June 21, 2012

Furless Make Up Brushes..!!Literally..

Blame it on beauty bloggers when it comes to beauty addiction.I wasn't a fan of any make up brushes since I mostly don't use any product in powder form due to my nose allergies. But then one day I read on my fellow Indonesian beauty blogger,Naomi.She reviewed sigma brushes which could be used for liquid foundation application. I was like.."what?brushes for liquid foundation?I thought only sponge can do that..".She also explained there that certain brushes have different result. So I was intrigued to have some brushes and searched for those kind of brushes,mainly for liquid foundation application.

And here it is,introducing you to this Australian brand"Furless".I first time deeply fell in love with their so unboring design.I mean, let's face it..today brushes mostly come with that boring either full black/brown,or black/brown with white color on top of it. So I was looking for:synthetic brushes,in attractive color/design,and it should be..pink.Lucky me,I found Furless with the exactly same criteria as I wanted.Look at their collections on their web here,so you'll know what I mean.And here are what I bought:

Right,they have pink and black bristles.Not that girly,more to punk/gothic style I know.But certainly not boring unlike other brands that provided the same color.Like I said before,I really wanted these brushes much so that I didn't need any consideration to buy it untill I saw these on their web:
"Discount 50% for beauty bloggers".Woah..I couldn't believe it!Without the discount I'd deffy buy it,and they even give discount now??Oh,God must have answered my beauty prayers last night.Do you think it's enough?No.They even gave free shipping for countries arround the world too!!I couldn't believe it!I must be dreaming or something,I mean.. finding brushes that I want is one thing,and getting discount+free shipping,it sounds like an April Mop to me.But here,it's not a joke.It's for real.

So here are brushes that I bought:

Punk Pink Flat Top Buffer Makeup Brush
Use this brush to apply powders, creams and mousses, or to highlight cheekbones and decolletage. 
Size: 20cm length / 7.87 inch length. 
Material: Wood Aluminium Nylon.
This one is deffy brush that I was looking for as my main purpose was to get a brush for liquid foundation application.As it's said on the web.I've tried this brush for liquid foundation application,it didn't work.So I tried to use it with powder one,it worked.I haven't tried it with cream/mouse but I think either liquid or cream foundation are almost the same in texture,so this brush won't work that well since it isn't that dense,or at least shorter in bristless length.

Punk Pink Angled Contour Makeup Brush
Contouring with a conscience is made easy with this fabulous professional funky contour brush!
Size: 21cm length / 8.26 inch length. 
Material: Wood Aluminium Nylon.
I actually thought that I didn't need this kind of brush that much since I use mostly non powdery blushes on.But then I decided to buy it when I think that..at least I have to have one(in case I need it). I've tried this brush for bronzer,it worked great since this brush shape(curved)is good for contouring.

Punk Pink Angled Eye Buffer/Concealer Makeup Brush
Need to blend in those hard to reach areas? Use this gorgeous brush to apply and blend your eyeshadows, or blend your creams and concealers.
Size: 17.5cm length / 6.88 inch length. 
Material: Wood Aluminium Nylon.
I actually ordered this one,I needed for under eye concealer application.But then Furless returned the money and said that this brush was out of stock.I was a bit dissapointed since what I wanted was a brush for concealer.Yeah,but what I could do.So,Not only returned my money,Furless also said that they sent another brush in return.And that I would LOVE the brush that they sent me.Wow..can you believe it?How lucky I was back then and..how so friendly and nice they were!!*dancing dancing* Of course I love it,thank you Furless!  So I was curious about what they sent me..and..this is what they sent me:

Black Furless Flat Top Buffer Makeup Brush
Use this brush to buff in your mineral makeup or apply your liquid foundation - try it with your favourite mousse foundation! 
Size: 20cm length / 7.87 inch length. 
Material: Wood Aluminium Nylon.
The brush is soo huge.It's said that it can be used for liquid foundation application.I've tried this with liquid foundation,it didn't work though the brush is dense.Because the bristle is long,so I think it'll be best for powder foundation application.I use this brush for face powder,it's the best!It can cover the whole face area quickly and evenly,due to the size of the brush.The coverage results by this brush is medium-high.By far,this is my fave brush for powder application.They were right when they said that I'd love this brush because I really love it and reccomend this brush for everyone who wants a brush for face powder application.FYI,I don't fancy powder make up products since I have allergy.So back then I usually use puff instead of brush for face powder application.Sure,now I still don't fancy powdery make up,but seeing the great result that this brush gives,now I always use this brush instead of puff. And my nose?I pinch it everytime I use powdery make up,hehehe :D

Pink Retractable Kabuki Brush - Limited Edition!
Take your pink retractable kabuki brush with you everywhere - just throw it in your makeup bag, or purse, or keep it in your desk drawer at work. Touch-ups are made easy - just slip the lid back on when you are done to keep your brush clean and free from germs or dirt.
Size: 10cm tall 3cm diameter / 3.93 inch tall   1.18 inch diameter.
Material: Aluminium and Synthetic Taklon.
I fell in love with the pink bristles,and retractable,and the packaging.The price was quite high,I almost canceled buying it.But then I thought,oh well..I shouldn't waste my 50% discount,so I decided to buy it. It's limited edition also.The bristles is sooooo soft,just like rabit/cats fur!Good thing is that it doesn't scratch your skin,bad thing is that if you use this brush after you applied anything liquid on your face,the brush(plus your face powder)will get clumped easily so that it'll be harder for you to apply your powder.You have to wait'till your face completely dry,then you can use this brush to apply your powder.This brush gives you light-medium coverage.

All of those brushes above don't shed,you can wash them easily in running water,and the color of the bristles don't go off. Along with those brushes,Furless also gave me this(a freebie?):

Mineral eyeshadow powder in Passionate!I love the color,and the name!I don't know why they gave me that eyeshadow,but I did once telling them that I like their company's name"Furless".I told them that I'm against natural bristles and that I will always encourage people to choose synthetic brushes instead of natural ones. No more any of our furry friends that are sacrificed just for being...our cosmetic brushes???@#$% We take their lives just for our cosmetic brushes?I mean..how shallow is that???  Guess,that passion of mine brought them to give the freebie under the name"passionate".. ;)

Sure,I know that synthetic brushes are not easily available in their city area for some people.Take an example,me.I didn't know that brushes that we use were from animal's fur back then.This is my first brush,a lip brush that my mum gave me when I started wearing lipstick:

Me and mum didn't know what buddy that has been sacrificed for this brush,back then.It also will seem"normal"or"conditional"or whatever for some people to buy THIS kind of brush.Just grab some brushes from stores near your house,at shoppping malls,or reputable boutiques with the high end brand label on it,use it'till get bored,then dump it!! Just THAT easy.It should be that easy,IF you're uneducated about brushes,like me back then.
But it's NOT that easy,if you're once educated and knows the fact behind cosmetic industry.Apparently,what it's called as"NATURAL BRISTLES/BRUSHES",it comes from animal,worse is..dead animal! Worst..animals that have been killed in the name of fur industry.Sure,goats can be shaped for its fur since they're breeded.But certainly not about the rest(see my prev.post here).There are various animals are killed,not breeded,and most of them are wild animals for this fur industry.
So,this is what I see now about my 1st brush above:

a wounded mink in cage before it turns into...

Yep,dead animal's fur!On my lips for quite many years.And the animal sure had pee,poop,rolled on the ground,fleas,wounded,fuss,blood,errghh..all yuckies things during its lifetime.So the bristles had been through all those yuckies things.Do you think that's enough?No,before making it into our cosmetic brushes,that dead animals fur has been washed with desinfectan many times-->questionable chemicals but sure that I don't wish to swallow it.See..is there any of you saying that natural bristles/brushes are THAT WORTH IT???

If you say that natural bristles/brushes have good result,pls think about it!Now there're alot of synthetic brushes producers who produce great brushes with good result.If you check on my dear blogger friend,Dasha from green make up,she has many collection of good synthetic brushes(of course,she's a make up artist.And,she has also helped me about this brushes thingy).I've mentioned some of the brands on my prev.post here.Adding this Furless to the list,there're just many.If you're in Indonesia and have no idea where to buy synthetic brushes,you can always go to The Body Shop store near you,they have collection of synthetic brushes.Just check it out!;)

Out of topic,have any of you heard about some brands that are no longer animals free cruelty?
Spotted it on beauty bunny,here is the list that I copied from there(you can ask the web owner for more info):
  • American Beauty (EL)
  • Aramis (EL)
  • Aveda (EL) – according to Aveda, they are not in China, but maintain that they do follow laws that require animal testing
  • Avon
  • Bobbi Brown (EL)
  • Bumble and Bumble (EL)
  • Caudalie
  • Clinique (EL)
  • Coach (EL)
  • Darphin (EL)
  • Donna Karan (EL)
  • Ermenegildo Zegna (EL)
  • Estee Lauder (EL)
  • Flirt (EL)
  • GoodSkin Labs (EL)
  • Grassroots Research Labs (EL)
  • Jo Malone (EL)
  • Kiton (EL)
  • La Mer (EL)
  • Lab Series for Men (EL)
  • L’Occitane
  • MAC (EL)
  • Mary Kay
  • Michael Kors (EL)
  • Missoni (EL)
  • Ojon (EL)
  • Origins (EL)
  • Pangea Organics
  • Prescriptives (EL)
  • Sean John (EL)
  • Smashbox (EL)
  • Tom Ford (EL)
  • Tommy Hilfiger (EL)
  • Urban Decay
  • Yves Rocher
EL = owned by Estee Lauder
Basically,some of them stated as"cruelty free" but because they enter China market,so they're no longer cruelty free.Why?because China requires every brand that will enter to do"animal testing" unlike other countries who are against it.Weird eh?I personally thinking,if it is tested on animal,so it means it can't be used by human. Wondering why????  And,this is another reading about Animal Testing in China that you can read on logicalharmony.net.

All in all,I trully wish that we can be a smart consumer with our purchases.And please,let those animal stay away out of our business. We can still have many fancy things without making anyone/anything suffers from our purchases.And natural bristles are just out of  our way.Anyway,Furless isn't affiliated with any bloggers since they give such big discount.However I think I have to put their banner on my left side bar there.If any of you want to buy their products,you can click that link(again,no affiliation-you don't see any ID there like what most refferal affiliation programs do)or click this http://furless.com.au. If you're a beauty blogger,click this link to get 50% discount:

Thank You for reading,and Have a Lovely Day!:)


  1. Iiih, baik banget Furless! Sampe kagum-kagum aku, kok baik-baik amat. :3
    Warnanya lucu yah! Yang Retractable Kabuki Brush itu entah mengapa, mungkin karena pink, cocok sama blog ini. :)

    1. Iyaaa,baikkk banget mereka ^0^ Dah diganti duitnya,dikasi brush baru gratis,brushnya lebih mahal pula :D Eh masi dapet eyeshadow:D Mana brush gratisanku itu bagus banget kualitasnya,tebeell bangett,enak buat pake powder!:)Kalo pake itu cepet banget bedakin muka:) Luckkyyy!!
      Iya,brush2 yg lain warnanya unik2,ga standar gitu(item ato coklat doang).Kalo yg kabuki,hehehe..aku beli karena pink dan lucu,lagian krn diskon sayang aja kalo ga digunakan.Btw brush 100%pure mu direpiu dong..^^

    2. Hihihi, keuntungan ganda tuh! :D
      Style kuas-kuasnya chic rock. Pink-item.
      Iya, brush 100% Purenya entar yah, belum diambil foto. Kayaknya kalo brush mending difoto biar lebih jelas. :3 Ini masih di luar kota pula.
      Ngomong-ngomong, L'Occi udah nggak cruelty free? :(( Gimana dong? Hiks.

    3. Sebenarnya keuntungan 4 alias double ganda XD
      Iya,chic rock ^^ Oh,kamu di luar kota?semangad amat masi bloggingan?XD aku si bablas aja internet kalo pas ke luar kota mah~~

      L'occi yah?entah napa blogger2 barat malah pada lebih ributin si Urban Decay drpd L'occi.Soalnya urban decay kan pas diluncurin tujuannya sbg cruelty free cosmetic.Cih,bikin kesel aja inget kekejaman org thd binatang >.< Mereka tu dijadiin tester buat bahan2 kosmetik,kalo bahaya jadi tar ga dipakein di manusia.Lah,ngapaen mesti make merk yg pake bahan bahaya(alias make binatang sbg tester)coba? Kalo mrk sampe make metode binatang sbg tester,brarti uda jelas merk itu pake bahan bahaya buat manusia. Aku si ga mau make.Titik.Entah ya soal L'occi,aku cuma punya sebiji doang tu yg shea butternya...Keknya masi ada TBS,jadi tak masalah ^^

    4. Aku nggak tau banyak soal Urban Decay. Haha. :D
      Ih, itu bener banget, Lynn, kalo sampe ngetes ke binatang, berarti kemungkinan besar mereka pake bahan bahaya sampe gak yakin itu aman. Sebagai manusia, pokoknya jangan pake itu, karena kesatu, dia animal cruelty, kedua, ya bahannya nggak aman. Emang kasian kok, binatang-binatang. :'( Kenapa ya orang selalu nganggep binatang kayak benda gitu, mati pun biarin aja... lah, kalo matinya karena diujicoba produk, kan sama aja ngebunuh dengan alibi uji keamanan? :(

      Hehe, iya sih ada TBS. Tapi ingredientsnya masih kurang nendang ah si TBS. :D *kurang all-natural maksud aku

    5. Oh,aku juga ga gitu peduli ma Urban Decay,tp yg hobi esedoan pasti pada panik.Btw,aku baca di blognya Tashina(liat yg komentar di bawah)itu Urban Decay katanya kemaren khilaf dan skrg ga jadi masuk pasar Cina krn ga mau langgar prinsip mereka.Horeeee ^^v

      Iya,point utama animal testing kan itu,krn bahan2nya ga layak buat dipakein manusia.Yg buat tester biasanya anjing,kucing,kelinci,tikus,ama guinea pig(ni bhs indonya apa ya?aku lupa..apa marmut ya?).Mang kasian kok binatang2 itu,coba kamu google gambar ttg binatang2 yg dijadiin tester kosmetik,ihhh..ngeri deh!Hasilnya serem2!! Berarti produk2 itu kalo dipake terus menerus ato banyak2 hasilnya kaya gitu @_@...SAPA ya yg mau make gituan?males aja..
      Aku akhir2 ini dapet berita horor ttg perlakuan kejam manusia thd binatang yg bikin marah.Masak ada yg injek kitten sampe mati pake high heels??**&^%$# Coba ada orgnya depanku,sini aku injek juga pake high heels biar dia tau gimana rasanya. .>.< Ada juga yg sengaja tembak mati kitten hidup2 depan induknya cuma buat fun,jahat amat sih!>.< Ada juga yg kulitin kaya sejenis musang hidup2 buat diambil bulunya(yg ini mlh ada videonya@_@)...Aaaahh,jahat banget sih manusia >.< Mereka tu mau ngga di gituin juga sampe berani kejam kek gitu T_T...

      Oh,yah..plg ngga mayan lah dia masi ngga animal testing^^

    6. Wah, baiknya Urban Decay. Haha. Dia terkenal palletenya kan yah? :D

      Widih, aku udah nggak berani liat gambar-gambarnya. Bisa nangiiss. Binatang yang dijadiin tester gitu seringkali mati, atau cacat permanen, kan? :(
      Itu serem amat nginjek kitten?! Waktu kapan itu juga aku pernah liat berita kucing dijeduk-jedukin ke tembok sampe mati cuma buat ngelampiasin emosi. GILAAAAAA! -__- Mentang-mentang binatang nggak bisa protes, perlakuannya jadi overcruel gitu. Haa. :S

      Yep, TBS sih konsisten kurasa, soal nggak animal testingnya. :)

    7. Iya,dia terkenal di palet Naked nya itu sama esedo basenya,si UDPP(urban decay primer potion).

      Oh,banyak orang2 sarap dan stress di dunia ini yg totally loser,beraninya CUMA sama hewan doang.Masa beraninya sama yg lebih lemah,cuma pengecut aja yg kek gitu.Huh!
      Tapi btw,kalo kita masi pake produk2 ngga free animal testing ato masi support natural brushes itu sama aja dgn mendanai kegiatan animal cruelty,ya kan?.Iya,binatangnya jadi cacat permanen.Ada yg matanya buta(biasanya test yg buat prod.mata kek esedo ato maskara cs),kena kanker kulit(yg ini buat pelembab,pembersih cs),yah..itu semua produk2 yg pd akirnya tetap juga dipake manusianya,serem amat pake produk kek gitu..

      TBS sih dr awal memang tujuannya gitu.Cuma induk perusahaannya dia yg aku denger dicoret dari PETA(itu loh lembaga non animal cruelty).Bukan TBSnya loh ya,tp induknya..

  2. baguus yaa brushes nya ^^ . asiik nya dpt diskon 50%.
    waah lynn hebat jg bs nyari merk2 langka =o , ga pernah denger ni merk.
    eeh ngomong2 itu company nya benarkah sdh gak animal free cruelty?

    1. Iya,ni brushesnya bagus2.Aku suka desainnya,ga kaya merk lain.Aku juga nemu ini tu pas iseng2 lagi nyari brush warna pink,eh ada ini,yeyyy..^0^ Uda gitu diskon 50% lagi,hepiii..*dancing*
      Sebelumnya aku juga blm pernah denger merk ini.Tapi ini kualitasnya bagus loh,tu pegangannya panjang dan kokoh.Yg besi2nya juga kokoh dan rapi gitu(uda bandingin sama merk2 lain ky coastal scent,elf),masi bagusan ini.Aaaahhh..berkat naomi aku jadi keranjingan brush.Sebagai tanda terima kasihku,tar di review brush yg lain aku akan menyebutkan kata2 mutiaramu ttg brush"..Kosmetik kan bisa banyak & ganti2,kalo brush beli 1x bisa dipakai selamanya.." err..kurang lebih begitu kalimatnya,hihihi ^^v

      Oh,itu ya...spertinya benar begitu.Blogger2 di sana udah pada rame ttg ini -__-. Yg aku heran tu l'occitane,huhuuu T_T.. Kalo Urban Decay kbrnya barusan gitu.Masalahnya pemerintah Cina juga aneh sih,masa malah suruh pake animal testing.Kalo produk sampe perlu animal testing,aku malah bertanya,ada apa dgn isinya sampe perlu gitu segala???

  3. Hehehe, Thank you Lynn for the mention! Great post indeed and well explained as well!
    You won't believe; we are on the same frequency cause I'm also publishing right now the post about how to choose the liquid foundation brush, that you've asked me for:) So nice when the space and time aren't an issue anymore for communicating :) Have a nice day! Dasha

    1. You're welcome,Dasha!Thank you for the brush guidance back then!:) Now I know how to pick a good brush;)

      Oh,really?I'd love to read it!!Heading my self there...Have a wonderfull day too!:)

  4. Hello Lynn! Regarding the buffing brush, did you mean your Punk Pink Flat Top Buffer Makeup Brush (the one you mentioned in my post comment)? If yes, this is not the buffing brush I meant and in fact it's even not a real buffing brush, I can see that it's not dense enough and it's quite soft, so its surface is not rigid enough to buff the product. Here is a great example of another good buffing brush from Sigma is F80: :http://www.sigmabeauty.com/Synthetic_Kabuki_Kit_p/smax04.htm
    They have a really nice set of vegan brushes, too, if you want to check out.

    1. Oh,what I meant was both punk pink and black furless ones.So I think that ecotools buffing brush one that you mentioned on your post is the real buffing one(?).
      I certainly want to try sigma,but not before I buy bdellium ones.I mean,they're all in black bristles,so boring.I prefer Bdellium ones:D and beside,bdellium seems more affordable than sigma.Oh,God Bless good products in good prices!love it..;)

  5. Nice review!!! I have the same retractable kabuki as you but in purple and I love it!!! And a whole set of purple brushes they're just so great, soft and 100% without cruelty :D

    1. Hi Lutrinae!Thanks:)
      Oh right,they have the purple one AND those whole set of purple brushes as well.It's cool to see brushes in purple bristles,rarely see that kind of brushes either:) Thanks God,they had it in pink back then:D
      Btw,what a nice blog that you have there!If only that it's in a blogspot so that I can follow you:)

    2. Yay purple is my fav colour, I prefer it much better as pink ;o)

      Thank you so much, I'm doing my best to promote those cruelty free/natural brands :o)

      I've tried blogspot before but it just wouldn't work for me :/ You can follow on Bloglovin' if you want, this is the way I follow you :D

      I love that your blog is about natural stuff, + Indonesia has a special place in my heart, I have dear friends there and I loved it while I was visiting, so you can bet I'll come over your blog quit often^^

    3. Lol..I prefer the pink one;)

      You're welcome.I'm GLAD to know the more people like us whom care about such products,cruelty free and natural:)

      :O blogspot didn't work for you?how??? I think it's the easiest thing.Oh,sure I'll follow you through bloglovin.It's just I forget my username so I have to dig it on my e-mails to login there.Pretty clumsy,huh?;)

      Oh,you've ever visited here!!!Good to know that!:):) :) Where did you go when you were here?we have so many beautiful destinations here;)
      Thank you for loving my blog,I like your blog too:)and that we share common interest;)

    4. Sorry I took some time to answer!!

      It is one of the most beautiful place I've seen, and the friends I met there were so lovely! I've been in several places in Bali, Jawa ( Jakarta, Jogjya, Mt Bromo...) and in Bunaken. It was 4 months really exciting!!! I can wait to go back but I don't think it will be in the near futur :(

      Btw if there is some vegan brands from Indonesia I'd be really interested to know them :D

      Enjoy your day!!!

    5. Argh, I feel like blogspot didn't get my answer :/

    6. Ah Lutrinae,that's not you nor blogspot fault!I haven't published your comment since I was away from the computer,I'm so sorry:(.It's national holiday since last week here.And on top of that,my cat has been missing so I'm not that into blogging these days,i'm saaaddd :( She's my fave cat FYI :'(

      Wow..you've been everywhere here back then!Never been to Bunaken,but it's a good place for diving:).4 months?that's quite long time.Were you on vacation or anything back then?..

      Hmm..vegan brands here..I think you can try this brand on my latest post here:

      I have written some about Indonesian culture for my next post,you can read it later:).Hope I can finish it soon,I'm soo distracted these days.I hope my cat will be back soon,I miss her :'(

    7. Oh nooo I hope your cat will be back soon :( What happened, did she ran outside because she got scared or something? Sending you my best thought so you'll find her asap!

      Oh yes it was ramahdan, do you practice? Is it over yet?

      Yep Bunaken is good for diving but I didn't, I was just snorkeling^^

      In fact I've been there a first time back in 2005 but didn't see much so I decided I had to go back. I just took a break after my au pair-thing and decided to go as long as possible :o)

      It was definitly a time of my life!! I was so sad when I had to go!

    8. Thanks Lutrinae!Wish me luck :(
      I have no idea what happened,it's her 1st time went out of the house.All cats usually won't go far from their house on their 1st time go out.I know it:(

      Yes,it was Ramadhan and it's over now.I do practice it.

      Oh,I see.So was your au pair in France or here in Indonesia?
      I can't dive-yet though I want to learn it.Sounds fun:)
      Come here again,we have lots of places that you should visit;)

  6. I remember being surprised when I found out that people used brushes to apply liquid foundation, too! The pink/black brushes are really cute :)

    1. Lol,yes I felt the same way too back then:D I mean,we associate brush=powder:)
      Yes,the pink/black brushes are really cute and they also have other colors too(now they make the purple one).You can go and check out at their web,Susan!:) Really reccomended,especially if you're bored with all those pretty much alike brushes(black,white and brown) ;)

  7. hey, the brushes are really cute. suddenly, i feel that my ecotools brushes are just "meh" and boring, lol.

    and oh, I haven't tried using brush to apply liquid foundation.. i'm wondering whether it's okay to use brush to apply tinted sunscreen. Hmm...

    1. I have 2 ecotools brushes by now(one I have reviewed,another one I've just bought),but yes their design are just"meh"and boring-unless you're"that" really into eco-bamboo-style person:D..

      Oh,you can use liquid foundation brush to apply even physical sunscreen(that heavy & thick zinc oxide sunscreen)!I've tried it:)It's better than using our bare hands.I'll review about it later:)

    2. I've tried once to apply liquid foundation with a brush. What a disaster Lol

      For me it didn't work, although I saw it on youtube many times that others use brush for that with no problem.

      When I used foundation I always applied it with my fingers.
      I don't really use makeup anymore and for some reason every single liquid foundation makes my skin dry, so I stopped using them too.

      These brushes are soo nice! I love pink too, my favorite color.:)
      Does it "shed"? Some of my synthetic brushes started to shed after a while...

    3. Oh,I can be sure on one thing that:you have the wrong product!;) I have tried quite many brushes for liquid foundation(but I haven't reviewed it yet-later),some of them work well,some just not.It's pretty confusing especially for beginner(and me too,not before I tried many products my self) when you want to find a good brush for you since producers come with alot of versions,each brands carries different shapes.As for liquid foundation,Dasha have posted a very good post on this link:

      As for liquid foundation brush,I'll agree on one thing:that the bristles should be dense and not long.That's it!It's the key..

      Oh really?what liquid foundation that you've tried?:O Mind to tell or post it?I've been looking for a good one though :(

      No,those brushes don't shed.They're even better than everyday mineral brush that I have.I've been using furless for about 4 months,they don't shed while my everyday minerals one shed...

      Hey..love to see another green in pink blogger;) rarely see,they always come with green color:)

    4. Lynn, you saw my blog: it's all pink!:))) Lol

      Well, I used a very bad liquid foundation few years ago (Sephora- maybe I will do a product review), but even if there is a natural one I don't use it anymore, I just don't need it and don't like it.

    5. Oh,I thought it's more like maroon or dark red?Or maybe my monitor contrast or balance color made it that way?:/ Oh well,let's make a pink sisterhood then!:D

      I see.I love liquid foundation since I have dry skin so that it gives me dewy look and plus better coverage than powdery one.Now that I think about it,you rarely(or haven't written)any make up review.Would love to read some on your posts;) I mean,what make up that you currently having on your vanity table post:)

  8. thanks for the nice review~~
    i've seen this brushes before but never knew that they're that good

    1. You're welcome!:)
      Yes,they're good,no shedding,no discoloration bristles,nothing!And they're affordable too!You won't regret it to buy some;)..

  9. This was a really helpful review. These brushes are so cute and now I want to try them! I really appreciate you also addressing what natural brushes are made from. Too often people don't think about the animals that are harmed for their brushes. It's a shame.

    Thanks for the mention! :)

    1. Hi Tashina,glad this review helped!:) Yes,they have cute collections,just go to their web directly as they offer 50% discount for bloggers,plus free shiping arround the world also!:) That's a YAY!!^^

      Oh,right..I do AGAINST natural brushes!Now I even extend it into cruelty free product-no animal testing.Sure some of trully natural cosmetics that I have already hold the cruelty free philosophy,but now I'll make sure to pay attention on the label even more.It's a disgusting thing to see that we sacrifice(read:torture)just for..cosmetics?!#@? I mean,how shallow is that?Their life is way more precious just for being sacrificed in cosmetic(which has short life time). I certainly hope that all people will know and think about this and..ACT!

      You're welcome,and..hey..what a cool blog that you have there!:)

  10. omg lovely post.i am loving your blog.just great posts.i am your new follower.follow me back

    1. Oh,thank you for visiting my blog!^^

  11. Hye friends.. :)

    I am from Malaysia.. I just wondering, what are the popular cosmetic, hair and body care in Indonesia because i adores the beauty of Indonesian Women.. :)

    Like here, we have P&G, Maybelline, Avon, Olay, Silky Girl etc.. What about Indonesia?

    I love reading ur blogs and all those tips. Hope u can give answer for my above question! Thanks.. ^__^

    1. Hi,Hello!^^

      Woah,your question has so many answers:D Ok,I'll try to answer it^^ The popular cosmetics here(Indonesian brands)will be those brands that you can find on my posts here:
      Just click on each link there to go to the post:)

      Those brands are used by many Indonesian women,and those brands are Indonesian brands. As for non Indonesian brands,there're so many brands that are available here,depends on each one's preferences and financial ability.For high end brands,I'd say:Lancome,Bobbi Brown,Clinique,Estee Lauder,MUFE,MAC,etc,to name a few.
      The rest will be:The Body Shop,Etudehouse,The Skin Food,The Face Shop,Those Japanese Brands.Sure L'oreal,Maybelline,Pond's,Olay are popular here.They're available on mini market near our house so it's easily accesible unlike those brands whom have counters at malls only.

      Thank you for loving my blog.Hope the tips help!:) Any other question?just ask,I'll try to get back with the answer soon as I can:) Happy Ramadhan!:)


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