pores before,and more swollen ones??Never!!!It was such a shocking moment for me to see that to be honest. So I tracked back what was on my skincare routine that made me like that,I realized that for past few days,I used full oils moisturizer(day & night).I used some well known anti aging oils,I usually used it at night only,but then I also used it at the daylight too.The result,..swollen pores!. And please,don't even say that I don't scrub it regularly,or that I don't wash my face regularly,etc.Because i'm an acne prone,so I won't skip scrubbing my face regularly and since I have dry skin at the same time, so sure I don't use harsh cleanser! That swollen pores was deffy caused by the oils usage at daylight which I didn't do it before.

I was frustrated about this so that I talked about this to one of my fellow blogger frens and while we discussed about this,I also searched on the net for pore shrinker products.Then,the package from NS came,I opened it and I couldn't believe it..they sent me this oil which wasn't actually what I asked for,but deffy what I need now!See this pic:

Caprylic-capric triglyceride,Helianthus Annuus,Triticum Vulgare,Lavandula Angustifolia,Juniperus communis,Salvia Officinalis,Camphor.

I was so excited to try this product,and to my surprise..it worked!It reduced the swollen pores.Though it hasn't 100% closed the pores(and I think it'll be hard to close large pores without the help of beauty gadget for extracting out the black heads),but it deffy has reduced much the previous swollen pores.I forgot to take pic of my before one,but this is the after one(oh,it was worse before.The pores were swollen T_T):

no photoshop,no camera trick,no make up,just bareskin before taking a bath in the morning

This product,just like the previous one above,is suggested to be used at night only.And uhm..without the suggestion,right now I don't wanna try to use oils products as daylight moisturizer.As I said on my previous post before,I'm fine with preservatives.It's just I choose those with the lowest risk ones.I know that nowadays,some producers try to market their products as the"safest one","natural and non chemical"one simply because they use zero water in it. You know what,I find that label is a bit tragic."Safest"?based on what?that it contains no preservatives and no water at all? Oh,really?but pore clogging is deffy not in safe term imo.And"natural and non chemical"?oh please,all things in this world are chemical! Even water is also a chemical compound.Green is something that we want for our lives,me want it too.Yeah certainly,but green is also the color of money...

3.Creme anti-cernes(Anti-ring cream)

This product was given along with 2 products of my selection above.You know,some companies usually give products other than what we've personally selected.On my previous Utama Spice review here,I only chose 3 products but instead they gave me many more products than I required!So this one also,was given for me to try.

Aqua,Glyceryl stearate,PEG 6-32 stearate,Cetearyl Alcohol,Ceteareth-30,Propylene Glycol,Isopropyl Palmitate,Eucalyptol,Achillea Millefolium, Arctostaphylos UVA URSI,Helianthus Annuus,Panthenol,Triticum Vulgare,Chloroacetamide,Allantoin.

Before sending me this,they asked me my skin problems and I said that I have dark eye circles.They asked whether it was ok for me to try this product or not.So I searched for this product inci on the net as the official web doesn't put the inci on it.I found some inci that I wasn't very fond of,so I told them that I was fine with trying the product but I needed to ask few questions regarding the inci.What I wasn't very fond of was the ethoxylation by products.And here was what they answered me:
PEG is essential to mix up oils and water. (Emollient, Emulsion).To create the PEG’s, we must synthesize Polyethylene glycol, which is a risky manipulation for human being and the nature. (There is a strongrelease of CO2 in case of explosion). This is the only reason that PEG are dangerous.When  the  Polyethylene  Glycol  is  synthesized,  it  becomes  a  unmoving material,  absolutely  not  risky  for  human-being,  no  side-effect  for  the skin.However,  thanks  to  PEG,  we  can  obtain  silky  cream  texture,  that penetrates easily and fast into the skin.We create natural cosmetics with controlled risks. But, as we are master craftsmen,  we  are  allowed  to  use  a  higher  concentrate  of  active ingredients because we have lower volume of sales.Other major companies will never be able to do  the same, and take the risk of allergies or skin reactions among their millions of daily sales.

That's what the company said regarding ethoxylation inci.I know that some companies have to make choices to create their products.It's the choice that they made.As the consumen,I'd prefer if they can replace it with much better alternatives that are available out there.

Now,did this product work?Yes it did.Though there're inci that I wasn't very fond of,but this product did work to reduce dark eyecircles and puffiness.I remember one day I slept at almost 2am which means I was supposed to have worst dark eye circles in the morning.I used this cream,and in the morning I didn't get that bad dark eye cricles that I was supposed to have.

4.Synergy Mask Pfaffia-Revitalizing and Restructuring

Just like the eye cream above,they also offered me to try this as this is one of the best sellers there.Unlike other products above,on product description it said that this product will give"immediate visible affect"on dehydrated skin. It will soothe irritated skins,smoothes lines for a rejuvenated and radiant complexion.I wonder,would this product give that"immediate visible effect"?I mean,it's such a hard claim to do.

So,let's see the inci:
Aqua,PEG 6-32 stearate,Propylene Glycol,Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract,Hellianthus Annuus seed oil,Calendula Officinalis flower extract,Montmorillonite,Glycerin,Glyceryl Stearate,Octyldodecyl Myristate,Hamamelis Virginiana Leaf Extract,Suma Pfaffia Paniculata Root Extract,Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf extract,Lavandula Abrialis,Mentha Piperita,Pelargonium Graveolens,Salvia Offcinalis,Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root extract,Biosaccharide Gum,Methylchloroisothiazolinone-Methylisothizolinone.
Basically this one is a green wash-off mask.Due to the high concentration of the eo in this mask,so at 1st application it may cause some unpleasant sensations.Particularly about the inci,I asked them regarding the using of Methylchloroisothiazolinone-Methylisothizolinone as I wasn't very fond of it as well.And this was their response:
All  the  preservatives,  being  synthetic  or  natural  can  cause  problems,there  is  not  exception.  An  essential  oil  (with  natural  preservative)  can cause  serious  allergic  reactions.  Everything  depends  on  the concentration and on the way of using them. Kathon  (Methylisothiazolinone)  is  a  preservative  that  is  used  for  more than 60 years by all the brands, including the most famous ones.Nadine  Salembier’s  Research  &  Development  department  uses Methylisothiazolinone  for  more  than  30  years,  but  in  an  infinitesimal quantity:  0,00035%!  Why?  Because  this  preservative  is  essential  to ensure  a  24  months  shelflife  (which  is  the  minimum  shelflife  duration allowed by the European regulation). If  we  take  the  example  of  “L’*******”,  they  removed  the  Kathon  from their  ingredient,  and  had  to  rapidly  use  it  again  after  finding  out dangerous germs in their products. The  choice is:  we  all want to have a  cosmetic  sure at  100% and  at  the same  time  100%  natural,  without  preservative.  This  is  simply impossible right now. The Bio Cosmetics use natural preservative… but never at 100%. If you carefully  read the ingredients and their origins,  there  is always a  limited quantity of 0,000… %

As i'm not interested in explaining detils about this inci and why I wasn't fond of it, pls google it your self for the explanation.

Ok,so let's see how this product worked and its"immediate visible effect"claim.I've used this and yes,it did give immediate visible effect soon after you use this mask,even on your 1st application!In my experience,my skin became smooth,supple,radiant,basically different from before application.

Overall,Nadine Salembier products did the job well in improving skin condition,both the essential oils series and the cream series ones.The essential oils one are deffy my fave,and the cream ones.. they will be my fave if only they change some of the inci into better alternatives.Afterall,they've removed parabens from their inci since the Japanese distributor didn't want it,so I think change some inci into better alternatives one won't be difficult for them.In fact,what makes their products works are the large number of plant extracts and eo in it.

I also have to praise them in this categoy,which is a good PR that they have.I got other products offers from other companies to review (and for the sake of the manner,I won't publish their names!in case you're curious btw:p),but lots of them literally runaway once I asked them regarding their ingredients.This Nadine Salembier,they didn't do it and instead give their explanation about it.Not only that,they also still send the products to try.I personally always respect any company who has good attitude like this.My previous sponsored review,Utama Spice, they were also cooperative and answered every question that i asked regarding their products and ingredients.As for this Nadine Salembier,they're also very cooperative.And certainly,they didn't runaway :D..

I think that's all for now.Oh,btw they offer any of you who read this post and want to buy their products on their web:http://www.salembier.com, a 20 % discount.Just use this code:726MK1 .The code offers a 20% discount on all the products and is valid until the end of May.
Thanks for reading,and..have a nice weekend!:)


  1. Whoa, Lynn, is using oils on face in daylight do affect pores? Why? :O

    1. Really,it's hard to answer this,because I've been trying the best I can to use cosmetics with less poisonous chemicals.The choice will be using zero water products only,but the result on my skin isn't that friendly.Why?the type of oils that I chose+physical sunscreen+makeup+hot weather(sweat)+polution+dust=heavy on skin.Result:swollen pores.Right now I stay away from oil based daylight moisturizer.For night application,oil is fine since:no sunscreen,no makeup,not that sweaty,less dusty.So really,cosmetic is personal.No single one product can suit all people needs. You have to try it your self whether it works for you or not,and don't just stand on whatever producers claim both those producers:the one with fully loaded poison,and the one who says that they're natural.Just because it has zero water,doesn't mean it will be good for you.It may work on some people,but certainly it also doesn't work for other people as well at the same time.True that all preservatives have their own risk,and that's what we have to consciously bear.And at the same time,the product also works on some people.That's why I said,I chose those with the lowest risk one that I think I'm fine bearing with it.

      In this life,there's nothing such zero risk.Even if you walk down on the street,you'll still have the risk of getting bad things,such get slipped for example.And even when you're on your flight,there're also many chances of you getting things safely and warm to reach your destination.Just because of you're affraid of getting an accident,doesn't mean you have to go to europe,all by foot walking,does it?;)

    2. Alright, I agree with you. :)
      It's hang on every persons. We just have to be selective and aware of products around. And, yes, applications and effects can be very different between us.

    3. Thanks :)
      The point is to be selective,but not being obsessive over security.Each product has its own effect,and..RISK! For God's Sake,who in this world can produce the most perfect product with no flaw & risk at all?tell me,anyone?I'd like to know :D..

      The most perfect one is only God's made,all human's made are not without flaws.Even Titanic sank,didn't we learn something from that?the message is clear:all human's made are not without flaws.Like it or not,it's just as simple as that.

  2. ooh ini yg km blng wkt itu yaa ^^ . merknya bener2 blum prnah dnger. brp lama lyn km pke esential oil nya ampe pori2 mengecil?

    1. Iya,ini nunggu direpiu dulu dgn yakin hasilnya,heheh... :D
      Aku juga baru denger pas ditawarin kok.Dia mang blm buka cabang di indo,kalo di malaysia ada ma di negara2 lain gitu.

      Pakenya sekitar 3-5 harian,itu di aku lumayan ngempesin pori2 yg bengkak gara2 make anti aging oils di siang hari.Gambarnya ga gtu jelas ya -_-,ah..aku susah moto2 muka sendiri.Itu uda geser kanan kiri,mana ngeliatnya pake cermin pula(kan ngga tau ni kamera digital fokus moto kemana XD).Yah yg pasti hasilnya uda mendingan lah dibanding sebelumnya.Cuman bisanya dipake malem hari :/

  3. Hello Lynn, Hope you are well! nice product reviews :-). I didnt know this brand.....this compagny is not really "natural" though..but great customer service apparently.

    They also used quite a strong preservative....not too much a fan about it...:-)

    A bientot!

    1. Hi mlle nature :)

      Merci :) Yes,this company has both"natural"and "not really natural"ones.If you're on natural side,the essential oil line will be good for you.I mean,I've tried it and I like it ;)
      And,they have good customer service also which is a good point that I can't deny:) At least from my experience.

      I'm not a fan of this kind of preservative either.However,companies out there have to make a choice what will they use regarding their products.It's really a hard decision to make,isn't it?


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